Drinking And Breaking


[Blind Gossip] Her drinking is now out of control. She gets drunk every time she drinks – which is several times a week – and cannot control herself. She thinks that getting drunk and obnoxious is what a girl her age is supposed to do, even though she has not been a teenager for a long time. After a night at the club, she will bring the party back to her house. She drinks straight from the bottle until she gets completely wasted. Then she likes to throw things: bottles, vases, picture frames. She thinks it’s funny to break things, and laughs while she does it. Her favorite thing to break? Anything that even vaguely reminds her of her ex-husband.

katy perry russell brand 2SOLVED!

It’s Katy Perry! Source: BlindGossip.com

Katy Perry and Russell Brand always struck us as an odd couple. When they married, she was 25 and a big partier. He was ten years older and had been sober for many years.

Perry hints that it was their disagreement over starting a family that led to their demise as a couple. However, we happen to know that Brand wanted children, but he was more concerned about her partying than anything else. He didn’t enjoy being around her when she was drunk, and he didn’t want to raise children with someone who valued partying over family.

After they broke up, Perry remained mad at him for a long time. When she came home drunk, she liked to break things that reminded her of Brand. Even though she was in her mid-twenties, she still acted like a drunk, angry, rebellious teenager, throwing things and yelling profanities about her ex.

She is now dating John Mayer. We don’t know if either the anger or the drinking has subsided since they started seeing each other. We do know that Perry sent a public message of support to Brand when he celebrated his ten-year anniversary of sobriety. From Entertainmentwise:

Katy Perry ‘Congratulates Ex-Husband Russell Brand On Being Ten Years Sober’

 By Kirsty McCormack On December 20, 2012

They may have split up almost a year ago, but it seems that Katy Perry is still very supportive of her ex-husband Russell Brand.

The 28-year-old singer is said to have emailed the comedian last week when he celebrated ten years of being sober.

“Although they’ve broken up, Katy knows how important this milestone is for Russell,” a source told The Sun.

“She wanted to let him know that she was thinking of him and that she was still proud of what he has achieved.

“She also wanted to drop him the email to wish him a happy 2013 and to let him know that her heart was finally healing.”

The ‘Rock of Ages’ star is well-known for his battle with drugs years ago, but has stayed clean and forged a very successful career in the last decade.

Despite being married to Katy for just 14 months, the funnyman filed for divorce at the end of December 2011 and their union was annulled this summer.

Katy is currently dating musician John Mayer, while Russell has been spotted with an array of different women this year.

Congratulations to Cinderella Kid, who was first with the correct answer! And kudos to Bomance1979, who explained the situation well:

She’s rumoured to be a big time partier, which caused her marriage to fail, since Russell is sober. She’s still young enough (27) to think girls her age should be drinking a lot.

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7 comments to Drinking And Breaking

  • CoCoJoe

    “Despite being married to Katy for just 14 months, the funnyman filed for divorce at the end of December 2011 and their union was annulled this summer.” Does this mean they got an annulment instead of a divorce? Alittle confusing…

    • LuseLips

      I was wondering about that too. Did they get a religious annulment (Catholic, for example) or a legal annulment?

  • ktbell05

    damn….I love Katy…..get it together honey.

  • fluorescentadolescent

    I feel about Katy Perry the same way I feel about Mariah Carey…. All their songs (minus their firsts) sound the same….


    This makes me sad.

  • YoGo8c

    Another one (Brand) whose ‘wild, crazy’ media image isn’t necessarily the truth?

  • Vampa15

    Co-sign… there have been other hints in other blinds that she’s a party animal