Boy Banders Are Hiding A Secret

[BlindGossip] If they were on a singing competition show, you would call them a Male Vocal Group. We prefer the term Boy Band. The group’s image determines their commercial success, and each member of the group is assigned a particular sterotype (such as The Bad Boy or The Baby or The Nice One) so that the band will have the widest possible appeal.

There is a Boy Band consisting of beautiful young men that currently has young girls across the country screaming with admiration and desire. Their public image is wholesome. However, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes that belies that image.

For example, there’s one member of the group whose moniker could be The Gay One. That’s right. Your teen daughter may be swooning right now over someone who isn’t even interested in her gender.

Oh, and there’s another member of the group who wouldn’t be interested in your daughter. His moniker could be… The Other Gay One.

Yes, that’s right, two gay young men in one popular group. (Although one does have a beard to maintain that desirable image). And here’s the most interesting part of all: the two boys are sleeping with each other.

Don’t tell your teen daughter. You don’t want her up all night crying because her mean parent destroyed her illusion. Besides, you eventually got over The Osmonds/ Menudo/ The Backstreet Boys, didn’t you?

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    • ayeandy says

      definitely all the clues are there im just waiting for this to be solved already *coughMODEST!cough* :)

    • LarryLovinn says

      This already got solved.. It was Harry and Louis… What the heck happened? Stupid Modest!.

      • pratty4ever says

        Yea it did, but then the website got shut down for a day and when it came back, it was mysteriously unsolved again.

      • larry_is_faith says

        Really??? Do you remember the content or may be you have noted down?? If not, do you know anyone has it? I really want that!!!! Though I already believed in this! x

  1. asdfghjkl says

    This has to be about Louis and Harry from One Direction. It’s so painfully obvious that they’re in love. I just wish they would come out already. I would be the happiest person in the world and the majority of 1D fans would be supportive, as well. It would also show who the true fans really are.

    • may13387 says

      Yeah, it’d show who the real fans are – NOT people like you. They’re the ones who act interested in women and argue against the rumors, people like you don’t believe or trust them showing you’re not real fans. If they’re gay, sure that’s cool. But they aren’t. Louis and Harry had girlfriends way before 1D so why would they fake date ALL those girls to hide the fact that they’re gay? You have no proof. Those stupid ‘proof’ videos on Larry are all about stuff they did that I do with my best friends. He smiles more with Harry? I do that with my BFF’s too! Best friends before boyfriends (or in this case, girlfriends). I support gay people but Larry isn’t real so lay off it! They’re just close, ok! Just best friends. This website is talking about them and they do love eachother but they aren’t IN LOVE. They’re like brothers. This website is gossip and gossip isn’t always true. Leave them alone, you fake fans.

      • tesoreo says

        Best friends don’t look at each other like they’ve just seen the second coming of Christ, well, that’s a bit of a stretch but you get my point. And being gay in the media is harder than it seems. One Direction is a boyband, they are supposed to appeal to teen girls as young, hot, and available. They want you to believe you have a chance with these five, attractive young men and as it says in the article, you don’t want to spoil your teen daughter’s illusion. Coming out as gay could possibly ruin their career. Lance Bass (former boyband member of NYSNC) had a girlfriend and later revealed he was gay, Ricky Martin has ‘dated’ so many women before coming out, Elton John had a WIFE, and the list goes on and on.

        Yes, they would lie, and fake dates with women to hide the fact that they’re gay, even engage/marry them.

        And you probably want to reconsider your feelings for your best friend if you act the exact same way Harry and Louis do to each other.

      • karamel_frap says


      • larry_forever says

        By the way, before Harry having a girlfriend he used to love a boy in like high school, he was gay fromt agt time so yeaah

  2. xoxostelabaltic says

    Hi, this is my first time commenting here:)
    And this is definitely about Harry and Louis from One Direction.
    I am a directioner and I ship Larry Stylinson<3 it's just so obvious that they are in love<333

  3. PinkPetals says

    Just registered so that I could comment on this Blind. Back in April 2012 when this BI was posted, it was about One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles – Larry Stylinson to their fans. The boys were in a very loving relationship – searching Larry Stylinson on youTube or Google will provide more than enough evidence. It is actually really beautiful to watch some of their moments together.

    Now in January 2013, sadly these boys are no longer together which I find very sad. Harry Styles (nearly 19) is now back with Nick Grimshaw (28) who is very well-known Radio One DJ. Again if you google their two names together, there is large amounts of news and photos of the 2 together – shopping, dining, at bars and at parties. In fact, when One Direction returned to the UK from Japan recently, Harry attended a Fashion party with Nick and friends that night.

    Nick and Harry also attended the G.A.Y Festival to ‘support their good friend Rita Ora’ who was performing (also suspected on this site of being gay.)

    Harry and Louis did live together but now do not.

    Harry and Nick have been photographed wearing the same clothes, within days of each other. Check the images of the grey jumper and the orange jacket which Harry wears on the new One Direction album cover. It is almost like Nick is goading the media and the public by wearing such a distinct and memorable jacket.

    Simon Cowell flagged Harry as the key member of the group, back in X Factor Boot Camp when he answered ‘There’s something special, so appealing and likeable about Harry’. If Harry is outed, it will really affect the ongoing success of the band. The ID fans all adore Harry and really don’t mind about Harry and Louis’s relationship. They would still support the band as they are such die-hard fans.

    I just feel so very sad for poor Louis who has to have the beard (Eleanor) to protect the band’s image and he also undergoes daily scrutiny about his sexual orientation and then has to continually be with Harry (who he cleared loved very much) who is now with someone else.

    Very sad. The 2 boys really loved each other during their relationship. My heart is with poor Louis who can’t move on and has lost Harry. Oh well, at least he has the money in the bank and perhaps when their latest 3 year contract is up, he may be able to come out.

    PS – Anyone notice that after Ace’s ‘notting’ re the TV performers NOT One Direction, One Direction’s new album was being advertised as a banner on this site?

    • andi says

      Dear PinkPetals,
      Have you visited Larry Stylinson tag on tumblr lately? It’s worth checking out. I’m not sure how you came to your conclusions, but we do know Harry and Nick have always been friends. There is really zero chemistry between them, so I doubt your conclusions.

      There were plenty of “Larry” moments in Japan, and of course Harry came home from U.S. (during Haylor debacle) in time for Louis’ birthday party. I have no reason to believe they are not together anymore.


    • andi says

      P.S. Also, if this were indeed true (Harry and Nick together), then this article would technically be “solved” wouldn’t it?

    • Stylinson says

      Oh my God, that is such a lie I’m laughing so hard. Nick Grimshaw is single at the moment and he does have someone he’s keeping a secret. Harry and Louis are still together, and still very much in love. Stop the b.s.

    • monica says

      …Where did you even get those pieces of information that you think is credible??

      They haven’t broken up, and even though the Stymshaw action/interactions may make the claim seem admissible as well, the counter-evidence to these still continue to debunk your points – and also continue to accumulate. We’re riding deeper into 1D’s Take Me Home Tour and the Larry Stylinson I’ve seen is CONSTANTLY inevitable to ignore. Actions are always louder than words, and Larry’s actions strongly prove your claim wrong otherwise.

    • may13387 says

      They’re best/good friends so believe them when they say they’re not gay. They weren’t together and they’ve dated so many women it couldn’t all be fake. BACK WITH NICK?! You are fricking crazy if you think ‘the flirt’ of the group is gay. Hugging? Hanging out? Parties? Same clothes? OMG If that means they’re dating then that means I’m dating ALL my friends! I’m a lesbian player who has a crush on guys? Right, that’s unlikely.

    • ZouisEnchilada says

      No, not the case at all. Actually, they still get tattoos together, Harry STILL leaves scratches on his back, Harry still can’t sit properly.. SO YEAH. You’re wrong about my babies. Sorry, love. xxx

  4. MariiV:) says

    This article screams Harry and Louis from One Direction.
    -beautiful young men-

    The Bad Boy: Zayn
    The Baby: Niall
    The Nice One: Liam
    The Gay One: Louis
    The Other Gay one: Harry
    Beard: Eleanor

    “You dont want her crying UP ALL NIGHT”
    One Direction’s first CD that made millions? Up All Night.

    • larrysrealxoxo says

      Dude be my best friend *ciber high 5* no seriously be my best friend I love your creativity!

  5. shymouthbigmind says

    This is obviously about Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. Because first of all we all know Eleanor is Louis beard and second there’s a clue on the article “You don’t want her UP ALL NIGHT crying because her mean parent destroyed her illusion.” UP ALL NIGHT is the name of the first One Direction album.

    LARRY ♥

  6. gabs09 says

    could be zayn and louis as well. zayn didnt start dating perrie until may of 2012, this was written on april 5th 2012. maybe idk theyre probably all gay for each other there are like five blinds written about one direction.

  7. says

    This is such an old blind but i’ll still comment.
    This is so obviously One Direction. First of all ‘one’ repeats a lot, “a singing competition show” X-Factor (the show that made them famous) but besides that is just the descriptions about the ‘sterotypes’
    The Bad Boy: Zayn Malik
    The Baby: Niall Horan
    The Nice One: Liam Payne
    the Gay One: every one seems to get a gay vibe from Louis
    The Other Gay One: that leaves us with one member left, and that’ll be Harry.
    Another clue would be “you don’t want her up all night” as for their first album.


  8. says

    Oh, and Eleanor is the beard.. And she is no model, she’s just a Uni girl (if she even goes lol) who’s a Starbucks adddict.

    Ps: first time commenting here :) x

  9. ssonjaammaee says

    It’s obviously One Direction’s very own Larry Stylinson (Harry and Louis). Key words; “singing competition” the x-factor, “beard”, Louis has a girlfriend, who is clearly fake, “up all night” reference to album, Up All Night.

  10. missdancergirl says

    One Direction
    Clues: Singing competition show (the x factor)
    The Bad Boy (Zayn Malik)
    The Baby (Niall Horan)
    The Nice One (Liam Payne)
    One has a beard (Eleanor Calder)
    The two boys are sleeping together (Larry Stylinson)
    Up all night crying (Up All Night was their first album)
    The constant use of the word “one” (One Direction)
    So therefore the two boys (the gay one and the other gay one) and Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson.

  11. larryisobvsreal says

    5 boys in the picture – 5 boys in One Direction
    Up All Night – A song and album by One Direction
    Bad boy – Zayn Malik
    Nice one – Liam Payne
    The baby – Niall Horan
    Prefers the term ‘Boy Band’ – One Direction
    Singing competition show – X Factor
    A band consisting of beautiful young men – One Direction
    One has a beard to maintain that image – Louis Tomlinson
    One direction is a popular group.

    The gay one – Harry Styles (Because of the article about HArry and Taylor and “Try to date straight boys”)

    The other gay one – Louis Tomlinson

    I think, if they cam out, they don’t realise that 99% of their love them for them and it’s unconditional. It has nothing to do with sexuality. And most of us already see that Harry and Louis are in love, it’s the way they act and look at each other. They’re so in love it hurts to watch them hide it :(

    • larrysecrets says

      We’ll support them of course but there’s the issue of their contract and the risk of losing their jobs.

  12. HeyCastiel says

    Oh my god this is so hard to deny that its about Harry and Louis omg face it. THEN THE VIDEO JEEZ

  13. awordplease says

    I think the clues are too obviously pointing to One Direction. Who is the boy band that is most associated with 1d? The Wanted. I honestly don’t know which of the two it is, but I know that nathan is the baby, george is the bad boy, and jay is the nice one. So it could also be them

  14. scarlettone says

    One Direction is too obvious. It’s like beating a dead horse. I think it’s the American manufactured boy band Big Time Rush. There are a couple of the guys rumored to be gay.

  15. PP says

    “If they were on a singing competition show, you would call them a Male Vocal Group. We prefer the term Boy Band.”

    Emblem 3 – Because of the “We are not the boyband” story at the beginning of the program
    And BG never said they were 5 elements.

  16. GASP says

    This is the first time I’ve ever commented, so here goes; I believe it was about Harry and louis but I don’t think it’s true anymore.I think maybe they were in a relationship at one time but they broke up/ended the hooking up. I hate to say it but I think that is the truth. Just look at how they are around each other now. :(

  17. LarryStylinsonx says


  18. LarryStylinsonx says

    Can you at least tell us when this will be solved? Or do we have to wait until they come out? Please tell us

  19. SorenaJ says

    I still say Louis and Harry, but with all the Ziam we’ve gotten lately and the Payzer break-up, Zayn and Liam wouldn’t surprise me.

  20. sarahstylinson says

    could be a bit of a stretch, but lance was the “gay one” of nsync and in this photo he is wearing stripes, which is associated with louis. just another bit of evidence that’s not quite so obvious

  21. Horanlicious says

    Oh, come on…don’t you guys think it’s time to solve this?
    It’s more than obvious that you’re talking about Harry and Louis.

  22. Masse says

    Haz and Lou. Naturally :) I feel bad for the people who don’t see their love :p It’s just so obvious that it makes me laugh 😀 <3

  23. katita0630 says

    Aceeee come on!! its been more than a year now!! My answer is Harry and Louis from 1D, why cant they live their love publicly????

  24. sundaegirl93 says

    I know everyone is guessing Louis and Harry but just to be different, I’m gonna guess Zayn and Niall

  25. AreYouKiddingMePeople says

    First time commenting. I believe that this is about Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles, and this will never be solved because even though I truly believe they were in a relationship with each other, sadly that is no longer true. I believe the demands from management have caused the both of them to end their relationship. Sad situation because I was really rooting for them to persevere.

  26. LarryStylinsonx says

    Louis and Harry yay, i dont know why but this blind item gives me anxiety and it scares the crap out of me? I already know it’s Harry and Louis but the way you wrote this and the way you set this out and when you posted the trailer!! It’s got so much suspension and it stresses me out cos it’s still not solved omg, the day I go onto blind gossip and this is solved with Harry and Louis i’m going to cry so much bc we have all waited so long

  27. Stylinson_@ says

    “There is a Boy Band consisting of Beautiful” I´m not sure about this one but beautiful from their single “What makes you beautiful”

  28. annablood says

    Must be Haz and Lou. See the “UP ALL NIGHT crying” near the end of the article? They’re hinting us :3 I would be so happy the day they came out :)

  29. sdenzel says

    It’s so obvious about One Direction/Larry.
    First of all because of all the clues in the article (Beauitful, Up All Night, the bad boy, the baby and the nice one and the 2 gays)
    And! The article says: “Besides, you eventually got over The Osmonds/ Menudo/ The Backstreet Boys, didn’t you?” These are all boybands with 5 members!!! So obvious!
    And Ace did reply to a comment saying it’s about Larry. But the real sad thing is that this person said they aren’t together anymore… I don’t want to believe it, but there is a good possibilty it’s true :(

  30. says

    This Tumblr post just totally solved ALL of your articles.
    This article is obviously about Louis and Harry.
    The band was put together on X Factor, a singing competition show.
    Zayn is usually known as the bad boy, Niall the baby, and Liam the nice one.
    The Gay One. We all call Louis feminine, and he dressed very girly sometimes. It’s Louis.
    another member of the same group? It can be none other than Harry.
    Eleanor Calder is Louis’ Tomlinson’s beard, or fake girlfriend.
    Louis and Harry live/lived together, meaning they sleep/slept together as well.
    Song references: UP ALL NIGHT crying, BEAUTIFUL (What Makes You Beautiful) young men.

  31. freakycherry83 says

    Im going to say harry styles and louis tomlinson. Harry was never with nick grimshaw.

    • OOI95 says

      They can’t because of the contract with Modest!Management.
      That’s why this blind is unsolved. Just wait till the end of their contract.:D

  32. deema_talia says

    Is this going to be solved after the people in the blind item out themselves or before? Come on Ace, we need this!

  33. cath_ says

    god I love this video so much!
    this anyone maybe know what song is used in the video, thanks x

  34. 1dsolvesitall says

    Louis and Harry… Now here’s some proof:

    There are the titles they gave for each other (except they changes Louis’ role to “Gay” instead of the leader and Harry’s role from “the flirt” to the Other Gay One.

    Recently in the press conference for their movie, Niall said that the demographic are GIRLS so it kinda explains this a bit more “band will have the widest possible appeal.”

    The beard reffered above is Eleanor Calder, which her story was kind of a blur for every 1d fan. I mean in many interviews Harry said he introduced her to Louis because he had a friend that studies at MUni BUT in one of their interviews Harry said his friend introduced her to Louis and his friend and Louis are really close. (?) So she is definately a BEARD.

    “Don’t tell your teen daughter. You don’t want her up all night crying because her mean parent destroyed her illusion.” Up All Night is their most selling album… Ever.

  35. stylinson says

    this is so obvious that its harry and louis and that people still think they’re not in love with eachother causes me physical pain


    Let’s be real here. This article clearly refers to a “singing competion show”. One DIrection were formed as a band on The XFactor UK. There are many other points that would make it obvious to us that this article refers to Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, I think the most relevant one is the refernce to “up all night”, one direction’s first album. I am done here.

  37. LarryStylinsonx says

    Please, PLEASE SOLVE THIS! PLEASE I’M BEGGING YOU! I understand that you may not be able to solve it since they haven’t came out yet, COULD YOU PLEASE UPDATE THIS? Or do another blind about this? It’s almost been 2 years since you posted this, please we’re begging you! Please make another blind about this! Or update it! PLEASE!!!!!!!

  38. angela451 says

    Since this has been up for over a YEAR and a half and hasn’t been solved, I think there’s no way it’s anyone in One Direction. Wouldn’t there be an answer by now? This means everyone is way, way off base.

  39. emzigirl57 says

    It HAS to be Harry and Louis from One Direction! Also, if this was posted over a year ago, how come it’s not solved yet?? Modest!

  40. pratty4ever says

    Larry Stylinson forever in my heart <3. And for those of you that don't know, this was SOLVED! Then, the website mysteriously shut down for a day and when it came back, this was unsolved…THANK YOU MODEST! (as Louis has once said)

  41. pratty4ever says

    There was one article recently where Louis apparently said that these ‘rumors’ are “f*cking annoying”. Well, dearest Modest!, us Larry shippers aren’t as stupid as you make us out to be…first the ‘bullsh*t tweet and now this..If YOU (Modest!) want to feed us bullsh*t..then give us the damn video of Louis saying that its “f*cking annoying” or any video of him or Harry clearly DENYING Larry or saying that they aren’t gay! Here’s the link to that article for anyone interested:

    Oh, and it’s funny how they used the picture from the AMA’s when that right there is prrof that Modest! is trying to hide Larry. At the beginning of the awards, Louis and Harry were sitting together (as shown in the picture), but then when the camera went to the boys later, Louis mysteriously moved at the other end, with Zayn, Niall, and Liam in the middle of him and Harry.

    Oh and for those who say Larry isn’t real anymore, I had that doubt in my mind too but then as I watched 1D Day, I saw the Larry moments: First, Louis told Piers Morgan he stank when Piers asked Harry if he was dating Kendal Jenner. Then, during the “Little Things” performance, Harry was singing while looking directly at Louis and to that, Louis sat up like a little school-boy (which to be honest, I have no idea what it meant). Also during that performance, Harry sang “all HIS little things” over and over again, also while looking at Louis. If that doesn’t prove that their relationship is still going strong, then I really don’t know what will. And you know what, there would’ve been a lot more Larry moments but no hour of the live-stream was hosted by Louis and Harry. Great job, Modest!

    And just because I feel a little bad, I’m going to add that I know that Modest! Management is just doing its job so even though we’re all hating them, it doesn’t make sense to do so because well, they’re doing their job. I know I’m being a bit hypocritical, but I think you guys understand what I mean.

    Okay well, I didn’t originally plan on writing so much, but I ended up doing so. :) Thank you SO MUCH Ace for this!

    • kandeestyles19 says

      Yes I totally 100% agree! And of course it’s been over a year and this article hasn’t been solved because of Modest! Ugh I just want them to come out!

  42. larrystylinsonisreal says

    this is part of the millions of evidence that there is

    Larry is real…forever and always and only true directioners know
    <3larry stylinson<3

  43. larrysecrets says

    I know I’m super late on this, but here goes.
    This is so obviously about One Direction and the persistent rumor of ‘Larry Stylinson’. It’s used as Larry proof in many videos and provides a credible source that Larry shippers can refer to. It shows that we aren’t the only ones who can see this. I was an Elounor shipper for almost a year (I think this is due to the fact that I have always been a Harry girl and I was in denial) until I listened to Don’t Let Me Go and realized the truth. I’m not directing offense to anyone when I say you would have to be blind to not see what’s going on.
    There are rumored romances between any combination of the boys of One Direction. Narry, Ziam, Nouis, Zouis, Zarry, Niam, and, of course, Larry. What I find suspicious is there are hardcore shippers of every one AS A ROMANCE. Every one. But out of all of them, which one is brought up most in interviews? Which one is covered up the most? Which one seems to be the only problematic one? Larry Stylinson. I’ve met a lot of Directioners who ship Narry to the point that one girl believed that Niall was pregnant. Ziam is almost as popular as Larry. But who has been torn apart? Who are instructed not to interact with or even sit next to each other? Again, the answer is Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson.
    Anyone with eyes can see that there is something going on between Louis and Harry. Platonic best friends don’t get jealous when someone touches their ‘friends’ knee. Platonic best friends don’t get boners when their friend lifts up his shirt or whispers in his ear.
    Even if Larry never existed and it’s all in our heads, I believe that Eleanor Calder is a beard. Elounor is hands down the most blatantly fake relationship I’ve ever seen. Whatever the case is, they aren’t together and, based off of their behavior and that of their bandmates, Louis and Harry have something going on behind closed doors.

  44. ishipbslarrystylinson says

    The Bad Boy- Zayn

    The Baby- Niall

    The Nice One- Liam

    The Gay One- Louis

    The Other Gay One- Harry I heard he was openly Bi in school

    (Although one does have a beard to maintain that desirable image). Louis has a beard Eleanor And here’s the most interesting part of all: the two boys are sleeping with each other.

    You don’t want her up all night crying- Up All Night was their 1st CDs name

  45. PaintedInRed says

    This is absolutely Larry Stylinson. I believe it is so strongly, I will stop at nothing to prove I am in fact correct. It is not just an assumption that you are hinting at Louis and Harry, because anyone with eyes could see that it is them.

  46. omglikewtf says

    So I purposely wanted to write on here because its 2015 and this still hasn’t been solved. For the people saying that Larry has broken up I would just like to say that you’re absolutely incorrect because even now there are countless moments and hints if you just look close enough. And hey don’t knock it till ya try it!

  47. larry_forever says

    So yeah, Blind Gossip does give hints about who might it be about so here they have given strong hints which directly shows it’s One Direction’s Harry and Louis, see here:

    singing competition show: X – Factor
    Male Vocal Group: One Direction
    The Bad Boy: Zayn (you know the Bradford bad boy)
    The Baby: Niall (he’s cute as a baby and looks like a baby)
    The Nice One: Liam (He’s the nicest, I didn’t get others of this aha)
    The Gay One: Harry
    The Other Gay One: Louis
    one does have a beard: Louis with Eleanor
    the two boys are sleeping with each other: Harry and Louis’ used to live together, or does still now, they don’t really talk about that now
    Lastly, the strongest and the tightest proof which no one can deny:
    up all night: 1D’s first album, Up All Night

    Can I just say that this was solved, to be honest and later this page was shut down for a day and when it re – opened, it was unsolved again. They confirmed it was Harry and Louis but then Modest! Urgh, go to hell.

  48. Beveylovesyou says

    there’s Union J, BTR, the Jo Bros are coming out with a new album. SO no 1D isn’t the only boy band

  49. that girl says

    I think, well, I’m a 1D fan too, I’d be more proud or happy with/for them if they tell us the truth, Idc if they’re gay or not, but you know that most of “fans” are in the fandom cause they think they have a chance with any of them, especially Harry, he’s the most charming. Of course they can’t come out, they’ll lose fans, and Harry is very sensitive, remember, he also cried once just for some bad comments, imagine what he would do if he came out. I really don’t want to.

  50. monica says

    Ahah this Blind emerged before Union J made the scene. And the monikers point to One Direction solely. 1D were in a singing competition show, there’s the repetitive mention of ‘One’, there is Up All Night [1D’s debut album], they’re the HOTTEST boy band in the world since roughly a decade ago (this blind was also written while their Up All Night Tour was happening), and, as missdancergirl said:

    The Bad Boy – ‘Bradford Bad Boy’ – Zayn Malik
    The Baby – ‘Leprechaun/Special Snowflake’ – Niall Horan
    The Nice One – ‘Daddy Payne/Daddy Direction’ – Liam Payne
    The Gay One – ‘Tommo’ – Louis Tomlinson [current beard is Eleanor Calder)
    The Other Gay One – Harry Styles – [womanizing image and heartthrob of the band is still in effect and eclipses this fact, but recently he’s been, rebelliously, less subtle/discreet about this]

    The two boys are sleeping together – Harry and Louis [imo BG perceived Larry Stylinson to be a friends-with-benefits relationship or something else of the sort with the “sleeping together” phrase which sounds thrown around, because they did not yet know enough details regarding Louis and Harry that would eventually constitute them as being in a committed relationship [them now]].

  51. larrysecrets says

    Union J wasn’t a band when this came out, BTR has 4 members, not five, and not only does the Jonas Brothers only have three members, they’re all brothers. The only current group this applies to is One Direction.

  52. larrysecrets says

    Honey, this article came out before Union J and seeing as the Jonas Brothers have 3 members and are all… I don’t know… BROTHERS, those don’t make sense. BTR didn’t get their start on a singing competition and the Up All Night clue is glaringly obvious. It’s Louis and Harry. Their story fits with everything.

  53. larryisobvsreal says

    but, being in the fandom souly because you think you have a chance isn’t being a true fan. and i truly believe they would get more support than hate to be quite honest, and it would be different because louis and harry would have each other

  54. Thinking26 says

    hmmm that’s strange this ‘trailer’ from MissAlisonHeartz has been deleted, can’t be found anywhere. Even her account on youtube has vanished… I did find the trailer though someone uploaded is again.