Not So Comfortable In Her Own Skin

[Blind Gossip] This funny TV actress (and former reality-show contestant) comes across as outspoken and extremely self-confident about her plus-sized body. However,  she showed her true colors at a Hollywood event.

Each celebrity was assigned a thin, pretty female guide – models and beauty pageant contestants from the local area – to accompany the celeb through the gifting lounge. Our celebrity took one look at her assigned guide… and rejected her. She said that there was “no way in hell” that she was going to walk around accompanied by someone so much thinner than her, and demanded a new guide. The event organizers scrambled to accommodate her, but she rejected all possible replacements.

The celeb then saw an event volunteer who was not assigned the job of venue guide. She was an overweight girl with a bad complexion. The celebrity decided that she had found her guide and there was nothing organizers could do to convince her otherwise. She finally entered the venue while the organizers stood there shaking their heads and vowing to never invite her to another event.

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