Floating Pics Of One Direction Singer

[PopBitch] Which member of One Direction seems to want to be such a prolific shagger that access to much of UK’s female population might not be enough for him? Some photos of himhave been floating around on Gaydar.

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10 comments to Floating Pics Of One Direction Singer

  • Mel1412_lxh

    lol this is Harry Styles

  • Pinataaa_Larry

    Zayn Malik

  • LarryStylinsonx

    HOW COME THIS STILL ISN’T SOLVED???? isn’t gaydar a gay dating site? probably Louis or Harry haha but seriously, solve this already?

  • it has to be either Harry or Niall, because the others are in relationships/”relationships”. Probably Harry as he has a reputation for this stuff (but it’s all stupid because he’s not a womaniser, he’s really sweet and respectful toward everyone) and Niall has a reputation for being an innocent baby (but that’s not 100% just a reputation)

  • Angela 1D

    harry styles

  • emzigirl57

    My guess is Harry Stlyes, only because people gave him the “womanizer” look, (which he isn’t one) so if “access to much of UK’s female population might not be enough” then maybe that could mean him? idk. im a larry shipper though so that might be the only reason why i think that…

  • ClosetOrganizer

    This sounds more like Zayn Malik based on the other 1D-related Blind Items that seem to relate to Harry Styles and his fabricated image of being a womanizer.

  • morgannicolesmith

    harry styles/louis tomlinson

  • missKatrin

    i’m 100% agree, i think Harry,, his womanizer is too much and i don’t believe it at all.. i mean he’s not that hot and still 18 LOL so his womanizer probably just as a cover up..

  • Ansala Pictou

    first, he’s 19. second harry is not at all a womanizer??? he is actually very caring, considerate and respectful towards woman. be careful what words you just through around. they see more than you think.