New Real Couple Alert

[Blind Gossip] We are always alerting you to the newest fake couple. Today, we want to alert you to a new real couple!

This is all her doing. The two actors were colleagues, and remained good friends after their project ended. The truth is that they have always been attracted each other. But they were always in committed relationships with other people. The only place they were a couple was in the annals of fan fiction. Until now…

He left his wife over a year ago, and she just left her boyfriend. Now that her personal relationship has collapsed, however, the path is clear for them to be a real couple! She is encouraging him to announce his divorce, and, once he does, they will start making appearances together. We don’t have an exact time frame for this announcement, but hear that it may be before year’s end (it depends on the cooperation of his wife).  Truth be told, we’re pretty excited about it. And we know that their fans will completely freak out!

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  1. upwiththebirds says

    It seems that Tea is the only thing holding up the announcement of the divorce. It’s been three years and everyone assumes they’re divorced or separated, so she needs to give it up. I’m sure she won’t let him announce the divorce because she’s mad about who he ended up with and she wants to get under their skin a little while longer.

  2. ajimoody says

    You are right. I just cannot understand how they’ve managed to keep everything under wraps. I mean so far there is no substantial proof. No picture nothing. In this world of cameras and paparazzi you’d kinda assume that there is something ‘out there’. ;). But whatever. It’s awesome if they finally found each other. They are great together.