Fake Relationship Is Starting

[Blind Gossip] These young performers are both very hot. We told you earlier this year that a new fake relationship would be starting up in August. Well, guess what? It’s August! The relationship is starting!

Here’s how it’s going to go down: There has been some buzz over the past month. Photo op together in the next two weeks. “We’re just friends!” Fangirls breathe a sigh of relief. Pretend sneaking in and out of clubs, restaurants, and each other’s homes. Tabloids ask “Are they a couple?”. More denials. More photo ops. Dates, hand holding, a “secret” photo of an intimate moment. The fangirls go wild! They finally “confess” that they are dating. Milk the publicity. Breakup by end of year.

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4 comments to Fake Relationship Is Starting

  • LarryStylinsonx

    I thought this was going to be Demi and Niall? but i dont really remember that happening although some of it did idk solve it haha

  • Thirlwaller

    This about Zerrie. There had been rumors they had been dating, but Perrie denied them in a sugarscape interview a few weeks after One Direction made an appearance on the X-Factor. Then the Zerrie pictures came out of her at his home and the kiss and scooter = intimate moment. Little Mix then had an interview where Perrie confirmed they were dating.

  • YoGo8c

    I was annoyed at first but now I believe it is to help someone ELSE out (a third party, if you will). It’s (I think) a fav for a friend rather than it being about Niall just getting PR for himself. So I can live with this one…

  • Ati2d9

    ….for the win!!!!!

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