Cool Mom Is Proud Of Her Princess


[BlindGossip] She’s not a regular Mom. She’s a cool Mom! When her daughter has a gig, she doesn’t just show up and clap. She parties hard with her daughter’s friends until the wee hours of the morning. And when Mom’s partying, she and her mouth get totally out of control.

On a bender last week – and while her daughter was on the other side of the room – she regaled a large group of people with the most intimate and disgusting details of her daughter’s sexual conquests. She told stories about a famous singer who thought her daughter was beautiful (“He likes to take the virginity of his groupies!”), an heir to a family fortune (“Good thing he has a handsome face, because his penis is really small!), and a slimy actor (“He likes the back door, and he said that [my daughter] was the best sex he’s ever had… and he’s had everybody!”). It’s nice to see a Mom so proud of her her little princess.







It’s Dina Lohan, mother of Lindsay Lohan! Source:

Mom: Dina Lohan

Daughter: Lindsay Lohan

Singer: James Blunt

Heir: Harry Morton

Actor: Wilmer Valderama

Dina Lohan has a big mouth. And when she gets drunk, she spills secrets even more often than she spills drinks.

Of course, we don’t know if Lindsay Lohan actually slept with James Blunt, Harry Morton, or Wilmer Valderama. And we don’t know if James thinks she’s beautiful, or if Harry has a tiny peen, or if Wilmer likes the back door. We’re just telling you what Dina said.

Clues: At the time this blind was published, Lindsay Lohan had just appeared on Saturday Night Live, where she played a Disney princess. Of course, she was also a Disney girl herself in her younger days. “I’m not like a regular mom, I’m a cool mom” is a line from Mean Girls, which starred Lindsay Lohan.

Although we don’t see anyone who got all of the players right without making multiple guesses, many of you got pieces of this right. Congratulations!

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  1. WickedWhitney says

    Mum: Orange Oprah
    Daughter: Lindsay
    Singer: Jared Leto
    Heir: Harry Morton
    Actor: Jude Law (I had to google this one!)

    • Mermaid says

      I would venture the East Indian guy for the family fortune guy, but Harry Morton & Stavros are good guesses as well.

      DNA Lohan is just further ruining Lindsay’s career. People want to see that she’s CHANGED not stayed the same. SMH. Why is DNA so stupid?

      • saucykitty says

        Agreed on the last count.

        But you’ve got to wonder, too – WHY would she share those details with her mom?!?!?! (Aside from the obvious fact that the whole family is highly dysfunctional and needs a year or five of intense therapy.)

        If her mom made that up, that’s even worse.

      • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings says

        I don’t think one needs to look any further than the obvious, Saucy. :) The family is highly dysfunctional; Dina, especially. Dina is a deeply disturbed woman. She’s pathologically narcissistic and has passed said mental disorder on to her daughter.
        She is the *main* glue that keeps her daughter unhealthy. She is the desperate, weak, enmeshed parent that couldn’t help but set the bar so low boundary-wise, that even the most taboo discussions and behavior feel normal. More pointedly, Dina looks at detailed sexual discussions and (possibly shared, definitely enabled) sexual behavior as a way of bonding -bonding in a way that I’m sure she feels that only mother and daughter can. She feels privileged to share this connection. She’s pleased that Lindsay looks to her for approval and is dependent on her. And she takes pride in how aware she is (boasting of Linday’s exploits) and how successful her daughter is at it (mom helped teach her well.) She regards Lindsay’s sexual boldness and “competence” with the esteem equal to a normal fathers pride in his son for winning a race or the schools spelling bee. And any hint of her almost nondescript conscience is dulled with the steady stream of drugs they both enjoy.

        In this framework, is it surprising that so many audacious stories have come out about Lindsay and Dina and their family? Is it _that_ shocking that we hear Dina may literally be pimping her girl, bragging like there’s no tomorrow, seeing suggestible photo/s of the two of them together and on and on? So sad.

    • Singapore Slang says

      I like all of your guesses except for the slimey actor. I think that one is Wilmer Valderrama.

      • WickedWhitney says

        Oh yeah, Wilmer is such a nobody that I forgot about him and the fact that he’s an “actor”. He’s slimey for sure, so I change my guess from Jude to Wilmer (sorry to insult you Jude!)

    • sleepingonbuses says

      Totally Dina. “I’m not a regular Mum, I’m a cool Mum” is a line from mean girls.

  2. SilverOnyx says

    Lindsay Lohan, Aaron Carter (?), Harry Morton, Wilmer V

    Guessing this was after snl and the princess refers to the realhousewives of disney skit she was in

    • lauriols says

      “Guessing this was after snl and the princess refers to the realhousewives of disney skit she was in” — great catch!

      • WickedWhitney says

        I agree with you to a certain extent Sugar….he is handsome when he’s clean and well dressed and not all gross and greasy…
        His best line: Lindsay Lohan is firecrotch!! Haha

  3. raslebol says

    mum: Lohan mum
    daughter: Lilo
    Singer:Aaron Carter
    heir: Stavros Niarchos or Harry Morton
    actor: Wilmer Valderama or colin Farrell

    • jeannie says

      Definitely think it’s Wilmer for the slimy actor, Ace just had that blind the other day where the popular guess was Joe Jonas and Wilmer Valderama for the “slimy actor” in that blind. I think that’s a direct clue from Ace that it’s Wilmer in both of these blinds.

  4. raslebol says

    mum:Demi Levato’s mum
    daughter: Demi Levato
    Singer: joe jonas
    actor: Wilmer Valderama

  5. dee123 says

    I’m glad Pattie Mallette has finally stood up and said how proud she is of her little princess.

  6. MrsGosling says

    This blind has DINA LOHAN written alllllll over it. Hello! Just look at that picture- Lindsay was just in an SNL skit over the weekend playing the part of Rapunzel in the ‘Real Housewives of Disney’. It was well reported that Dina went to the SNL after party with Linds and that they stayed until the wee hours of the night.
    Singer…. IDK Jared Leto?
    Heir: Stavros the Greek
    Actor:Wilmer V. (Ace is always referring to him as ‘slimy’)

  7. FamousPeopleDoStupidThings says

    Dina Lohan is disgusting small and slimy. As for the the singer, heir and actor, I’ll have to do some waking up before formulating.

  8. Orangemonk says

    Miss Dina Lohan.
    Lindsay Lohan.
    Singer: ???
    Heir: Harry Morton
    Actor: Wilmer V.

    There doesn’t seem to be a good ending for the Lohans.

  9. Melby says

    Singer – Lisa Bonnett

    Daughter – Zoe Kravitz

    Actor – Michael Fassbender

    Clue – ‘on a bender’..?

  10. MyBeans says

    Mom: White Oprah
    Daughter: Lilo
    Singer: John Mayer (hi John!)
    Heir: Greasy Bear/Fat Elvis
    Actor: That 70’s Fez

  11. Aurora7247 says

    Mom: Dina Lohan

    Daughter: Linsday Lohan

    Singer: James Blunt

    Heir: Stavros Niarchos

    Actor: Wilmer Valderrama or Colin Ferrel

    *The pic reminds me of the SNL sketch Lindsay just did where she was Rapunzel…Also, Dina and Linsday were partying last week after her SNL gig…

  12. niamhh says

    Slimy actor is Wilmer Valderrama. No question.
    Was thinking Demi Lovato for daughter and her mother but the picture hints the daughter is blonde.

  13. bananas says

    Mom: Dina Lohan
    Daughter: Lindsay of course
    Singer: I hate to say it but, Julian Lennon
    Heir: Dario Faiella
    Actor: Wilmer Valderrama

  14. redstilettos says

    LiLo and Dina or Miley and her mom?
    Slimey actor: Vilmer (he’s the first one to pop in my head)
    Heir: ?
    Singer: John Mayer?

  15. dani948 says

    My first thought was Dina Lohan, but she’s old news. Everybody’s known for years that she parties with Lindsay and forgets that she’s as old as she is. Then again the “princess” clue could be pointing to her, since Lindsay just played Rapunzel on SNL, in the “Real Housewives of Disney” princess skit. Lindsday used to be considered beautiful, and apparently slept around with everybody, females included. I’d say the skeezy actor who likes the back door was Wilmer Valderama. Don’t know who the male heir to a family fortune is, or the singer with groupies, since it’s too vague.

  16. akix17 says

    My guess…

    Mom: Dina Lohan
    Daughter: Lindsay Lohan
    Singer: Jared Leto
    Heir: Stavros Niarchos
    Actor: Wilmer Valderrama

    Not sure about the singer/heir/actor, but I am 90% sure about the mom and daughter. The picture is of a Disney princess, Lindsay did a skit about Disney princesses on SNL last weekend.

  17. ComicalEquation says

    Picture shows it’s Disney. Either Lilo’s mom or Demi Lovato’s mom. Slimy actor is Wilmer in either case. If it’s Demi I’d go with John Mayor for singer, heir though, idk.

  18. blahdiblahblah says

    Mom: Dina Lohan. She’s gross enough to do this.

    Daughter: Lindsay Lohan. Did SNL last week, was out partying to celebrate her “comeback”. The only half-decent skit was the Real Housewives of Disney where the Cracken played a Disney princess, just like the picture.

    Singer: No idea. Jared Leto?

    Heir: No idea. Harry Morton?

    Actor: Wilmer Valderrama. He has to be referred to as a “slimy actor”. It’s the law.

  19. gingersnappped says

    just to go with the obvious, dina lohan for the mom, lindsay, the daughter duh. maybe james blunt for the singer, stavros niarchos for the heir and slimy walder valderama for the actor?

  20. tkw1955 says

    Daughtetr: Lindsay Lohan
    Singer: Aaron Carter
    Heir: Stavros Niachros
    Actor: Wilmer Valderrama

    “It’s so nice to see a mother and daughter as close as these two”, she said with disgust!

  21. daisiegyrl says

    Lindsay Lohan
    Dina Lohan
    The “I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom” is a direct qoute from Mean Girls which stars Lindsay

  22. modelle18 says

    i dont know about the guys in this blind

    but Dina Lohand and Lindsey Lohan – the picture reminds me of LiLos recent stint at SNL where she was a disney princess

  23. JMS says

    This is probably a stretch, but–

    Mom: Dina Lohan

    Daughter: Lindsay Lohan

    Singer: Wasn’t she linked to Nick Carter back in the day (in another BI)?

    Heir: Harry Morton (co-founder of Hard Rock Cafe chain)

    Actor: Wilmer Valderrama

    • JMS says

      Oops, meant to say that Harry Morton is the SON of Peter Morton, co-founder of Hard Rock Cafe chain.

  24. kjc520 says

    Mom: Dina “Orange Oprah” Lohan

    Daughter: Lindsay

    Singer: ??

    Heir: Harry Morton

    Actor: Wilmer V

  25. cocobeannns says

    Mom: Dina
    Daughter: Lindsay
    Heir: Random guess – Paris Hilton’s brother? Dunno his age though.
    Actor: Wilmer

    The princess obviously a nod to Lindsay’s SNL skit this past weekend.

  26. KitKat73 says

    And we wonder why the poor girl is so screwed up. *sigh*

    Mom: Dina Lohan (cool mom, regular mom- Mean Girls quote that Lindsay stared in)

    Daughter: Lindsay Lohan

    Singer: I want to say Aaron Carter cause the Virginity part would make sense

    Heir: Either Harry Morton or Stavros Niarchos

    Actor: Wilmer Valderrama, Slimy Actor

  27. lillypad27 says

    Total guess…

    Mom: Dina Lohan
    Daughter: Lindsay Lohan
    Singer: John Mayer
    Heir: Stavros Niarchos
    Actor: Wilmer

    First time poster:)

  28. gogospygirl says

    first timer, please be gentle.

    Mom: Dinah Lohan
    Daughter: Lindsay
    Singer: Brett Michaels
    Heir: Harry Morton
    Actor:Vilmer V.

  29. GeeGee says

    Mom: Dina Lohan
    Daughter: Lindsay Lohan
    Singer: James Blunt
    Heir: Stavros Niarchos
    Actor: Wilmer Valderrama

  30. TheRealTruthIs says

    Mom: Lohan’s Mom
    Daughter: Lindsay (aka Rapunzel)
    Singer: John Mayer
    Heir: ??
    Actor: Wilmer Valderama

    It’s difficult to clean up when your mom’s a Hot Mess. Very sad…

  31. gezykah says

    I won’t be shocked if I’m the 100th person to guess this but Lindsey Lohan and her mom.

  32. oneboredmom says

    Since Lindsay just did SNL last Sat, this is my guess:
    Mom: Dina Lohan
    Daughter: Lindsay Lohan
    Singer: Aaron Carter??
    Heir: Harry Morton (dad owns “Hard Rock” franchise I think? He owns “Pink Taco” restaurant”
    Actor: Wilmer Valderama

  33. ShennanigansOHoolihan says

    Mom: Dina
    Daughter: Lindsanity
    Singer: Aaron Carter
    Heir: Brandon Davis
    Actor: Gerard Butler

    Cool mom being a reference to Mean Girls.

  34. Mipippin says

    dina lohan
    lindsey lohan
    I am not sure about the singer
    did she hang out with some rich guy who was indian?
    will valderRAMher hahahaha okay not THAT funny

  35. tatatina says

    The Princess is a nod to Lindsay Lohan’s gig as Rapunzel on SNL, I’m guessing.

    Mom: Dina Lohan
    Daughter: Lindsay
    Singer: Could this be Aaron Carter? Did she ever publicly date John Mayer??
    Heir: Harry Morton or Stavros Niarchos…?
    Actor: Wilmer Valderama

    • tatatina says

      Oh, and I’d like to add, Wilmer publicized that she was awesome sex…he did so on HOward Stern. Gross.

  36. tkw1955 says

    oops: and the mom is Dina Lohan (wasn’t she named “mother of the year” by some group…might’ve been that church that protests at funerals…)

  37. My2Brows says

    Dina Lohan at Lindsey’ after party for her stint on SNL last weekend with her playing Rapunzel in “Real Housewives of Disney”, hence the princess theme. Too lazy to guess the singer, heir, and actor. Just throwing out Brandon Davis as the heir and Wilmer Valderrama as the slimy actor.

  38. Herkeda says

    Mom: Dina Lohan

    Daughter: Lindsay Lohan

    Singer: Aaron Carter

    Heir: Stavros Niarchos? Harry Morton?

    Actor: Wilmer Valderrama

  39. Quanah says

    Mom: The classiest mom ever, Dina Lohan
    Daughter: Lindsanity Lohan (sorry about that…so lame I know)
    Singer: John Mayer
    Heir: Rob Kardashian? (I don’t think he has any game to get Lindsey though)
    Actor: Wilder Valderamma

  40. Brittttt says

    Demi Lovato and her mother.

    Singer: I’m going to guess John Mayer.
    Actor: Wilmer Valderama
    Heir: Hmm not sure.

  41. HushYourMouth says

    I have no idea, but as a mother myself I’d like to bi*ch slap this woman.

  42. Realitee says

    Mom~ Sounds like pimp mama Kris

    Daughter~ Kim

    Singer~ Ray J

    Heir~ Brandon Davis

    Actor~ Nick Cannon or that Gabe guy

    I really think this is someone else but she could easily fit into any disgusting situation such as this one.

  43. 4sixx2 says

    Dina Lohan
    Lindsay Lohan
    John Mayer
    Barron Hilton
    Wilmer Valderrama

    Now I must go shower.

    • 4sixx2 says

      Oh, I definatley like y’all’s guess to Brandon Davis instead of my Barron!

      And although Aaron Carter’s not bad, I still believe Mayer’s the singer. I think she and Mayer hooked up around ’09 – and he’s Famous. AC, not so much.

  44. shannonhumphreys says

    I so wish I had a clue!
    Can’t wait to see what everyone else thinks…

  45. hiddenjewel says

    I take it back. From IMDB “I’m not like a *regular* mom, I’m a *cool* mom” is a line from Mean Girls, hence Lindsay Lohan, but my guess here is Dina Lohan and Lindsay’s sister Ali.

  46. maineiac says

    Mom: Dina Lohan
    Daughter: Lilo
    Singer: ??
    Heir: The Greek guy that Paris Hilton dated
    Actor: Jude Law ? (years ago she supposedly flew across the country to meet him to have a one night stand)

    • escada82 says

      okay, I take back my guess. Ya’ll are right….this screams Orange Oprah and Lala Lohan. EWWWWWWWWW though.

  47. sweetviolet says

    Mom: Dina Lohan at Lindsey’s SNL afterparty
    Daughter: Lindsey Lohan
    Singer: Brian Adams
    Heir: Brandon Davis
    Actor: Wilmer Valderrama

    • rtsew says

      I seem to remember a couple of years ago that lindsey stayed at brian adams house or something. It was odd.

  48. azura1 says


    Daughter: LINDSAY LOHAN

    Singer: AARON CARTER



    • FartyLatte says

      This definitely! At the after celebration for SNL. That woman is such a sick freak. No wonder…Except it is Brandon as the heir and not Nachos.

  49. AlabamaCrazy says

    Mom: Dina Lohan

    Daughter: Lindsay Lohan

    Singer: John Mayer

    Heir: Brandon Davis (only because I remember the fire crotch incident)

    Actor: Wilmer Valderrama?

    **Dina Lohan is the only mother I could see pulling this crap so this is my guess.

  50. LydiaVance says

    Well this is definitely Dina Lohan.

    1st Major clue: The first two sentences of the blind is taken straight from Mean Girls.

  51. Chocadoodledoo says

    Mom- Dina Lohan
    Daughter- Lindsey Lohan
    Singer- ??
    Actor- Wilder Valderamamamama

  52. mandydiva says

    Obviously Lindsay Lohan. The princess pic points to her attempt at SNL this past weekend.

    • mandydiva says

      The mother being Dina Lohan
      The heir may be Greasy Bear
      Slimy Actor would be Wilmer Valderama
      not sure about the famous singer though

  53. whitney19 says

    mom: mother of the year Dina Lohan

    singer: Nick Carter

    daughter: Lindsay Lohan

    Heir: Morton, the Hard Rock Casino heir

    Actor: Wilmer Valderama

  54. sweetviolet says

    Other possible Heir: Greek heir Stavros Niarchos or Rock Cafe heir Harry Morton…… Missed the handsome face reference so I’m going with one of these two as potential heir rather than Brandon Davis.

  55. CountessLurkula says

    Mom: Dina Lohan

    Daughter: Lindsay Lohan

    Singer: Bryan Adams

    Heir: Vikram Chatwal

    Actor: Wilmer Valderrama

  56. guessgal says


    Mom: Dina Lohan
    Daughter: HotMessBloatFace Lohan
    Singer: James Blunt
    Heir: Harry Morton
    Actor: Wilmer Valderrama (or Colin Farrell)

  57. mawie86 says

    I am thinking Demi Moore and Rumer Willis on this one…
    Gotta find who the guys are though..

  58. gumbii2662 says

    Mom: Dina Lohan
    Daughter: Lindsay (“I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom- a line from Mean Girls)
    Singer: James Blunt (“You’re Beautiful” was that song he was successful with)
    Heir: Stavros Niarchos
    Actor: Colin Farrell


  59. MissSichuan says

    Too easy! As if all the clues didn’t point to White Oprah (Lilo’s Mom), the picture gives it away. Lindsay dressed exactly like that Diney princess in the SNL skit.

  60. witchmagpie says

    Mom: Dina Lohan
    Daughter: Lindsay Lohan
    Singer: Aaron Carter?
    Heir: Harry Morton
    Actor: Wilmer Valderrama

  61. Okayeah says

    Eeew! Gotta be Dina Lohan, but how would she or ANY mother know such details about their child’s sex life anyway? That is so deeply dysfunctional. I’m truly disturbed now.

  62. beautifulgarbage says

    princess-dont know
    singer- John Mayer
    heir-dont know
    actor- gerald butler

  63. NYCFluff says

    Mom: Dina Lohan (“regular Mom, cool Mom” being a reference to Mean Girls)

    Daughter: Ali Lohan

    Singer: ?

    Heir: ?

    Actor: Wilmer Valderrama (how are people attracted to this skeezball?!)

  64. HWOODPR says

    Mom: Dina Lohan

    Daughter: Linday Lohan (the picture is a clue to the SNL ‘Real Housewives of Disney’ skit)

    Singer: ??

    Heir: Harry Morton

    Actor: Wilmer Valderamma

  65. KrazyCatLady says

    Dina Lohan at the SNL after party. Mean Girls Quote about being a Cool Mom.
    Lyndsay Lohan
    Singer John Mayer or Aaron Carter
    Heir the Hard Rock Pink Taco guy she dated a few years back
    Slimy Wilmer Valderama. I think he said she was the best sex a few years back in an interview.
    Princess reference to her Disney Days and skit from SNL about Real Housewives of Disney.

  66. phlyfiremama says

    Mom: Dina Lohan
    Daughter: The Cracken
    SInger: ???
    Heir: Brandon Davis
    Actor: ???
    If I really cared enough I would search for the other 2 but…meh.

  67. Dee Lyter says

    Going with the Lohans, again . Mom and daughters were out and about in NY this past weekend.

    Mom – deena (or however she spells it)
    Daughter – LiLo
    Singer- James Blunt (that whole “you’re beautiful” sounded more like a pickup line than a song)
    Heir- Stavros or Harry Morton. (leaning more toward Harry – Pink Taco says it all folks.)
    Actor- Wilmer Valdaramma (or however he spells it) or Colin Farrell. (leaning toward Wilma cause that 70s show annoyed me).

  68. MaryMaryQuiteContrary says

    Ummm… I am going to take a wild guess (psych!) and say Dina Lohan- SNL parties last week- Lindsay played a Disney Princess in a skit- obviously the skank actor is Wilderama- singer- Bryan Adams?
    First time poster- 😉

  69. Mozez808 says

    Mother: Dina Lohan
    Daughter: Lindsey Lohan
    Heir: Brandon Davis
    Actor: Wilder Valderamma

  70. mygirllikestopartyallthetime says

    OMG If this doesnt reek of Dina Lohan I don’t know what does!!!
    Mom: Dina Lohan
    Daughter: Lindsay
    Singer: James Blunt
    Heir: Stavros Niarchos
    Actor: Wilmer Valderama

    All a bunch of grossards in my book.

  71. Scorpio13 says

    I’m probably so off on this but:

    Mom- Colette Momsen (?)
    Daughter-Taylor Momsen (?)
    Heir-Armie Hammer