Action Hero Is A Maui Party Pooper

[JanetCharlton] Celebrities love the luxury and beauty of Maui, and this aging action hero used to be a frequent visitor – but that’s over. There are only two 5 star hotel options on the island and this actor has been BANNED from both. Both hotels had the same problem. The actor used to rent massive suites for himself and his family but maids were horrified to find human feces on the floor, on furniture – even in the bathtub! SOMEBODY didn’t care where they pooped! The actor tried to blame it on a child but the size of the mess indicated it came from an adult.

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  1. boredatwork says

    This could be Arnold. Earlier generations of Kennedys were well-known for not being respectful of property and out of control(and there was a news story about Ethel or someone skipping out on a bill in Aspen). Maybe the legacy continues with Maria and her children.

    • coffeebeaner says

      I hate to say it but the Kennedy family embodies the word “entitlement”. I wonder if that is where it started.

    • DreamyVelvet says

      Ted Casablanca did a Blind Vice on this same actor years ago. Whenever this person visited a rich & famous type hotel, they would leave a *surprise* in the bathtub for housekeeping to take care of. As I recall, the hotel(s) began to ban this person from staying with them. I can’t find the BV now darn it, but I remember it because I asked a family member who works at a famous Hollywood hotel if it was true. They couldn’t comment on it due to confidentiality clauses.

      How weird if it was Stallone, though, since his wife hawks skin care on HSN. o_0

      • Saint Nick says

        Well, if you eat right, the texture of your skin and quality of your * both improve.

        More seriously though, I suspect this could be an act of superstition. Maybe some major break happened in his life or career right after he had some, erm, bowel accident, and now he feels he has to keep doing it to stay lucky. Very common disorder, just not with feces.

  2. wendy hood says

    Not to defend the guy or anything, but kids usually have pretty large BMs, larger than a lot of adults. I dont know if that matters, seeing as how it says “mess” and not actual material.

  3. FartyLatte says

    The pink lady made me think of Grease, and I believe John Travolta could be seen as an action star sometimes,but I really think this is meant for Bruce Willis. Although he has a new baby so I dont assume it is him making the mess.

  4. TamaraLewis says

    I know how we can find out!!!

    Lets call the 2 (5 star) hotels and see if we can get reservations for Stallone?!?!?

    • sneezy says

      Totally think it’s Stallone.

      But only two 5* hotel’s on Maui? I thought there were 4 – Fairmont, Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton, and Travaaaa Hana.

  5. JGordon says

    Whomever it is, that’s gross. The housekeeping staff should have picked it all up, and put it into their luggage for them (so that they didn’t forget it when they left).

    “Hey, look…there’s a candy bar in the pool…….HEY! That’s no candy bar!!!!!!!!”-I forgot which movie this was from.

  6. jasper says

    John Cusack is supposed to be a coprophile, but he’s never been an “action hero” type, more comedy/drama/romcom type with the occasional action scene….like Con Air….could it be Nic Cage?

    that said, JCVD and Bruce were the first two names that came to my mind.
    I’m sure if it were Ahnuld or Mel, it would have slipped out before now.
    (wait, ew!)

  7. coffeebeaner says

    If my guy had this particular peccadillo, I don’t think I could overlook it. This is just discusting and humiliating for the staff. Whoever this is doesn’t give a $#2t about other people.

  8. looster says

    My guess is Arnold. Due to the “action hero” and “party pooper” references in the title. He had the Last Action Hero Movie and didn’t he have a line in one of the Terminator movies about being the party pooper. BTW, this is so nasty!!

  9. HeadhuntNYC says

    I was thinking Knight Rider or whatever that show was but that might not be “action” enough since it was the car that did all the work . . . so scratch that idea. Oh well.

    such a gross blind . .. yuck

  10. Dragnflyz says

    Firt person to come to mind for the same reason… I believe the book was titled “You’ll Never Make Love in this Town Again”. The mention of glass topped coffee tables brought it all back to me. LOL

    So, I’ll 2nd Stallone.