1. wfreshie says

    ewwwwww!!!~ don’t have an answer,but, don’t they know they stink???

    must be one of those all natural people

  2. Scorpio13 says

    I am so glad that I read the blind while eating my lunch :( (NOT). I have no idea who it is but come on we are living in the 21st century.

    • the Nood says

      Kind of off topic, but….
      I went to the Biennale festival today (Sydney) and one of the exhibits was entitled “The Museum of Copulatory Organs”. It had approx. 100 different models of male reproductive organs of animals. Whilst we were looking at them an elderly lady said to her friends “right girls are we ready for lunch?” My sister looked at me and said “wouldn’t you have had lunch before coming to see this? How could you think of lunch after looking at this?”

  3. ValleyOfTheGalls says

    Alicia Silverstone has said she doesn’t use deoderant or laundry detergent because they’re harmful to the environment. She also said that she conserves water by not bathing everyday. P.U.

  4. hogfan1958 says

    Brittney spears rumors been going around forever that our cajun princess was a little emmm swampy smellin

    • Emily says

      Britney spears is a musician, not an actress.

      Also X factor does not air LIVE until October, so she has not even been to FOX studios.
      Please think a bit before answering blindly.

      • MrsBreeder says


        “Please think a bit?” What’s wrong with off the hand guessing. This is a blind item site, after all. I’m surprised that half the answers haven’t been “Brangelina!” or “Kardashian!”

        Britbrit would seem a pretty valid idea, even if the guesser did not get the TV part correct.

      • KWDragon says

        She did appear on two episodes of How I Met Your Mother. It might qualify, especially as singer/talent judge/actress would completely give it away.

    • Cuddlebutt says

      She is not in a cajun. Nor is she from cajun territory. That area is more Deep South or redneck. I know, I live smack in the middle of Acadiana.

  5. fromatoznyc says

    For whatever reason, when I read “Stinky Actress” I thought of the song “Smelly Cat” from Friends. Going out on a limb here, but Lisa Kudrow?

  6. jerzeygirl says

    I’ll go w/Britney for the win. There have been stories about her personal hygiene habits for the last several years.

  7. karensue32 says

    I’m trying to get any sort of clue out of this. It sounds like it has to be a TV actress, not movies (Julia Roberts) or singer (Britney). The only clue I can get is the blond in the photo. I’m stumped.

  8. tru leigh says

    “Which actress stinks the dressing room area out at the TV studios where she works with her BO.”

    This is the most awkwardly worded statement I’ve seen in a while. Did you write it, Ace, or People?

    BTW, the link leads to the UK version of the magazine. Is this an English actress?