Why Mother And Daughter Aren’t Speaking

[Blind Gossip] This blind item actually touches on the themes of two recent blind items: One where a young celebrity is dealing with mental health issues; and one where management tries to help a celebrity in trouble.

In this case, we’re talking about a young performer. Not too young. Old enough to vote. Old enough to make her own  business decisions. She is unhealthy and she is acting out and self-medicating. Her mom – who has managed her career for years – sat down with her to express her concerns. She told her that she needed to tame her public antics, and she asked her to spend some time out of the spotlight getting physically and emotionally well. The daughter’s response? “You’re fired!”

Mom and daughter have not spoken for three weeks, and the daughter continues to spiral downward.

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  1. up2trouble says

    You can vote at 18. Also, 18 is a legal adult so she can handle her own affairs. With that being said, did y’ll see the new haircut? While it is cute, she is one step away from the “Britney Special”. BTW, I would clean up my place before taking pictures.