Don’t Come A Knockin

[BlindGossip] Sometimes stars have their significant others come visit them on the set at work. Such is the case with this acting couple. She came to his film set for a quick visit before hopping a plane back to her own film set. It was nice day, and the two of them went inside and shut the door.

You already know what happened next: Fifteen minutes of noisy, trailer-rocking sex! Now, this wasn’t some quickie in a private place. This was a trailer, parked on a city street, with the windows wide open, and the two of them moaning so loudly that anyone within thirty feet could hear them! The actor’s bodyguard (who was stationed outside the trailer) was clearly embarrassed, and did his best to make sure that civilians were staying far away from the trailer, but there was nothing he could do about the crew members who were lingering nearby, enjoying the sexy entertainment.

What is really odd to us is that people who know this couple have told us in the past that they are a PR setup and that the two don’t even like each other! So either they were putting on a very realistic performance to convince others that their relationship is legit … or they are now serious eff buddies.

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    • Sea Turtle says

      According to IMDb, of all the couples guessed below thus far, Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel are the only ones that are both currently filming; Justin in NYC for “Inside Llewyn Davis” & Jessica in LA for “Emanuel and the Truth about Fishes”. As for the clues, the only ones I could figure out was “sexy entertainment”/”SexyBack” (Justin’s song) & “now serious eff buddies”/”Friends with Benefits” (Justin’s movie). Oh & the fact that I’m sure there is nowhere BUT the city streets for the trailers to be in NYC!

  1. raslebol says

    Timberlake/Biel? he’s working in the next Coen brothers’s movie and she’s working on a movie

  2. lindseyann says

    I was going to say Miley and Liam (on the set of Hunger Games). “Hoping on a plane,” kind of reminds me of her song “Party In The USA.”

    But.. I feel like I’m wrong.

  3. KevnWilliams says

    I’m REALLY thinking Justin and Jessica? Esp since I saw pictures of him leaving his trailer in NYC for the film he’s shooting now.

  4. callmedave says

    So are “Blue Boy” Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene back together? If he’s really doing her my gaydar is kaput!

  5. mel2893 says

    Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake? I still don’t totally buy their relationship…and she was def just seen on his set.

  6. 4sixx2 says

    Both Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson have separate films in post production. Does an actor have work on set during that? In the past I’ve heard they weren’t fond of each other and that they were bearding for each other. However, they’ve been a couple for so long and they actually go places together, I’m starting to believe they’re the real deal.

    • Brittttt says

      Can’t be them.

      “She came to his film set for a quick visit before hopping a plane back to her own film set”

      They didn’t film at the same time. Cosmopolis in April/May I think and SWATH in September/December.

      Plus the crazy Robsten fans pratically lived on the Cosmopolis set. If they heard anything going down, it would have been widespread. They’re obsessed with the idea of them screwing each other.

      • redstilettos says

        Yep. They’re PR and not even officially a couple. They always have ‘outings’ with a bunch of other people when Summit wants to start pushing the next Twilight movie or Kristen’s desperate to get some attention that will help her try to find work.

      • boomboomwow says

        LOL, that’s funny. The only movie that she has gotten since the first Twilight was Snow White. All the others were films in post production or she was signed on for before she filmed the first Twilight. All of her latest non Twilight movies are flops. And although Rob’s aren’t that successful, his are far more successful at the box office.

      • redstilettos says

        Agree Boom & Saucy. I wanted to like her but I wound up feeling 2nd-hand embarrassed when I saw her in Twilight and some of her other stuff. And no, I didn’t see some of her other movies because of her. Zathura, Adventureland and The Runaways happened to be on TV when I saw them. During Panic Room, I was wondering if she was a boy or a girl. As Boom said, the only new job she’s gotten in Twilight is Snow White. They even adjusted the role so she could basically play herself which is what she always does. She did a decent job of Joan Jett since it wasn’t too far off of herself.

  7. skimpymist says

    jennifer aniston and her guy justin. Something about the caption picture of the trailer reminds me of wanderlust.

    • DayMan says

      There we go! ITA. He’s in Thailand right now too, so the plane would fit. I feel no chemistry between them btw. Awkward couple.

  8. iamnumber21 says

    emma stone and andrew garfield


    ryan reynolds and blake lively


    ryan gosling and eva mendes


  9. fozzie says

    Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake. She recently visited him on his set them went back to her own.

    • boomboomwow says

      Kristen wasn’t filming anything at that time and the fans stalking outside never reported anything like that.

  10. outlineboy says

    Aren’t Justin and Jessica engaged now? They were together an awfully long time to have been hating each other.

  11. Markme says

    Can’t be Efron and Collins 1. When he was filming in New Orleans and Chicago the trailers were not on City Streets same goes for reshoots in Los Angeles. 2 The last time he was shooting in Downtown Los Angeles her movie was already done so no set to go to. Plus all actors trailers were far from the street. these movies were filmed way before the “idea” of pairing them up was advanced.

  12. miller205 says

    I am going with Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes. The license plate makes me think of his movie “Drive” and she just finished filming a movie called “Holly Motors”.

  13. jessicarabbit says

    This screamed justin timberlake and jessica biel to me!
    But isn’t this an awfully long PR setup? And how were they linked in the first place? (Just confusion on my part!)

  14. mimijoy says

    It has to be Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes…For some reason I just don’t buy what they are trying to sell