News Mistress Defects To Another Network


[BlindGossip] Another staff change at this newsy national television show. One of its presenters is out the door. In fact, she is so far out the door that she is going to a competitor network.

Here’s why: She had an affair with the show’s big star. She expected that an affair would lead to a move up the food chain… eventually leading to the seat next to his. Wrong. He is married, she was just a fling… and there was already another mistress ahead of her coveting the same seat!

She was so mad when she found out that she confronted him at work. Bad move. He holds a lot of power at the network. Whoever he wants to stay, stays. Whoever he wants to go, goes. If you annoy him, you’re shown the door. She annoyed him. Buh bye!


It’s Amy Robach, who recently made the jump from NBC to ABC! Source:

Amy Robach was another key player in this whole NBC Today Show game of Employee Musical Chairs. Except that when the music stopped, poor Amy was the one left without a chair!

You see, Amy was allegedly another Matty Girl. In fact, we hear that her special relationship with Matt was a big factor in her divorce from her first husband (She went on to marry Andrew Shue less than a year later).

When she found out that Ann Curry was getting the boot, Amy was elated, thinking that she would be moved from Weekend Today to the Today cohost seat. Sorry, Amy, but there were lots of other Matty Girls ahead of you, all clamoring for the same job! Quick as a wink, NBC terminated her contract, and Amy moved on over to ABC. From The Hollywood Reporter:

Amy Robach, who has been with NBC News and MSNBC for nine years, is joining ABC News as a correspondent based in New York.

The expected announcement came Monday from ABC News president Ben Sherwood, who called Robach a “tenacious and skilled reporter.”

Most recently, Robach was part of the Weekend Today team — she has anchored the Saturday edition of the broadcast for the past six years. She bid an on-air farewell to her Today colleagues on last Saturday’s show.

She begins her ABC News duties after Memorial Day.

Fattymcghee and Iocaine certainly know their Matty Girls, and were first and second in guessing this one correctly. Congratulations!

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