Daughter Is Holding Up The Engagement



[Hollywood Dame] This TV star, who has some rom-com films under his belt, is begging his A-list girlfriend to marry him. She is considering it, but he insists on adopting her daughter after they marry. She didn’t want to hurt his feelings by vetoing him outright, but she has no plans to actually let him have any legal right to the child. However, he was up the creek after he referred to the child as his stepdaughter in front of mixed company. A huge fight led to a brief cool down in their relationship and he has remained quiet on the subject since.


It’s Jason Segel! Source: Hollywood Dame

TV Star: Jason Segel

Girlfriend: Michelle Williams

Daughter: Matilda Ledger

Jason Segel and Michelle Williams have been dating less than a year. Will they have a “Five Year Engagement”? We don’t know. But they do make a cute couple! Hope they can work out that adoption issue.

Congratulations to ShennanigansOHoolihan, who was the first to get this one right! Shennanigans also picked up on the big clue “up a creek” (Michelle Williams was on Dawson’s Creek). Did you?
UPDATE: Michelle Williams and Jason Segel have broken up.  According to US Weekly:

Michelle Williams and Jason Segel are back on the market. The Oz the Great and Powerful actress, 32, and the How I Met Your Mother star, 33, quietly ended their romance earlier this month, sources tell Us Weekly.

Though the two seemed happy together as recently as January, when they were photographed on vacation in Cancun with Williams’ BFF Busy Philipps, an insider tells Us that their romance couldn’t survive the long distance. (Williams lives in New York with daughter Matilda, 7, while Segel is based in Los Angeles, where his CBS sitcom is filmed.)

Us Weekly broke the news of the couple’s undercover romance in March 2012. In June, a source told Us that Williams and Segel were “totally in love. Jason is obsessed with Michelle.” He had also taken a liking to his girlfriend’s daughter (with her late ex, Heath Ledger). “He’s been doing all sorts of ‘dad stuff’ with her, like drawing and playing music,” the insider said.

The stars kept a relatively low profile throughout their relationship, rarely acknowledging the romance in public. Segel spoke vaguely about Williams last April, telling Extra, “I think we would just very much like to be happy. That’s all I’m going to say about it.”

We know that a disagreement over the adoption of Matilda caused the couple to break up last year. We heard that they never resolved the issue, and it kept coming up again and again as their relationship got more serious.  However, we don’t know if that issue was the main catalyst  – or only catalyst – for their split this month.
The “difficulty in maintaining a long-distance relationship” excuse ranks right up there with “we’ve grown apart” and “conflicting work schedules” excuses as time-honored and easy ways to avoid questions. Given that Michelle and Jason were consistently private about their relationship for the duration (which is a rarity in Hollywood), we will likely not gain any insight from any public statements that they or their publicists might make.
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  1. bellerose says

    Jason has good intentions, but the adoption isn’t necessary. He would still be the father figure in Matilda’s life. Michelle’s hesitation is understandable. She still seems to have a connection with Heath, she said in an interview once that she keeps her hair short in honour of Heath because he loved her hair cut. I imagine Michelle would prefer her daughter keep the Ledger last name to honour him as well.