Celebrity Couple Sent Pics To The First Wife

[The Morton Report] This is about a couple — Mr and Mrs Celebrity. Very famous. Rather wealthy. Sprinkled with stardust. Theirs is a long and enduring marriage. But when they met there was one major obstacle: Mr Celebrity was married. However, the wife-in-waiting was impatient and very keen to become Mrs Celebrity.

Somehow, just by chance, the inconvenient first wife came across some rather interesting pictures. This all happened a long time ago, but folks back home spread it around that Mr Celebrity and the wife-in-waiting had made sure that the first wife had graphic evidence of their relationship, thus precipitating a divorce. And so Mr & Mrs Celebrity married and lived happily ever after.

Mr. Celebrity:

Mrs. Celebrity:

First Wife:


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  1. mcwmomma says

    Oh I’m sure that he’s not. Every time I see or read about Charles, I remember his “tamp*n” comment to Camilla YUK!

  2. mcwmomma says

    I remember that! And I thought then, poor Julianne, she didn’t stand a chance w/that skank around. But Karma is a you know what….