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[Blind Gossip] They changed their minds and picked the athletic one. Now there’s conflict in this couple. He wants to move their primary residence to the opposite coast so he can take the new job. She wants to keep their primary residence where it is now for the sake of her kid/s. She told him that he should get used to commuting every weekend.




It’s Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy! Source:

We didn’t go all out on this blind describing the morning talk show scenario because the official announcement was still a couple of weeks away and we were asked by our source to keep it subtle. So we did. We just mentioned “the athletic one” (a reference to a previous blind) and focused on the impact the decision was having on his relationship.

Then somebody somewhere else blabbed and it was all over Deadline and The Hollywood Reporter and TMZ and RadarOnline an hour later. But if you check the time stamps, BG was first!

Michael Strahan has been selected as the new co-host of the television morning talk show Live with Kelly, alongside Kelly Ripa. His hosting duties will begin on September 4, 2012, when Live kicks off its 25th season.

Michael is engaged to Nicole Murphy, Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife. Nicole stars on the VH1 reality series Hollywood Exes. There are lots and lots of kids involved here. Michael has 4 kids, two from each of his two previous marriages. We don’t know if he has any other children or if his current children have half-siblings or step-siblings. Nicole has 5 kids with Eddie Murphy, and those kids have 3 half-siblings from Eddie Murphy’s relationships with 3 other women (one being spice Girl Melanie Brown).

Michael Strahan is currently a football analyst on Fox NFL Sunday, and also a host for Pros vs. Joes alongside fellow Fox football analyst Jay Glazer. The Fox job films in LA, and thus presents a commuting challenge. Michael recently listed two of his homes in the LA area for sale, but Nicole wants to stay in Los Angeles.

Sure, he could commute to New York for the Monday-Friday gig, and then come home to LA every weekend, but we can’t imagine that lasting long. Three jobs, two coasts, one fiancee, and 75 kids adds up to one big mess.

Lots of you got this right (especially after it was splashed all over other sites). Emilymommy was first! Congratulations, Emilymommy!

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