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[BlindGossip] We are pleased to announce another defection from this ridiculous group. She is not talking about it yet, but we can tell you that she is an actress, and that she was a member of the group for many years.

Her new full-time gig doesn’t require any press time this summer, so she is keeping a very low profile for the time being. She started getting paranoid that her phone conversations were being tapped and that her child/ren were being followed, so she quietly consulted with another former member of the group (who is also an entertainer and Mom concerned about the safety of her kid/s). After their talk, the actress got new phones and hired new bodyguards to protect herself and her child/ren.

We don’t know if she has talked to her best friend – who is still a member of the group – about her decision.



Best Friend:

king of queensSOLVED!

It’s Leah Remini! Source:

Actress: Leah Remini

Mom: Lisa Marie Presley

Best Friend: Jennifer Lopez

She’s finally out of the Church of Sci*ntology! Good for you, Leah Remini!

Leah Remini is best known for her role as Carrie Heffernan on the CBS sitcom The King of Queens and as Stacey Carosi on the NBC sitcom Saved by the Bell. She was a panelist on The Talk in 2011, and can currently be seen on the television sitcom Family Tools.

Blogger and former Village Voice editor Tony Ortega has been doggedly pursuing and exposing the inner workings of the Co$ for years, and detailing his findings in his blog The Underground Bunker. He just published a story confirming our blind item that Leah Remini is the latest defector from the Co$. From The Underground Bunker:

On Friday, we reported that we’d received a tip King of Queens actress Leah Remini had left the Church of Scientology in an angry fit. We asked our tipsters for more information, and we got it.

Over the weekend, we were contacted by several sources with detailed inside knowledge who tell us Remini is breaking away because of the way leader David Miscavige is treating church members, Sea Org workers, and Scientology itself.

According to our sources, Remini has been distancing herself from what she refers to as the church’s “corrupt management” for a few years. And it started with a dramatic scene.

In November 2006, Remini was one of numerous celebrity guests at the wedding of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes at a castle outside Rome. Cruise’s best man was David Miscavige, who has been the church’s leader since the death of its founder, L. Ron Hubbard, in 1986.

Notably absent, however, was Miscavige’s wife, Shelly. Remini dared to ask about it — and loudly.

Shelly Miscavige has been “missing” for several years.

The story was picked up from there by many news organizations. From The Huffington Post:

Leah Remini Quits Scientology

After ‘Years Of Interrogations’

Leah Remini, the star of “King of Queens,” has reportedly quit Scientology.

According to the New York Post, Remini was subjected to “years of ‘interrogations’ and ‘thought modifications'” after she questioned Scientology leader David Miscavige. A source told the Post that the church questioned Remini’s family and “blacklisted” her before she quit.

The Brooklyn native admitted to being a Scientologist in a 2001 interview and has defended the church multiple times. She even hosted gatherings where she would help fellow church members get to the next level of Scientology practice. An email she wrote about the events, was published on Gawker. But Mike Rinder, a Scientologist blogger, wrote that the “drama surrounding Leah has been ongoing for some time.”

Scientologist expert and former Village Voice editor Tony Ortega uncovered Remini’s rift with the church earlier this week. He said that at the wedding of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, Remini asked Miscavige, who was also Cruise’s best man, why his wife was absent. Ortega reported that Miscavige’s wife has been “kept out of sight at a secretive Scientology facility near Lake Arrowhead.” After the wedding, Remini wrote church-authorized reports in which she criticized Miscavige and his leadership. In the years that followed, the actress and her family were reportedly subjected to repeated questioning and hostility.

We first told you that Remini was preparing to leave the church almost exactly a year ago. While Remini is one tough girl, it was very scary for her to realize that leaving the famously controlling “church” might endanger her family. She consulted with singer Lisa Marie Presley, who moved away from the “church” herself over the past couple of years.

Remini talked to Presley a lot about how to keep her family safe during the transition, and took Presley’s suggestions on changing out her phones and her security staff. We don’t know if she spoke to best friend Jennifer Lopez about her plans, as Lopez continues to have strong ties to the “church”.

While it took Remini a year to finalize her departure and have it made public, we are glad she is now out, and hope that she remains safe.

Congratulations to everyone who got this one right!

leah remini jennifer lopez


Leah Remini made a statement about the past few days. While she doesn’t mention Co$ directly, it is pretty clear that she is acknowledging the support she is receiving while making this transition:

“I wish to share my sincere and heartfelt appreciation for the overwhelming positive response I have received from the media, my colleagues, and from fans around the world. I am truly grateful and thankful for all your support,” she says in a statement to People.

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  1. solucky says

    Didn’t know Jennifer was a member. I was wondering why she still had somewhat of a career…

    • La Llorona says

      Me neither! This is honestly the most surprising part of the whole thing. Why is J.Lo attached to this cult? What does she have to gain from it?

      • Smokey B says

        JLo’s father is a long time Scientologist. As a cult member if any of your family is antagonistic to Scientology they are deemed PTS (potential trouble source)and if they are publicly critical of the cult then they are an SP (suppressive person. The cult makes it members disconnect from anyone who is PTS/SP. Disconnection means absolutely NO contact in any form or cult member can face pretty harsh discipline. Doesn’t matter if it’s your father, mother, child, best friend, etc. So, while she may not have anything to gain from it she has a lot to lose if she’s in any way critical – a relationship with her father (and her children would also not be allowed contact with their grandfather).

  2. Okayeah says

    I’m interested in knowing how she wrote “church-authorized reports” that criticized Miscavige. That little megalomaniac has made himself the church, so if other higher-ups are starting to wonder about him it’s only a matter of time…

  3. JaneDawson says

    Strange this article is so cheery when a woman is missing being subjected to God Knows What and Leah Whatsherface has had ‘thought modification’ (violent brainwashing) and had her FAMILY THREATENED just for having a complaint!

    Is being an actor worth all this nonsense? Just go to college and work like the rest of us. ‘least your kids won’t mysteriously drown or OD on some strange-ass holiday.

  4. Bromance1979 says

    Good! I always liked her and wondered why on Earth she’d be involved with that cult!

  5. PatioPrincess says

    This is Leah Remini. I just read this today. I love it when people expose this ridiculous “church” of Scientology. It’s sad that she spent so much money on such a frivolous cause. I’m amazed at the number of fairly intelligent celebs that fall for this silly nonsense. You’d think there’d be more of a public outcry for this “church” to become more transparent. People freak out about the Catholic Church (as they rightly should) but give this bozo “church” a pass. Who knows what’s going on. Katie Holmes got out before her kid could be affected but she keeps quiet about it all. I’d like to know what the real deal is with that nut house..

    • NoseyNana2008 says

      I read an article about ‘Scientology’ and it is astonishing that people actually fall for this crap. L Ron Hubbard made the whole thing up from a book of fiction he ‘wrote’ (stole)! Even after reading the article, I still don’t really understand what it’s about.

  6. Andreinac13 says

    That “Church” is EVIL! I’ve been reading books about this cult and it’s scary to think that you’re followed, conversations listened to, and above all brainwashed!!

  7. nooneuno says

    I am glad to hear that she is finally out,we can only hope that more stars follow suit.

    • Layale says

      I know, right?! I think being public about it might help with safety. I mean, if anything untoward happens to her or her family, the first thing many will think is CO$.

  8. annasophie says

    so, is misciviage’s (whatever) wife missing? i mean, is she dead or what? does this not warrant an inquiry??

    • jaime says

      Just researched this. She hasn’t been seen in public since 2006. Some believe she was sent to ‘the hole’, “a place of confinement and humiliation where Scientology’s management culture — always demanding — grew extreme. Inside, a who’s who of Scientology leadership went at each other with brutal tongue lashings, and even hands and fists. They intimidated each other into crawling on their knees and standing in trash cans and confessing to things they hadn’t done. They lived in degrading conditions, eating and sleeping in cramped spaces designed for office use.” WTF!?!? If you look up pics of this place you see that they put huge blades on the fences so people can’t escape. umm..

  9. Whatzmyname says

    Are authorities not looking into this missing womans case?
    Why is Leah leaving Lopez with those crazy people. What kind of friend does that?

  10. jennlynn says

    I can remember my mom reading the L Ron Hubbard books when I was a kid… It seems like it wasn’t 6 months later she was going to church. So HAPPY she didn’t go down the first path!!!

  11. ShennanigansOHoolihan says

    I am totally not denying the complete batshit craziness of Scientology, however I get confused when people indicate they are scared/fear for themselves/children/family members. Are there any cases where Scientologists have physically harmed/killed/kidnapped a relative of an escapee? I would be fascinated to learn more about this.

    Firefox spellchecker is telling me that Scientologist is not a real word. HA! For some reason that makes me lol.

    Are the Smiths also Scientologists since they were so up the Cruise’s butt a while ago? What about David & Victoria? Was Tom trying to recruit them when they were spending all that time together 5 or 6 years ago? It’s all really disturbing…god how I would like a closer look inside.