Twitter War Alert!

We don’t Twitter, but it has come to our attention that a certain celebrity is blasting us on Twitter right now!

What fun! A celebrity engaging in a Twitter war with a non-celebrity who isn’t even on Twitter!

Girl, please go back to rehab. Your real friends are worried about you. A six-month stay would be ideal. We suggest Promises or Sober Living by the Sea. You’re familiar with both facilities, right?

Love, Ace

PS: Both Blinders and The Girl’s fans and fanatics are welcome to comment on this thread and to provide support and encouragement to The Girl. Yes, she will be reading your comments!

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185 comments to Twitter War Alert!

  • New2Me

    No matter what has happened, your real fans love you. Please just get the help you need.

    • akajenb

      You can’t help someone who is hell bent on destroying themselves.


      • stanton

        Demi does she have more then 1 twitter account? The only I sw that had over 4 Million followers had nothing on it about Blind Gossip

      • WindyLAX

        Then she deleted it, it was there yesterday.

      • AnguaDelphine

        @ddlovato has two messages on blind items:

        “These things called “blind items” are made up stories by people who won’t name names because they don’t want to be sued….”


        “If you’re rumor is true, why are you afraid of getting sued? #allblinditemsareFAKE”

        Although the blind items about Demi Lovato haven’t really been blind, just bloody obvious, to be honest. Demi might also think about why it is uncomfortable for her to read the items posted here. Maybe it’s because they hit too close to home? In any case, take care Demi and stay well.

      • stanton

        I guess I am too old I was thinging Demi Moore

      • Singapore Slang

        Demi Lovato put herself on blast by acknowledging the blinds about her. The point of a blind is that the name is not mentioned so readers have to use their brains to figure out who they think it is. With every blind, there are always those who can’t figure it out or even think the blind is referring to someone else, so for her to even get pissed off about these blinds is a telling sign that what Ace is saying is true. Not that I doubted you Ace!

  • callmedave

    Oh dear Demi, I guess Ace’s words are getting under your skin? But then again, denial, anger, and lashing out against those trying to help are stages on the road to recovery right..?

  • lisi006

    demi please get the help ur fans would be crushed if something happened :(

  • hannavas

    Please get help; you have too much to offer the world. These blinds are being put out in an attempt to make you see how desperately you need help. No problem is insurmountable if you’re willing to work at it and accept the help of others. Remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. I’m praying you’ll take it.

  • New Belgium

    Demi, please go to rehab. Your fans and your true friends WILL support you. Really, what’s it going to take for you to realize that you need some help with a few issues? There’s nothing wrong with taking some time off to sort things out.

  • AriiEcho

    Oh well.. All I have to say about this is, that in my opinion Demi is a very very beautiful girl (one of the more beautiful ones in Hollywood IMO) and I hope that it all works out for her. :)

  • gingersnappped

    demi, why are you getting defensive if there isn’t some truth to it. get help before its too late.

  • callmedave

    One thing – if Demi is the one telling the truth, and you’re the fraud Ace, then you’ve fooled us all incredibly well. Not least with the multiple previous stories that have been solved here and in the mainstream media…

  • JR2731

    Just had a look at Demi Lovato’s Twitter as I don’t follow her but sure enough there it is…”blasting “blind items” as made up stories by people who won’t name names because they don’t want to be sued…”

  • NeedNoStinkinBadges

    I can understand not wanting your issues to be ‘outed’ so to speak. But when you have a problem that can result in harm to yourself and others, you owe it to yourself to be honest (at least at a personal level) about that problem and address it. Denying it will only make it worse. Anyone who enables your problem, ignores it, or encourages you to ignore/deny it is NOT your friend. Get help.

  • jenniferah

    ace i freakin love you! putting demi on blast like that….you are amazing!

  • faboosh

    Demi, Guuuuuurl, you in trouble (said in Whoopi’s voice from Ghost)You need help. I agree w/ Ace…a six month stay will be the best thing for your health and well being.

  • ilovela

    I guess she doesnt realize that bringing up rumors yourself only calls more attention to them.

  • Injoy1984

    Dear Demi, stop being in denial and get help. I’m sure your fans will respect you and love you even more once you start being honest and admit you have issues. They’d be so proud if you would come clean and fix your life before it’s too late.

    P.S. If blind items are fake, then why are some solved and revealed? Don’t worry, denial is the first step next is acknowledging your demons. Lots of love from Texas!

  • NYtoLA

    Dear Demi, I work in media & have met a ton of celebs; we met breifly at jingle ball in nyc, in fact. It saddens me to see what an angry, delusionsl person you are. You believe your own hyper which is the one thing anyone in the public eye shouldn’t do. Your sister will follow your lead…. you’re just so sad.
    You truly are the saddest person ive ever met. Get well….only then will your actual beauty show….hide all you want behind those heavy clothes, but we all know.
    you blast blind gossip on twitter right now; well, I hope you thank them if you ever get healthy & don’t die of your many illnesses.

    • NYtoLA

      Oh man… spell check tablet! Dumb autocorrect tablet! Demise, you’ll understand the typos…. your tweets have them. XO

    • AlexandraChandoIsAwesome

      Don’t wanna be mean here but her sister is Gabbys kid from Desperate Housewives right? She need to lose a ton of weight before she can even begin to think about getting arrogant.

  • lilnez

    Demi please get the help you need, we want to see you live a healthy and happy life. We are rooting for u =)

  • SayItAintSo

    Hoping demi gets the help she needs. :)

  • Okayeah

    Demi, the people who are telling you you don’t need help or who are actively preventing you from getting it DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU. Is this really the life you want? It is ALL up to you. The losers want to keep you down because they know that you will soar without them. Do they get to win?

  • Bromance1979

    Demi… You may be enjoying your life of partying and drug use, but it’s destroying you and you’ll never escape your addictions without getting help. You’re not healthy and need to get away from your current life and better yourself. If you don’t want to do it for you, do it for your family and friends. Imagine how devastated and heart-broken they’d be if they lost you. The way you’re going now, things will only end in tragedy.

    Please take everyone’s advice and ignore what your PR team is doing. They aren’t looking out for your best interest. Go to rehab for at least 6-months, get your life sorted, then return to your career. No one is going to turn you down for jobs if you’re gone for an extended amount of time and return clean and sober. You’re so talented and freeing yourself of your demons will only make you more talented. It won’t ruin your career. Lying about what you’re struggling with will.

    As a former drug addict who suffers from severe depression, I can tell you it will be very hard, and you’ll want to give up, but the rewards of getting clean and mentally stable far outweigh the difficult path you’re hopefully about to embark upon.

    I wish you the very best.

    • lolamac

      Hi again, just wanted to say thanks for sharing your story too. You would hope, if these are noted, that the depth of what we have disclosed would support the fact we do care.

      Was it in Trainspotting, the line that basically said, no friends in the drug game only acquaintances? This would be magnified if your an earner, a source of % and a free ride for your ‘friends’.

    • terry123

      Great advice, bro

  • 38State

    It’s OK, Demi. Come back to the Chicago area, no one here will bother you, so you can keep learning and growing.

  • LolaVee

    I don’t Twitter either, but I did look up her page. So she’s saying that your items are obviously not legit since you refuse to name names. Does she not realize that you have actually “named her name” at least once since these items started? Maybe she missed it during one of her 36 hour rehab stints.

  • Ayi_Syenne

    I still wonder how much of these BI about Demi are true though..

  • PandoraWolf

    I reiterate my comment on the last “FAKE” blind about DEMI LOVATO to say that I still wants to give that girl a hug.

    Honey you are a beautiful girl. You deserve so much out of life. GET THE HELP YOU NEED. Celebrity is NOTHING; your health is EVERYTHING.

  • Magsey

    Demi Lovato if you are reading this, if half of the drug rumors are true, you must get help. You may survive all this but drug use will take it’s toll, just look at Lohan. I hope you have friends and family to love and support you honey.

  • deeznutz

    Demi, you need help. Sorry you have so many issues. But some therapy and sober living would do you good hun. Good luck! :/

  • sweetcheeks

    Fire your team and get REAL help, hun, before it’s too late.

  • AaronM735

    Demi! I love you. Seriously, I dont know who to believe at all…but I really, REALLY love you. I was outside your window in Detroit when you popped your head out and almost caught the towel you threw out the window. Best moment of my life. I really want you to get help if you actually need it. I don’t know who to believe at this point, but a lot of the blinds are real. I really hope this isn’t but if it is…PLEASE get help. I will always follow you, no matter what. We all have our problems in life, believe me I swear. I have my own. I am your age, and grew up watching you on Barney. I was watched on on “As the Bell Rings.” I even watched your episode of Greys Anatomy and I don’t even watch that show. I watched on on Camp Rock, and again for Camp Rock 2. I watched you on “Sonny With a Chance.” I am a 20 year old straight male, and I have followed you my whole life. I grew up with you. I watched Sonny With a Chance when I was a freshman in college and I enjoyed every minute of it. I went to your concert in Detroit with my ex girlfriend and had the time of my life. PLEASE GET BETTER. I will be a follower for life, with all your ups and downs…but please get better… If you were to get hurt or worse, die I don’t know what I would do. It’s okay to have fun every once in a while or go out and party…but too much is too much. Come to Central Michigan University and I’ll show you a fun time :)….

    But really, Get better! I promise I will be here waiting when you are out of rehab and okay. Until then… <3

    • Joggins

      See, Demi. You do have fans that will.still support you even though you are dealing with some serious real issues. In fact, I’m sure.most of your fans will still love and support you but not if you keep lying to them about how you are really doing.

      Your PR team is the problem. Fire them, get help and start over.

      PS Why are you getting so defensive? Because tjese blinds are true. Get. Help.

      • WindyLAX

        Yes, but it makes me sick to my stomach that her fan doesn’t know what he will do if she dies. Demi, you’ve put yourself out there to be a role model, so act like one. You are too young to remember what happened when Kurt Cobain killed himself, but many of his fans followed suit. Get help, you have family, friends, and fans who genuinely seem to care. They aren’t going anywhere.

      • Joggins

        Shoot. Didnt catch that part, reading too fast. You are absolutely correct, my bad.

  • sweetangelz77

    Don’t you just feel terrible being so fake? Forget being honest with the rest of the world (especially your blind fans), start being honest with YOURSELF first. Get some help! NOW.

  • sweetangelz77

    My previous comment is directed to Demi Lovato. Obviously. Who else?

  • sweetcheeks

    Demi’s page:

    They’re not afraid of getting sued- you’re afraid of getting help. We will stand behind you, but you have to want to be helped. You’re no Lindsay Lohan yet, but you will be if you keep it up and god knows one Lindsay is one too many!

  • Brittttt

    Demi, please, please, please, get help! Don’t get mad at blind gossip. They’re not trying to tear you down. They’re trying to SAVE YOUR LIFE. You are so talented. I love your music. As a fan, I want you to get better and not end up dead like Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse. Stay away from enablers. They’re a bad influence. Go to rehab and stay there until you’re 100% better. We’ll be waiting for your REAL comeback when you get out.

  • escada82

    Demi….you are so beautiful and talented! By far my favorite of the Disney crowd. Heck, we’ve all done some crazy sh*t back in the day- no one is judging you, we just want you to get better!!!! don’t become the next lindsay lohan- you have too much potential and awesomeness to go down that road. Take some time for yourself and get into rehab and out of the scene……and f**k what your publicists say. You need to do this for YOU- not so they can rack in money. Your health is the most important thing right now. We are all routing for you to get better. Lots of love from Tennessee xoxo

  • Beachlover

    Its Demi, saw the tweets. Please go to rehab. Its such shsme to see such a beautiful and talented young lady waste her life.

  • sehdien

    Demi, You are so young still. Take the necessary time to get yourself on the right track. You have the rest of your life to be in the spotlight. Make sure you will be around for all of it. Ace means well.

  • ImAWhoDat

    Just read what was written on twitter. Denial is not good because help will never be sought out as long as you believe nothing is wrong. Look at Lindsey Lohan. Is that how you want to end up? People saying you look 50 when you are so young? Get help!

  • sgtpepperpennylane

    Demi, I am closer to you in age than your fans are. Your PR team crap might work with them, but you need to stop catering to them. You are a grown woman with addictions and health care needs. Treat yourself as such and get the proper help you need.

  • sweetangelz77

    Wow, just saw Demi’s tweets. Where do you get the nerve to call out others on lying, when you’re lying to yourself and your fans (the world) every single day? Really, it’s one thing to be that way, but don’t falsely accuse OTHERS of being JUST LIKE YOU. I’m sure Ace & them all aren’t completely innocent with this whole website/blinds thing, but YOU are really messed up right now, & you need HELP. NOW. That is all. Please excuse my frustration/anger.

  • MacMumma

    Demi, sweetie, if a gossip website was committed to writing numerous ‘blinds’ about me, in the hope that I would seek help, honey I would do it.

  • wendy hood

    if you keep on your path, theres nowhere to go but down. substances affect you even worse when you do them as a youth than as an adult. its a hard hole to get out of. stop listening to people that want to use you or your parents/promotional team that sees you as a cash cow. its sad that no one seems to have your best interests in mind, but that just means youll have to suck it up and deal with it mostly on your own. you know what they say, what doesnt kill you make you stronger…

  • Finlands Best

    Sometimes when we’re in the middle of something, it’s too hard to see the situation clearly. We can’t see who has our best interests at heart and who just wants to use and abuse us. Hint: the users usually have your money at stake. But if it’s so hard to see what’s going on right now and to recognize it’s bad, maybe it’s time to step out of the spotlight for awhile and gain some perspective. No one has to know. You have to want to quit to actually quit, so forget that if it’s too much right now. Just get to a place where you can see clearly. Maybe then you’ll want to get some help for your demons. It’s never too late. Remember:
    Don’t know where to turn
    I’ve been stuck in this routine
    I need to change my ways
    Instead of always being weak

  • 2girlsO

    Who cares? Seriously…if she doesn’t care about herself, why should we? I hate to be so blunt, but..this is your life..if the rumors are true, the end of this mess doesn’t necessarily mean a trip to rehab, it could very well mean a trip to the morgue. Get away from the people who only care about the money that they can make off of you. Money isn’t worth your life.

    • La Llorona

      At the same time, she has to have the right attitude to want to get better too, and if she’s really not getting better because she has terrible support I can understand. But still…I dunno man…

  • phyllis


    I guess this must be Demi Moore?

  • sweetcheeks

    You’re so much better than this. I can’t stress that enough. If you die, you’ll take pieces of heart with you from every family member and fan who loves you and wants to see you well. Your sister, devastated by your death, will ultimately follow in your footsteps to deal with her pain. Your mother will have a broken heart, and will probably never get over it. All the people who have put you in this position will rot in hell, but you don’t have to join them. Take the time, get better, and make the choice to come back to Hollyweird or not. Don’t let other people dictate how you should run your life. Look what that did to Britney. She made the same mistakes, and now is back and doing well. Do you really want to end up with the biggest album sales of your life being posthumous?

    • Saint Nick

      Interesting that you mention her sister and her mother, but not her father. No father is mentioned in her IMDB bio either. So doesn’t this kid have a father figure around to steer her back into course?

  • wendy hood

    This is a terrific article on the matter of celebrity, recovery, and addiction, using amy winehouse as a talking point.

    • amagod121

      Frankly, I would be surprised if she had the courage to read this article. She seems to be seriously lacking in the courage to step away from the any of the bat sh!t right now, which might be to her ultimate destruction.

      • wendy hood

        its a great read for anyone. extremely refreshing. honesty above all else is the only way to get through to these people, and if it doesnt help, then at least you tried. if truth doesnt help you on your journey on this planet, maybe this planet isnt for you.

  • Toenail_Stew

    Ditto what the other posters said. We want the best for you. It doesn’t make you less of a person to get help. It makes you more of a person to admit you need it. You go girl, the best of luck to you.

  • mommagoosed

    Dear Demi L.: Check yourself into a rehab center for no less than six (6) months and do not check out of it, nor let yourself be checked out, until you finish those six months! Otherwise, you most certainly will be “checking out” soon, permanently. P.S. You do know that you *can* restrict who has access to you while in rehab, right?!? Make it happen!

  • Ebonyangel20

    Dear Demi,
    Please get help, we all want you to get better, your true fans will never leave you, your true friends will not leave you either, we want you to get better. Take the six months off for rehab, get healthy, we will understand, we will support you like last time you went, you need help. Please, please, please, please, please, please go to rehab. You’re the only singer I truly respect and admire, it’s crazy were practically the same age. I don’t want anything to happen to you, don’t listen to your PR team, don’t listen to your parents if they are taking you out of rehab (I hope your family is supporting you and not doing the exact opposite). Go to rehab, all of us fans and the people who really want to help you want you to be happy, safe, and healthy. Just do it before we lose an awesome talent like you.
    From one of your biggest fans,

  • WhatLolaWants

    What is this bull* coming from Demi? A hypocrite is a hypocrite. You try to call out people for “lying” yet are lying to yourself, and your naive fans who believe every single thing you say? Stop. You are seriously kidding yourself if you don’t think you have a problem. No one can help you if you don’t want the help. Trying to “blast” Ace and this site doesn’t take the attention away from YOU and YOUR problems. Shut up, get OFF TWITTER, and get professional help.

  • itsofluffy

    Dear Demi,
    It’s time to suck it up and admit that you’re the only fraud here. Ace is only trying to help you. Go back to rehab, and take the Jonas Brother with you. He needs to get away from his body guard, and drug dealer who are also pulling this same sh*t on twitter.

  • Lyzz


    please get help.

  • Evelyn

    So much love for someone who seems to care so little. Here’s a ‘celebrity’ who is playing around with her life like it means nothing. Some lives are taken too young because their switch is flipped to self destruct. Some lives are taken with no warning whilst doing something admirable. 6 of our soldiers died yesterday fighting for their country, 5 of which were pretty much the same age as this silly girl who needs to get some goddamn perspective and see how much she has and how precious life is.

    • Saint Nick

      Best comment so far. I’d like to see these people go outside and give their love to some ugly, drug-addicted nobody living under a bridge.

      She is smart enough to put up a public image and come across as a level, brave and sober woman, she certainly is smart enough to know what she is doing and take care of her own life. If she dies, whatever, it’s her choice.

    • wendy hood

      its almost impossible to get through to a person this young about how precious life is. they just dont have the perspective. thats why we need people to parent kids until they get old enough to go, ohhhhhhh, NOW i get it! she seems to be off her leash.

  • amagod121

    Ace, I KNEW it was Demi Lovato even BEFORE reading past the first line. I figured she’d be PISSED that you’ve aired her biggest secrets. The only thing that seems to hit home with her is reminding her of how badly the end results of her vices could harm her sister. Well the writer of Blind Gossip is right, your sister would be VERY devastated if something happened to you from your bad behavior. And since your sis looks up to you, how are you going to feel when she starts going the same things as you?

  • Sean

    So a junkie is saying bad things about the site on twitter? Who cares? At this point, all we have to look forward to from Lovato is an awful sex tape.

  • itsofluffy

    Look at this, Ace! Joe and his body guard Derick are in denial as well! Guess they forgot all about the (Blind Gossip) solved blind items. SMH! He’s blaming all of this on some 15 year old kid named Blake. If they’re offended, they must be mad about the truth leaking. Derick is so unprofessional.

    • Ilovela

      Kind of confirms what the blind said about the body guard fighting twitter wars for him…

      • gumshoe

        Dang…to think Demi and Joe actually believe that this site is the only place where their addictions are be “outed” is pretty sad. All of your fans are concerned. They just want to see you happy and healthy. There is no dis, no judgement, only concern. If people didn’t care about you, then they wouldn’t be so worried about you both. You have millions of fans who adore you. They just want to see you at your best because they care so much about you. To see someone you admire spiral out of control is heart breaking. I wish you both nothing but the best. Never be a second rate version of your true self. Peace, love and light.

    • Mia444

      The truest and most ominous thing he wrote was that he loves all his boys (the Jo Bros, I presume) to “death”. Indeed…


    Demi, Wearing short shorts off the plane, says it all! Go back to rehab and start acting your age!!Life is great, at 49!

  • Jessiekinz83

    I don’t know why she is upset at the website. I would personally be angry with whoever the source is that is leaking the information. Someone in the public eye should know that this kind of stuff always comes out. I really really hope she gets help, and someday really will be as strong as being portrayed :)

  • jake

    as someone battling the same demons that you are, demi, i can only say one thing: i get it. it’s much easier to blame others than accept accountability; to self-medicate to deal with the anxiety and depression you must be feeling when you’re sober. you’re lonely, you’re sad, and you’re lost. it’s no easy road, certainly, but it’d be a real shame if you didn’t take some time for yourself and get better. continuing to purge will strain your beautiful voice, and blowing lines will ruin…everything else.

    stop self-destructing. all the best to you.

  • tomeiko

    Demi, I am old enough to be your mom, but honey, I went through bad stuff with my own daughter, I sat up at nights wondering if she would come home. When she did, I was so happy, you couldn’t imagine. I would never want the same stuff for you. You have such joy and brightness to shine with your life, come in out of the dark and please get treatment. We all will be sending you the brightest light to help you on your way.

  • Tracy511

    Lovato — my friend forwarded me a denial of sorts…I said um, NO!

  • mynameisanonymous

    Get well Demi!

  • nutkin

    As sad and horrible as it is to say, you cannot help someone that does not want help. People like that end up dead. Ask Whitney Houston. If that isn’t wake up call enough, it is too late.

    • wendy hood

      and this girls even younger!!! shes almost exempt from having common sense cause that doesnt kick in til around your mid 20s. all these comments are like talking to a wall, unfortunately.

  • Crystal

    It’s clear that Demi needs to just get off of the internet. She acts like she doesn’t care when people say bad things about her, but you can tell it eats away at her. The BIs the first time around were really accurate so if they were fake why would she feel the need to call them out on it. Celebrities who are more famous than her and have more outrageous blind items written learn to ignore it so why can’t she? All she is doing is painting a target on her back for more people to write BIs about her.

  • vandra

    Demi, get some help. We really want you to pull through this.

  • LL

    Dear Demi,

    Whether you feel like being one or not, you are a role model. You marketed yourself, and gave permission for your image to be marketed, to kids all over the world. They take notice of what you do. When you end up dead of an overdose, they will be hurt. They may also start to think that being a gross junkie can’t be that bad since their hero was one. Why don’t you stop thinking about yourself and your own money-making potential for a few minutes and consider your actual adult responsibilities? You are no longer 12.

    Also, the excuse you have that your “people” keep taking you out of rehab is ridiculous. You’re an adult. You can go where you want, and you are responsible for yourself and your career. Stop being an idiot and a self-important jerk.

  • Rafael

    This is so hilarious. If they aren’t true then why are they so defensive? This reminds me of a kid getting caught red handed and freaking out, swearing they didn’t do anything wrong! If they aren’t true then there should be nothing to be angry over. I guess the truth hurts.

  • ohiogrl923

    She in my prayers. Obviously I dont know her or anything nor will I judge her. I will just send her my prayers. God can do more than me, who knows nothing about her. Good luck Demi:)

  • PrettyB

    holy crap, I just looked up her twitter. I have never known any celeb to call out a blind item! I’m in shock, BUT I can totally understand not wanting your business out there.

  • Billy9

    If in fact all of this is true & these blinds are about Demi Lovato, it is really sad!! We live in Australia, my children love the Disney Channel!!! My 7yr old son loves all the Disney stars but especially Demi & The Jonas’. If something bad does happen please tell me Demi & Joe how I would explain that to my kids!! Please acknowledge the damage you are doing to yourselves!! If anyone says to you that excessive partying won’t hurt you they clearly do not care at all about you only about themselves & what they can get out of hanging out with you!! They are envious of your success & want to bring you down to make themselves feel better!! Unfortunately in this world there are those people out there who want to make people as miserable as they are!! Wishing you goodluck & strength to leave this negative part of your life behind!!

  • meg

    Demi, I know how scary it is to feel out of control. I know the sadness and the desperation. You are so lucky because in a world where some people have no one, you have thousands of people wishing you well and the money to get help. Take advantage of all that love and good will. <3

  • Divide by Zero

    I’m not gonna pretend to know who this Demi Lovato chick actually is (beyond seeing her name here many times), but girl, seriously. Get yourself together. You obviously have amazing fans wanting nothing but good for you, and from what I gather a decent family. Your PR company works for you, not the other way around, so tell them to sod off until you’re better or you’ll fire them. Or, y’know. Just have done with it and change your name to Demi Lohan.

  • being_erica

    Dearest Demi,

    I recently watched your mtv special and fell in love with your preseverance. You are an amazing woman with beautiful talent that we desire the best for you. We believe you have it in you to overcome this obstacle as you have so many others in the past. You are young and beautiful and have so much to give this world, but for your safety please get yourself some help. The only one that can change you is you, so I hope you read this and make the change you deserve.

  • somethingoriginal

    Demi don’t you think it’s strange that a blind gossip site seems to want you better more than your own team does?

    Even if you think we’re all trashy gossip hounds take a good look at the different way us commenters usually post about you in comparison with Lindsay and even poor Rihanna. We don’t want to bring you down, we just want you to have a fun, happy life – preferably a long one.

    Someone who thought she stopped writing to celebrities when she was 8.

  • Lau

    Demi, you’re not fooling anyone. You need help. If you don’t get it, you are going to end like Lindsay Lohan. Remember how great her career was in 2004? Imagine turning into someone who no one will ever take seriously again, whose face isn’t even recognizable from drugs and plastic surgery. That’s what will happen if you don’t get help ASAP. Or possibly worse. Anyone telling you otherwise is LYING and does NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR HEALTH OR WELL BEING! Please get the help you need before it’s too late.

  • Breathless

    So sad – The thing is, Demi is a gorgeous girl with the world at her fingertips. The most frustrating thing is that people can’t be helped that don’t want to be helped. Unfortunately, with money, fame, pressure and the entire world watching, her situation is complicated by greedy, negative people that are only looking out for their own a$$es.

    Demi, if you actually are reading these comments, please know that our objectivity can be beneficial. I’m 26 and went through all of the same things that you are – Cutting, eating disorders, drug abuse, abusive relationships, etc – at the same age that you are. Granted, I didn’t have the world watching but I CAN relate. You need to learn to trust and love yourself – Once you do those things, you can do anything in the world and I promise you will treat yourself the way that you should. I always figured I would somehow know when I hit that elusive “rock bottom” – I would realize it and, until it got to that, I wasn’t really doing anything that bad. Looking back, all I see is a lost little girl, trying to be tough as h3ll and trying not to show how much others – including myself – had hurt me. There were many situations that could’ve been considered “rock bottom”. Unfortunately, hindsight is always 20/20 but you have to love yourself enough to trust yourself to navigate to that place.

    I’m not a hater – I’m not a fan. I’m a little too, um, old to be your “target market” but I have nothing but love for you because I can truly relate. It might sound weird from a total stranger, but if I met you, I’d want to just give you a giant hug and talk to you for hours to try and help you or offer guidance – The same positive guidance the 19-year old me could have definitely used :). Please get well – You only get a century, at best, on the planet so live and cherish each and every moment and all of the journeys that life takes you on. We’re rooting for you, girl. Please take care <3.

    • lolamac

      That was a great comment, you said what I was also thinking…you just want to hug her and give her some good “friending” til she can do it for herself.

      Thanks for sharing your story, hope this finds you well.

  • lolamac

    Ok Demi, If you do read these please understand I know how you feel right now. I am in my thirties and have a long standing drug addiction, opiates. I am just about to re-enter treatment, hoping this will be third time lucky. Recovery is a long process, minute by minute sometimes. If you aren’t ready for getting clean or entering a maintenance programme yet it won’t work but practise harm reduction. Safe sex, care for your physical and mental health, use clean paraphernalia, avoid mixing drug use with alcohol and don’t use alone. I should add that untreated mental illness could be causing you to self medicate and good mental health treatment could reduce your desire to use illicit drugs and act in a self destructive manner. I know it just hurts, that big empty space right in your middle, no matter what you do. This too will pass, time, getting older will help. You just need to hold on..
    I hate being challenged or criticised over my behavior too, and the usual response is to lash out because it’s close to home, you know what’s being said is true and you just want them to STFU, because your already racked with guilt and pain and shame and other nasties…so you use, then feel guilty, so you use. A vicious circle.

    When I took the decision to try treatment again, and it really had to be my decision, I realise that a year will pass whether I carried on as now or did something about it. If you keep on as has been speculated you won’t have a next year.

    You take care wee hen, with best wishes. X

    said is true.

  • rayodeplata

    Demi, I’m a 25 year-old girl from Chile, a country you visited just a month ago. I’m not familiar with your Disney shows or your music, but I’ve been reading US Seventeen Magazine the last two years and when I read about you being bullied at school and later the Love is Louder campaign, I just thought “What a lovely girl… I really should pay attention to her”. It pains me to know that your demons are eating you up because you can’t/don’t want to get the very help you advice us to get! I could care less about young starlets whatsoever, but you won a place in my heart and thoughts because I’ve seen your strength and courage and I do hope that you’ll get better.

    “A smile is so beautiful, it’s hard to believe the size of the pain that lay behind it” I think this is actually your quote… I hope you can break free from it.

  • trustedsince1983


    I love u…. my 2 year old loves u 2.. we drive n the car singing your songs.. we love unbroken and my personal favorite it skyscraper… it got me through a lot at a really tough time n my life… we need u 2 get better and make more beautiful songs.. we love u love u love u love u… even thought we don’t know u… please get better …

  • Mermaid

    Such sweet wishes from everyone! My sweetness would only be redundant, so I’m just going to wonder…

    I wonder what Lindsay Lohan would say? And if Lindsay’s career will ever recover? If Lindsay’s FACE will ever recover? And Lindsay Lohan was at a much higher career peak than Demi Lovato when she started her downward spiral.

    If Demi starts off on a downward spiral at her low career peak, there’s really no hope. The new crop of “tweeners” or former “tweeners” or however these manufactured hacks are called will take over and make her redundant. People get tired of “recovery specials” and “recovery albums” very quickly. It just gets old. You can’t sustain a career on that. You need to actually ACT or SING or whatever.

  • Ponitayl

    “wtf”! DEMI…who? Are U in a Happy place? R U proud of yourself? I don’t know who U r & certainly don’t care…so…u’re f*ck*ed up on drugs…& U think it’s not public knowledge…Hmmm, U are not a role model for youngsters. Who was your role model? Did your role model INJECT their life problems into the limelight? I personally don’t care what U do/we already have WAY TOO Many of drug-riddled celebs that will never be Role Models/ Ciao

    • Mermaid

      Right? Who does this little druggie think she is? Important? People are interested now like they are interested in that trainwreck Lindsay Lohan. But she’s such a joke.

      And this little “tweener”, this non-established little thing thinks she can sustain peoples’ interests with her “recovery” specials. I just checked her twitter and she calls her fans … wait for it … LOVATICS. LOL!!!

      Lovatics? Seriously?

      What a deluded elitist. But if that’s not bad enough, she lies to her “Lovatics” and pretends she is so much better than she is. If she has any talent whatsoever (and people say she’s quite talented), she needs to get a grip and showcase THAT and not her addictions. Which will make her into a HUGE JOKE.

      People say Lindsay Lohan was talented at one point too, right? Though I personally have never seen Lindsay’s “talent” and I’ve seen parts of Georgia Rule while trimming my toenails. Yes, the movie was THAT boring.

    • PoniTayl


  • duffy

    Am I the only one who thinks it’s hilarious that she calls her fans LOVATICS?? You know, playing on addicts… right? That is the most distasteful label to give fans after everything she’s been though. PS What happened to the times when people would just be called fans? That’s the most I’ll ever be of someone.

    • Mermaid

      OMG I posted my post BEFORE I read yours.

      Yes I think it’s all sorts of deluded, distasteful, hypocritical, elitist, narcissistic, pathetic. And that’s even WITHOUT all her pathetic life “choices”.

      Add in those pathetic “life choices” and it’s downright insulting to the “LOVATICS” to be called that. Don’t these LOVATICS realize this?

  • S

    Dearest Demi,
    I am 21 yrs old and have followed you since ATBR. I use to e-mail you on myspace, your song trash really helped me get through a rough break up with my high school sweetheart who moved on far too quickly. I feel so connected to you because I can relate to you on many levels. I am a Christian, but started suffering from depression when my Dad left our family unexpectedly. My brother suffers from heavy addiction and I’ve been through rehab with him three times, as well a suicide attempt. My mother turned solely to alcohol to cope with my Dad leaving. I am surrounded by addiction and self medication. I have been struggling with deep depression for two years now and have lost a lot because of it. I fell into patterns of not eating to be able to have some control of everything around me falling apart. Soon I found myself bingeing and purging, when I would get too hungry after not eating. When you came out with your struggles, it gave me courage to come out with mine. I didn’t feel like such a freak anymore, for now I knew I wasn’t alone. I am still trying to recover, but am not strong enough to do it on my own. The biggest loss in all of this has been my relationship with God. That is where I feel the biggest hole and most regret for lost time. The only thing pulling me through right now is knowing that God is shining the light at the end of this tunnel. No matter how long it takes to get to the light, no matter how many setbacks, He is still there waiting with open arms. You don’t have to feel ashamed anymore, He sees the depths of your heart and He loves you the same. I look up to your courage and strength. You have so much to enjoy in life ahead of you. You are in my prayers every night Demi and I hope this can soften and stir things inside your heart to encourage you to take the steps you need to heal. God be with you, you are not alone.
    “You step inside my heart, and I am amazed
    I love to hear You say
    Who I am is quite enough
    You make me worthy of love and beautiful”

  • DNW Demi

    Demi, I don’t like you. You’re a huge lying hypocrite who has crapped on everyone who has been truly good to you in your career. You are ungrateful for the opportunities you’ve been given and you take advantage of other people’s class and good hearts by lying, knowing they won’t call you out on it. You have all your delusional fans fooled by your lies. They all think you’re the second coming or something. You cheated and lied in all your relationships, dumping on several people who truly loved you. Yet you blame them for the breakup. It’s disgusting how manipulative you are.

    The good news is that you don’t have to be this way. It all begins with honesty. With yourself. With others in your life. With your fans. Sometimes it seems like you believe your own bullsh!t. That’s pretty deep denial right there. You can change though. It will take lots of time and lots of hard work, but it’s possible. Until then, you really don’t deserve your fans or career because you are just too ungrateful if you would risk throwing it all away like this. If your fans mean the world to you like you always say they do, then you should be honest with them. Tell them you have a serious drug problem. Tell them that you cheat on the people you’ve been in relationships with. Tell them that you’ve been lying all along about being sober and need serious help. Otherwise you really don’t care about them or yourself at all.

    • wendy hood

      there are some people meant for fame. there are many more people that are not – they end up addicts or on whatever britney spears is on. all the crazy blind item-worthy behavior is simply people that cant handle fame.

      demi apparently is very bad at handling the pressures of being famous.

  • BeABrightRedRose

    It infuriates me that her “handlers” and family care more about making a quick buck than getting this girl well. If she were my friend I would drag her to rehab come hell or high water, and if she refused to stay then I would tell her she could call me when she was ready to get help because I was walking away until then. I’m 26 myself so I’m not going to pretend I know everything, but I do know that if someone says “yes” to your every demand then they’re not someone who cares about you. The people who care most about you are the ones who push you to be courageous and do what you’re most afraid of (in a good and healthy way). It will be a tragedy if something happens to this girl especially when she has access to the best treatment possible. I hope she finds the strength to tell her people she’s going to take care of herself and if they don’t like it they can leave.

    If people can’t be there for you at your worst then they surely don’t deserve you at your best.

  • digitallyspeaking

    Demi, if you read this, I want you to know that you’re unbelievably talented.
    When I recently saw you live, playing piano and singing your hit “skyscraper”, I got chills. You are nothing short of phenomenal.
    Please don’t let the demons in your life take that away, whether they be chemical substances or the handlers around you.
    Get the help you need and lose the blood sucking hangers on.
    Good luck, be strong. <3

  • What mirror do you look when you look at yourself?
    An Illusion twisted in lies, greed and sorrow. Looking for help perhaps, but no one there who cares enough to try….SADNESS PART 1

    Soon the illusion will fade, when all you have is spent and gone.
    Those you think are your friends will soon be a memory. SADNESS PART 2

  • MzMaryMac

    Demi-soon after my now adopted daughter came to live with us as a foster child, I wanted to do something special for her. She was only 5 or 6 at the time and she was a huge fan of yours. There was a radio contest and I called in and couldn’t believe my luck when I scored 2 free tickets to your concert! What a fabulous girls night out we had together. It was one I will never forget. Other than the obnoxious screaming girls behind us screaming over David Archuletta, it was a perfect night.

    I was really amazed at how truly talented you are. I went on and on about you to my friends, who thought I had lost my mind fawning over a tweener pop star. But I insisted to them-no-you’ve got it wrong-this girl is the real deal! Well, my daughter and I ended the evening with a special surprise for her-a Demi Lovato concert t-shirt. Till this day, it is her favorite night shirt and she even insists on wearing it out, even though it is getting old, faded and full of stains. She loves it because it reminds her of our very special girls night out.

    Demi-I would love for you to someday have a special night like that with your own daughter, or perhaps son. I would love to see you actually live the dream you sing so beautifully about. But I am afraid that will hear about them finding you somewhere, unresponsive, and be another in a long list of those great talents who have left the world before they could bring us the joy they were meant to bring.

    Please don’t break the hearts of your loved ones, your fans, and most importantly, one very special little girl who thinks the world of you. Get well, Demi. You are so worth it!

  • mellodee822

    Demi, you are so talented! I am too old to be watching the Disney channel, but I loved you on Sonny With a Chance. Please just find a way to be truly happy with yourself.

  • pricey524

    I encourage everyone to leave Demi messages on this post and to not go visit her twitter page, as it is obvious she is trying to plug her new album and thinks any publicity is good publicity….for album sales. ie – $$

  • Shmizzy

    This is SO tragic, really.
    I watched her Stay Strong documentary yesterday and all i kept thinking about was how she keeps milking it for publicity and thinking “LIAR”.
    Because even though she says she still has her ‘moments’, it PISSES me off because i know she’s lying and hasn’t recovered at ALL.
    I had every reason NOT to believe these blinds, but when i see how much you’re milking it and that you were with wilmer whatshisface, i choose not to believe you.

    I choose NOT to believe you like you choose NOT to confront your demons.

    As someone with an eating disorder, demi, HOW DARE YOU?!

    HOW DARE YOU sit there and lie your talented-ass off?!
    It takes real COURAGE that im still searching for, that others have managed to find, to be honest with themselves and work hard to better themselves.
    How can you say that you’re part of that small group, tell everyone you’re working hard when you have done NOTHING to deserve this praise from people.
    Rehab once? Yeah, cool. Then you leave and not only go straight back into drugs, but LIE about it.

    We shouldn’t care.
    Demi is not our sister/daughter/cousin/friend.
    But we still DO because we want hope that this lost girl will find her way.

    Soberissexy my ass.
    Get better or get used to these blinds

    • ScruffyPinkConverse

      ^^^ THIS. This is exactly my attitude now. I want to be sympathetic, I really do but now I’m just sick of it all. Demi, get well soon or don’t, but then wind up becoming really really ill, or worse, dead.

    • mcwmomma

      Agreed. And strength and peace to both of you.

    • sweetangelz77

      My thoughts exactly! It’s so unfair how she pretends to be honest & courageous when she’s the complete opposite. I hate how she’s fooling the whole world. You’re a pathetic liar Demi, & the truth will come out one day!!

  • tonisl

    Y’all, this is most likely her publicist tweeting “on her behalf” … trying to dispel any unwanted rumor. If Demi’s till in rehab, she def isn’t tweeting. If she’s fresh out, her tweets are probably being handled by a manager.

  • ScruffyPinkConverse

    OK, I’ve calmed down now and will try and be sympathetic.

    Hey Demi. I will be SO upset if anything bad happened to you… Like loads of people have said here, you need to get rid of your handlers; they are clearly not helping. Someone also referenced the late Kurt Cobain and how a number of fans followed suit when they read that he died. Do you really want your fans doing the same?

    I’m not going to be one of those ‘fans’ who would be against you going to rehab for six months. Those sorts of people cannot be called fans, in my opinion. When you make the decision turn your life around, I will cheer you on and so will everyone else who has commented.

    I really don’t know what to say that hasn’t already been said. I just want you to get well soon. I don’t want you throwing your life away when you’ve only just started. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Sparks2

    Well if you’ve made it this far you’ve made it through over 100 mostly supportive messages. From complete strangers. I hardly ever comment, but had to this time. Get help. If you can’t do it for yourself, do it for your little sister. I can’t imagine losing my older sibling to ANYTHING, let alone something that is %100 preventable. Things get better.

  • GooglyMoogly

    This poor girl will never get better with a family and entourage that enables her for a buck. She’s headed down the Lindsay Lohan road and she can’t see it. Based on all the info I’ve read about her, on this site and others, she’s quite messed up and tragic. She’s not going to change, the people around her aren’t changing, its a runaway train that will only stop when it crashes. Didn’t we watch all this with Britney and her pink wig? Didn’t we already watch Amy Winehouse stumble around London in a bra in freezing weather, shrink in size from all the drugs and alcohol? Aren’t we watching this happen to Lindsay Lohan every day? And now, one more Disney star will be dead before she’s 25. What else is new? Its too bad, really, but if she wont help herself, wont stand up to her people and get off this road, then she’s done for. Sorry, but I’m just saying what history has shown us. Its the same thing over and over again. Good luck, Demi, if you really are reading this, but I doubt it will make any difference at all. Hope your sister doesn’t meet this same fate as you.

    • NomiMalone

      right. the only difference is with Lohan, Winehouse, Britney, Christina, Whitney, Demi Moore etc it was always who cares, how long until they die, what morons, they look fat, what a waste, they are pathetic, losers, etc

      and with Demi it’s poor girl, get help poor girl, we love you, everyone loves you, you’re so beautiful and talented, it’s everyone else’s fault, poor girl, poor Demi poor Demi x293493

      I think everyone deserves positivity and support, the help, I don’t “hate” a celeb just because they go to rehab. I sympathize and support with anyone who’s going through such hard times having struggled myself. But everyone seems to blame Demi’s problems on everyone but Demi. while there are questionable PR moves being made, the personal decisions she makes outside of her career and her lying/profiting off of it is wrong and does not deserve sympathy. No one’s holding her responsible for that. Too many second chances and denial and lying to fans who love you won’t make you better.

      At this point it’s pointless to even have sympathy, if you keep throwing your second chances away and lying about everything to make money off of your fans…that’s not ok and you need to be held accountable. and then get the help you deserve with your struggle

  • CrimsonClover

    Why so defensive if none of these items ring true?

  • Sea Turtle

    FYI Demi, You do realize by acknowledging these blind items, and for that matter anything, you do verify and validate them?!?!?!

  • kristiner

    WOW! You guys have got to start being specific. Demi and DEMI are both druggies so I thought this was about Demi Moore.

    You can’t tell the two apart.

    She is right though. BI’s have to be anonymous otherwise sued is an understatement.

  • ItsSoColdinTheD

    Demi- being a party girl myself Im not gonna act like A hypocrit and say the “R” word. Especially since half these blinders and most of Hollywood have vices of their own. Keep your chin up girl. It can’t be easy having the world judge you, I don’t envy it, sounds like my worst nightmare honestly. The next big project you do will get people talking, throw yourself into your art, and don’t read your own press!!

  • shmizzydean

    The abortion blind probably got to her and hit so close to home, hence her lashing out. Clearly these blinds are true if a blind that hasn’t even been solved can tick her off the edge.
    Plus Ace has said In the past that she reads these blinds. He’s NOT wrong

  • demilove625

    Demi hasnt given one piece of evidence that shows that she still needs rehabs. Everyone is basing this off of what they read on this website.

    BUT IF all is true that this website is saying then Demi, I hope you get the help you need because I dont want to see such a beautiful talented girl go. You’re my idol, and I dont want to lose you. Get well for YOU.

  • lovealohastyle

    Demi, please hear Ace from your heart, not the defensive disease talking. What I hear when Ace writes about you is someone who really wants you to make it out of the rabbit hole of addictions that are ruining you. And I hear him trying to tell you that the hangers-on are not thinking about your long term well being. I think he doesn’t want to see another Amy Winehouse or Whitney Houston, or Lindsey Lohan.
    Anyone around you who really loves and cares about you should be thinking about your true wellbeing, and be willing to support what is needed to get you to sobriety. Bodies can put up with a lot of self abuse, Demi. But trust me, at some point, your body cannot keep up, and it will stop holding you together, and you will die. None of the fame, none of the money, none of the people around you pushing you to get back out promoting yourself will be there. Just you, no longer alive.
    Get help. You are not alone in addiction, not alone at failed attempts at sobriety. My husband has been a drug and alcohol counselor for more than two decades. He has seen people have many many relapses before sobriety “sticks.” Rich/poor, young/old – doesn’t matter. No shame in falling off the wagon. Just get back on. You can still rehab your body,mind and heart. You can have a really wonderful life.
    My daughter was such a fan of yours on Disney. She would be so proud of you for getting the help you need and stopping this dangerous road you are on right now. We all would be so proud. Demi, anyone who thinks badly of you for having a slip, anyone who doesn’t support you taking true care of yourself – they are unimportant. Ignore them. Block everyone who won’t stand by you, who won’t put your well – being before all else. You know, if Whitney’s entourage had her health in mind, and not money or drugs, she would most likely still be here belting out songs.
    I am sure you have tons of creativity and expression that has yet to be developed and mined. I wish you to live a long, healthy life and share your talent for many many years to come. Drugs and/or alcohol doesn’t care that you are famous, that you have money, that you can buy all the drugs and all the people you need to enable you to keep going in your disease for a very long time. Drugs don’t care. They will take you down just like some poor, or a homeless teenager doing crack or an alcoholic senator or pastor down the street. Doesn’t matter. It will win…if you don’t go get truly sober, get the skills to live sober, and build a circle of people who will SUPPORT you in your sobriety. Thanks for reading this. I wish you nothing but everything you need to take the brave step to get sober.