A Secret Son From A Secret Marriage


[The Morton Report] This blind item, which has never even been hinted at anywhere else, concerns a famous TV Wife who has a hidden family tree… or rather The Husband has. There is a Secret Son — and he is NOT a love child.

This Secret Son was born in a valid marriage, which has never been mentioned by either the TV Wife or The Husband. Amazing, when so much else has been revealed. The Secret Son is all grown up now and, in fact, is married with a child of his own. That makes The Husband a grandfather.

The TV Wife knows all about The Husband’s Secret Son and she has no bad feelings. Actually, the Secret Son fleetingly appeared on a show with the TV Wife and The Husband. It’s just that they didn’t say who he was and only those in the know would have recognised him. How amused they must all have been!

TV Wife:

The Husband:

BG Note: This is about an American TV show, but the show has a wider audience.

lisa vanderpump ken toddSOLVED!

It’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hill’s Lisa Vanderpump and her husband, Ken Todd! Source: Blind Gossip and LA Late

Ken and Lisa have been on RHOBH for three years, but neither has ever mentioned that Ken was married before, or that Ken has a son (and grandchild) and that Lisa has a stepson (and stepgrandchild)!

Lord knows they have talked about everything else. They have talked a lot about the fact that Lisa married Ken six weeks after meeting him in 1982. She was 21, and he was 37. They have been discussing the renewal of their marriage vows for their 30th wedding anniversary.

They have two children who they talk about all the time: daughter Pandora (1986) and son Max (1992). And they discuss their businesses and their homes and their sex life constantly. But they have never, ever even mentioned Ken’s first marriage or Ken’s child from that marriage!

It’s not a secret anymore! Ken’s son, Warren Todd, will be featured on RHOBH starting this month. From LA Late:

BEVERLY HILLS (LALATE) – Lisa Vanderpump’s stepson Warren Todd joins Lisa and Ken Todd on RHOBH this month. Who was Ken Todd’s first wife, and who is Warren? Tonight, Lisa Vanderpump reveals a new face on Beverly Hills Housewives, by way of France.

Lisa says “we are going to Saint-Tropez to see Ken’s son Warren, my stepson, and my friend Sue.” Lisa then reveals the history between her, Warren, and Sue was problematic at first. “He is looking to have us to stay with them [in France]”, Ken tells Lisa.

Ken Todd then tells viewers that “Warren was a product of my first marriage which didn’t last very long. I had total custody of him from the age of two and brought him up on my own. I’m very proud of him.”

Ken tells Lisa “It excited to go”. But Lisa then dishes on the history between her and Warren’s wife Sue. “Warren who was very young at the time he met Sue who was my friend.” She explains that at first tensions were high. “It was a rocky start. I was friends of Sue and I didn’t know that they were together. Being with my stepson was difficult.” The cast of RHOBH heads off to France starting tonight on Bravo.

warren toddAnd here is a picture of Warren Todd, Ken’s son. He clearly models his hair after Ken!

How many of you guessed this one correctly? Very few! Gingersnapped was first! Congratulations, Ginger!



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  1. LooLoo says

    I was pretty surprised to see this whole thing play out when he was on the show a week or two ago. I was like, wait, did I miss something here? Interesting to see Lisa ruffled, too. Ken’s son looks a lot younger than he is. I believe the grandson was in his 20s.

    • LooLoo says

      Oddly, though, I thought Sue was the ex-wife. I didn’t realize until I read this today that she is the son’s wife.