Trying To Return To The Spotlight

[BlindGossip]  This actor was really riding high for a few years. Unfortunately, he was also literally high much of the time. His substance ab*se problem began to interfere with his ability to show up for work on time. And to have his lines memorized. Sometimes he just wouldn’t show up at all. Even though he was quite talented, directors and producers just starting passing on him, tired of his unprofessional behavior. He eventually just dropped off the radar.

Well, he has finally cleaned up his act, and is now looking to get back to work. However, a whole new crop of young actors have come up since his departure from the limelight, and he is more than a little shocked that his name just doesn’t carry the weight it once did. He is getting quite discouraged and depressed about it. We hope he finds work soon so that he can continue to stay clean.

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3 comments to Trying To Return To The Spotlight

  • Eryn

    He was the first one I thought of!

  • Anaishilator

    danny radcliffe and those HP kids have enough money that they need never work again ever in life.

    not to mention DR just had a movie last year, he has barely had any time to be “passed over”

  • Rowena

    Well he was nominated for an Oscar in 2005, I think for an actor of his caliber and looks and age, he’s pretty much reached the top of his career at this point, eh?