Why He Mentions Her Name In The Lyrics

if music be the food of love[BlindGossip] These two male artists – who are both solo stars – recently collaborated on the lyrics to a song that has not yet been released. The lyrics include a reference to a television star (not an actress) with whom the First Musician had a hot one-night stand. The song will be rapped/sung by the Second Musician, who hasn’t had sex with her. Yet. He is hoping that by mentioning her name in the song, she will be flattered enough to let him have a little taste as well. Even though she is married, we would bet good money that the Second Musician will get what he wants.

[Image Credit: Shotwell Photo]

First Musician:

Second Musician:

The Hot TV Star:

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1 comment to Why He Mentions Her Name In The Lyrics

  • Olaya

    Song Blurred lines

    1st Musician Robin Thick

    2nd Musician TI

    Giada De Laurentiis All three on the today show