Why This Star Doesn’t Smile


[HollywoodDame] This A list actor has franchise millions in his bank, but won’t spring for a much needed dental appointment. He makes a conscious effort never to smile and show his teeth at red carpet events. Fans think it’s all part of his dark and aloof mystique, but his teeth are beyond yellow…they are brown.


It’s Johnny Depp! Source: Hollywood Dame

From Hollywood Dame:

Someone Introduce Johnny Depp to Colgate

Admit it, Johnny Depp is on your list provided he is dressed as Jack Sparrow and has showered. The man can make scurvy look hot, but appears to have taken issue with dental hygiene. How very hipster.

While on the bright purple carpet for the premiere of ‘Dark Shadows’ in London, Depp sported a rough grill. His teeth made a rare appearance and left me erasing him from my To Do list. The brown and yellow stains are probably from your typical vices, but when one can buy their own island it’s hard to overlook a couple of rounds of bleaching.

Let’s take a look at Johnny Depp. When you search for his image, here is what you get:

Notice a pattern? He doesn’t smile. It’s not because he is unhappy or dark. It’s because he has bad teeth. Well, bad teeth and no teeth, gold teeth, silver teeth, yellow teeth, and brown teeth.

Here are some rare photos of Johnny Depp where you actually can see his teeth. It’s not pretty.

Everybody got this one right. I Am Punka was first. Congratulations!

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