Not My Type


[BlindGossip] She may have had a sleepover or two at this actor’s house, but this young diva is telling friends that it was all just for the publicity. When they asked her if she would seriously consider dating him, she responded, “Are you f*ing kidding me? I don’t even like the guy. Not my type.” But she added that she wouldn’t hesitate to be seen with him again if it landed her some magazine covers.


It’s Rihanna and Ashton Kutcher! Source: BlindGossip

Another day, another PR stunt for Princess RiRi. Did you really think that Rihanna would be interested in Ashton Kutcher? She’s done PR dates with lots of white Hollywood boys. Yes, Shia LaBeouf, we’re talking about you. Shias’s not her type, either. She was just hanging out with Ashton to make Chris Brown jealous. As if making Chris Brown mad is a good idea.

Yes, you already know who Rihanna’s type really is. Chris Brown is the only guy she dated for more than a few months. And now that they are back together, here come the same problems – professionally, physically, emotionally – that completely messed her up the first time around. Throw in some drugs and alcohol, and you’ve got yourselves a train wreck in waiting.

Lots of you got this right. Congrats to Raslebol, who was first!


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