The Contract Numbers

[BlindGossip] So how much did she get paid to be his wife? How much will she be getting in the divorce? We know that many sources have reported that her contract stipulated for her to be paid $X per year of marriage, but the formula is actually more complicated than that.

The main calculation is actually based on a number of variables. It looks something like this:

(number of years married x annual salary) + a five year bonus + a childbearing bonus – any contract violations = net payout

As it stands now, she has earned a payout of approximately $44 million. We expect that he will contend that there were multiple contract violations (including her failure to meet certain religious, educational, and promotional requirements), so the final number will likely be reduced by those penalty amounts. Even given those penalties, the net cash payout should total north of $40 million.

Here are a few more interesting details: Having another child during their marriage would have earned her another $10 million. She would have faced substantial financial penalties if the marriage had not lasted five years. There would have been a much bigger bonus if she had lasted past ten years.

Keep in mind that this is just the cash portion of the agreement. The division of assets will also include battles over substantial real estate, automotive, and aviation holdings. All told, the five-year marriage will probably result in the wife receiving close to $100 million in cash and physical assets.

UPDATE: Just wanted to clarify that some of the monies discussed were already paid out over the course of the marriage. We do not know how much of a balance remains.

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