The Predator’s Soulmate

[Blind Gossip] She is a beautiful and talented actress who is currently in a leading role. She has been actively involved in issues bigger than herself, and comes across as worldly and compassionate. Don’t let the philanthropy fool you. This one is a predator.

During the course of filming a big blockbuster a few years back, she set her sights on one of the crew. He was married and told her that he wasn’t interested. However, her beauty and charm eventually proved impossible for him to resist. They had an affair. She told him that they had a cosmic connection and that they were soulmates and that she would marry him if he got a divorce. So he did. Bad move. The actress got bored with him and gave him the bum’s rush from the relationship. He was left with nothing but the dog.

She has since moved on to a new man. It’s practically a repeat performance of the last one. Yes, he is a crew member on her current project. She tells him that they have a cosmic connection and that he is her soulmate. You already know where this one is going.

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