Ducking The Ducks

[BuzzFoto] When this B list, award-winning film actor was a young boy, he and his friends once spent a summer terrorizing animals at a local park. He was said to have k*lled several ducks with a golf club. He deeply regrets his actions now and the incident still haunts him. He has donated large sums of money to several bird reserves all over the country, but he still can’t bring himself to go to any local parks that have ducks. 772

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  1. sweetangelz77 says

    Animal cruelty is horrible obviously, but I’ve just noticed something & I want to point it out: there are children dying all over the world, in the middle east andd africa, and it seems as if you all have more empathy and compassion for animals than humans in general :/ which is something I’ll never understand…yes it’s horrible what this man did, but at least he regrets it. What about the cold-blooded murderers killing children for fun as you read this right now?

    • laurenlena says

      i’m sure if there was a blind about something as disturbing and horrific as killing children, there would be lots said.

  2. laurenlena says

    just google ‘children and animal killing’…or look up any developmental psychology textbook in a library. people aren’t making this stuff up.