Jealous And Dumb

[BlindGossip] One of those cringe-worthy reality shows. Frankly, these people are not smart, and none had any kind of success before the reality show. This abundance of stupidity is reflected in their current evil plan to get rid of one of the cast members. They are each telling the producer that they refuse to film with Cast Member A. They hope that if no one will film with her, the producers will be forced to let her go.

Here’s why their strategy is deeply flawed: While Cast Member A may not be the most likable person in the world, she is the one who is bringing in the ratings! And that is what matters most to reality producers. She has the most interesting story lines, gets the most magazine covers, and makes the most money off of branding. So targeting her for elimination is pretty stupid on the part of her jealous cast mates. They would be much smarter to ally with her to ensure their own survival.

But, as we told you before, they are just not that smart. Maybe they will realize that after they get booted from the show. Yes, the producer is cleaning house on this one.

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