Handsome Cable Star Gets An Ultimatum


[National Enquirer] Which handsome cable TV star refuses to marry his long-term girlfriend – whom he really does love – even after she gave him an ultimatum? The hunky actor just isn’t the marrying type – he’d rather booze it up, hang with his buddies and concentrate on his career, rather than settle down! Who is he?


It’s Jon Hamm from Mad Men!

Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt have broken up. See the Related links below for details.

It’s rather sad that actress Jennifer Westfeld (who was so great in Kissing Jessica Stein) put her career on the back burner for 16 years in deference to Jon Hamm.

She really thought that Jon would eventually change his mind and decide that he wants to be a loyal and sober husband and father. Never happened, and now she exits with NOTHING. No kids, no house, no alimony, no career. We don’t even know if she’ll even get the dog.

Today’s life lessons: 1. Don’t give ultimatums unless you are prepared to follow through with them. 2. Don’t put your life on the back burner for someone else for an extended period of time. Your life will pass you by, and all you will be left with is memories of… The Hammaconda!

Jennifer, you are a terrific actress! Go get your career back, baby!

Congrats to HeadhuntNYC for being first with the correct answer. Special kudos to Shelaur and Seaparkeast for their feisty advice!

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  1. ShennanigansOHoolihan says

    Jon Hamm & Jennifer W. :( Hope she sticks it out. Marriage is only a piece of paper for some…and paper doesn’t trump true love.

  2. shelaur22 says

    She’s pushing for a ring NOW? They’ve been together an ice age, what’s the point? She must be feeling the pinch. She knows his career is skyrocketing and wants to pin him down before he meets someone else. Oh Jennifer, he probably WILL get married, just not to YOU. Stop wasting your time with him.

    • Katmandu says

      This is, sadly, true! They’ve been together long enough for TWO ‘seven year itches”. If it hasn’t happened in 15 years, it isn’t going to happen at all. Jon Hamm has made it and you are in the past, dear, sorry!

  3. cparkeast says

    Jennifer: you stuck by him through his lean years. His success has been a platform for you to launch your own film projects. The man is a drinker and a womanizer and you will forever be obsessed with youth and his infidelity. You’ve had some good times, you still have your look… time to let him go. Maybe he will come back with a different attitude when you move on emotionally.

  4. I Am PunkA says

    She put her career on hold for Hamm? BS.

    They had no kids, and she could easily work if she wanted to. What would prevent her from working if she wanted to? She just wasn’t getting jobs. And in the future, don’t expect it to change much because it wasn’t Hamm’s fault.

    The split might have been, the job situation wasn’t.