Fake Relationship Starts Next Month

[BlindGossip] She is not supposed to be dating for a year. But, then again, she has never been very good at following directions. So she has agreed to be set up with a very hot celebrity. The setup was orchestrated by her boss, who has a vested interest in getting publicity for both the boy and the girl.

They cut a deal for an initial four month contract – ending just before Christmas – with an option for renewal. Their first “date”, complete with paparazzi photos, is scheduled for August. Expect lots and lots of promotional teasing of the relationship up until that point, and daily updates from the tabloids once they do begin dating.

BG Note: Correction: The two celebrities have met before, but have not been on an official date yet.

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  1. LarryStylinsonx says

    At first I thought that this was Demi Lovato and Niall Horan but idk this was last year so