The Price Of Trying To Help A Star


[Blind Gossip] This is a story that you have heard before, but it’s about an actor that you didn’t know was in trouble. He has a successful career, but he has fallen prey to the partying lifestyle.

It’s now interfering with his work. He shows up late or not at all. He is unprepared at work. He is constantly drunk or hungover. He comes to work unwashed, wearing the same clothes from the night before, reeking of booze and smoke.

When a young star is falling apart, their team faces a difficult decision. Do they confront him and try to get them help? Or do they pretend that nothing is wrong so the star doesn’t get mad at them?

Opinions were split among this star’s team. His agents – who were afraid of losing him as a client – chose to do nothing. His publicists – a reputable firm who have worked with him for many years – did the brave thing. They set up an intervention, consisting of the people who love and care about the actor, to try to get him to seek help.

The young actor got wind of the intervention… and promptly fired the publicists. The agent kept his job.

In case you were wondering why no one intervenes when a star is in trouble, this is why. The ones who genuinely care inevitability pay the price.

Zac Efron 3SOLVED!

It’s Zac Efron! Source:

We knew that Zac Efron was heading for serious trouble last year. For a while, it looked as though he was going to crash and burn.

His publicist tried to intervene… and was fired for their efforts. More on that below.

After one too many out-of-control binges, Efron wound up in rehab earlier this year. Frankly, he’s lucky that he didn’t wind up on a slab somewhere.

Here are the basic facts from People Magazine:

Zac Efron Completed Rehab Stint

Zac Efron hasn’t been seen out and about on the nightclub scene as of late – and it sounds like there’s a reason.

The actor, 25, completed a stint in rehab about five months ago, sources confirm to PEOPLE.

The actor – who recently walked the carpet at the Toronto International Film Festival – is “doing great,” a source tells PEOPLE. “He’s taking care of himself and it shows.”

Efron will next star in Parkland, a drama about the Kennedy assassination. “It’s really a surreal experience for me,” he tells USA Today of working on the film. “It feels very mature and really interesting. It’s a whole different kind of filmmaking and I feel blessed to have been a part of it.”

That’s not the whole story, though. TMZ says that it wasn’t just alcohol that was causing the problems. It was cocaine and possibly other drugs. From TMZ:

Zac Efron

Rehab For

Big Coke Problem

Zac Efron did NOT go to rehab for alcohol abuse — it was far more serious, because multiple sources tell TMZ he had a serious cocaine addiction.

Zac completed his stint in rehab earlier this year. We’re told the problem spiraled out of control during the filming of Seth Rogen’s movie “Neighbors,” which was shot during a narrow time frame beginning in April.

Sources tell us Zac — who also starred in the movie — was a no-show on a number of days. As one source connected with the film tells us, “It was common knowledge he was struggling with cocaine.”

Three other sources confirm … Zac’s problem was rooted in cocaine, but say he also dabbled in Molly — a pure form of Ecstasy, and a popular drug in clubs and raves.

We’re told … early this year, Zac and some friends went on a coke rager in a room at the SkyLofts at the MGM Grand in Vegas … and caused around $50k in damage. No word on who took care of the bill.

We contacted Zac’s rep … she said, “Don’t think we’ll be making a comment.”

Efron’s agent was and still is CAA.

Efron’s longtime publicist was Gina Hoffman (who moved from PMK to BWR and back to PMK/BNC again). Efron is now represented by Melissa Kates at Viewpoint (who left PMK/HBH to start up Viewpoint when PMK merged with BNC).

Props to Gina Hoffman for caring enough about her client to try to help him. Gina, you are a good and caring person, and we hope that your other clients recognize that you always have their best interests at heart.

BG Note: Yes, there were a lot of comments on this post, and several of you guessed this one correctly. We still need to restore the comments that were saved when we switched servers.

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14 comments to The Price Of Trying To Help A Star

  • jennylollipop

    It’s Zefron. It was even in Star magazine about how he fired all his staff because he found out they were planning the intervention. He apparently doesn’t care about keeping up an image anymore.

  • Danalicious

    Just a guess… but Liam Hemsworth?? Partying all night w/ Miley…?

  • La Llorona

    Poor Gina. Well I hope this is the wake up call Zac needed. He seems like he has potential to be a good actor but it’s obvious that he has some inner demons to work out. Someone on ONTD saw him trying to score sumthin’ sumthin’ when he was at SXSW last year.

    • ShennanigansOHoolihan

      Kudos to Gina. No amount of fame or fortune is worth dying over. These dummies are surrounded by yes-men and can never see their own flaws. Nice to have someone like Gina around who cares more about your life than her paycheck.

  • Cindy Louhoo

    So sad to learn this. I thought he was going to be one of the kids that didn’t fall under the curse of child stars. I hope he stays strong and straight. So much talent and potential there.

  • stolidog

    it’s actually pretty hard to get addicted to cocaine. It’s really easy to get addicted to crystal meth. I’d be willing to bet a lot of money that these hollywood stars are all meth addicts. You can do meth all day and all night, for days. Coke doesn’t work the same way.

  • redstilettos

    Gina deserves a promotion and some big time clients. Good for you, girl.

  • stanton

    Well the person who was fired would be out of a job no matter hat. If they did intervention they would be fired. IF they did nothing he would die but they would still be out of a job so either way their out of a job.

    I would of done intervention because if I didn’t (and my client died) I would not want their death on my conscience.

  • chicbcn

    I’ve been reading this page for a while, but never posted a review here. But in this case it’s worth. I feel bad for Zac. It’s not perfect, obviously, but I’ve been following since he shot to fame, until now. I never imagined that he was hooked on drugs and alcohol, yes I imagine other artists who were being drug addicts, but not Zac. Still hope he recovers as soon as possible (which is what it seems, I cross my fingers) and keep working hard. He is a great guy and a wonderful person … I know it. Much love and thanks Ace ♥

    P.D. Sorry for my english, I’m from Spain :)

  • thehobbit

    Melissa Kates???? Lord!!! she worked with Cory Monteith and “happy and healthy” was repeated again and again! I hope for Zac a different story…

  • Shauna

    Gina worked her ass off for that kid….just to get slapped in the face.

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