1. BackinStOlaf says

    NOT Hayden Christensen. He has nothing coming out this year and his only upcoming film is listed as pre-production on IMDB.

      • ineedtoknowwho says

        renner is not openly gay. i mean, at least not in terms of him actually declaring himself publicly in the press. like ellen, zachary quinto, lance bass etc etc….

    • InTheMix says

      I’m gay and believe that Jake G, Taylor Lautner, Bradley Cooper, & John Travolta are gay. I thought Zac for this but I really don’t think he’s gay. I can see why people think so- triple threat (actor, singer, & dancer) + he’s such a good looking guy that I think a lot of gay men want him or, in my case, would like to look like him – but I really don’t think he’s gay. Should I take my gaydar to the shop to get it fixed? A lot of my gay friends sometimes think a person is so hot they insist they’re gay (famous or not). I know I don’t stand a chance with Johnny Depp or Adam Brody, perhaps a slight chance with Jame Franco. Sorry Gumbii, this isn’t me shooting down your guess but just one of those dumb things I ponder.

      • gumbii2662 says

        No problem, I definitely wonder whether Zefron is gay too. My guess is entirely based upon previous blinds that others have speculated about him being gay. :) If your gaydar needs repair, so does mine because I do not get the gay vibe from him either.

  2. Divide by Zero says

    Has Jake G been working lately? He does tend to bust the beards out just in time for a movie release.

  3. Alllie says

    the picture looks like Ashton…so Ashton K. sadly he will need more than a beard and stunt to promote his movie, they all suck.HARD.

    • Alllie says

      changing it to Gerard Butler, he has been in rehab for a few weeks and just checked himself out this morning, we didnt know for weeks but suddenly its out? stunt. He also has 3 movies coming in 2012 and a few more after that.

      • La Llorona says

        The blind is from Hollywood Dame, so it doesn’t serve as a clue for this blind. Wish it did though, there’s no clues here whatsoever 😛

      • Glennora says

        My first thought was Butler, the photo reminds me of him,first, and of Joaquim Phoenix, second (but JPhoenix doesn’t seem like the bearding type).

      • shannonhumphreys says

        What has rehab got to do with anything?
        Also, Butler doesn’t need a beard. He’ll screw just about any woman he sees.

      • Alllie says

        he was quietly in rehab for 3 weeks without anyone knowing and then, on the day he leaves suddenly the press is all over it, it sounds like a publicity stunt. all in all Leo fits better with the movie references. as for Gerard needing a beard that just sound wrong, he doesn’t ping the ol’ gaydar like Leo. lol

      • jasper says

        Gerard has hinted in an interview he’s open-minded to a male lover. gotta be bi.

    • Alllie says

      dang it! could be leo Decaprio too, immersing himself=titanic flying under the radar= the aviator…ughhh this ones tough!

  4. Rocket McZoom says

    Jake Gyllenhaal is a notorious bearder who has two films in post-production and conveniently resembles the pic.

  5. Gucci says

    Jake Gyllenhala? he has been low profile for the last months. And somehow the picture reminded me of him

  6. mahalaskater says

    Jake Gyllenhaal.

    Gay rumours have always circled him, and the picture sort of resembles him as well.

    • darkhare says

      Yeah, he gave a powerful performance in “Brokeback Mountain”. Great movie, even tho I didn’t approve of the characters at times.

  7. thefantasticspazzomatic says

    Someone from that Hunger Games movie. Someone who is in that movie, and has some more coming out around the same time?

  8. dee123 says

    Well the picture reminds me of Jake Gyllenhall.
    he has 2 films in post-production.

    The cast list for one of his next films “Nailed” directed by David O’Russell is NUTS!

    Kirstie Alley, Paul Reubens, Tracy Morgan & Jon Stewart. No joke!

  9. ivyleaguer says

    btw, I just checked and he has five films coming out in the next year. Immortals didn’t turn him into the household name, or any name in America as his people had predicted. Certainly a hot fake romance might.

  10. possumblossom says

    Joaquin Phoenix is who came to mind. But I thought he ‘retired’. Looks like he’s filming a new movie.

  11. cosmicgirl says

    I hope I’m way way off but Justin Timberlake?

    – “just in time” = Justin, his name obv, and “In Time” was his last movie which came out October/November.
    – He’s recently been sporting a beard like the one in the pic.

    • MissFaye says

      I always pray that none of the blinds include him either. However, I believe this is Gyllenhaal.

  12. leerey says

    Joaquin Phoenix. The photo looks like him and I like the Phoenix-flying under the radar connection

  13. iamcarson says

    I think it’s cutie Jake too. But I’d hope, if he were gay, he wouldn’t be afraid to come out.

  14. pscheck2 says

    I’m going with the poster who suggested an actor from the “Hunger Games” This movie is supposed to be a hugh blockbuster, so in order to protect the image of the hunks when promoting it, they have to have a hottie to walk down the red carpet. Since one of them already has a ‘beard’ (I’m sure you know who I have reference to), it means that the other one needs one, pronto! (Now, who would that be? ha!). Of course, I know you ladies will scream: ‘No way!’but if you follow the BG columns, there is a lot of ‘smoke’ surronding these two hunks!

    • CatGrant says

      I don’t know. Josh Hutcherson hasn’t been flying under the radar “lately” – he’s always been under it. And he just had a huge movie come out “Journey 2″ and the Hunger Games is less than a month away and still no GF.

      I think someone like Jake G is a better fit.

    • GyThanksGd says

      The only reason I would not want it to be Josh Hutcherson is that he is a part of Straight But Not Narrow and what ever possible good it could do would be undermined if one of the spokes people was gay.

      Though before he joined SBNN, I thought that he and Simon Curtis were more than just friends…

  15. danneka says

    ok my question rather than so much as guessing who it is — why do actors need a “beard” right before a film goes to the theater? i mean why are we going to see the movie now that they are in a fake relationship? i don’t get it! someone fill me in on why this is done?

    • Singapore Slang says

      I wondered the same thing. I mean, for a closet-gay hunky actor, doesn’t it benefit him to appear to be single so that people of both sexes can fawn over him?

      • danneka says

        totally agree! if they want us to go to the movies because we like them then we rather have them single and not w/some dooshy person whether they’re straight or what. don’t get it! i’ve been single for a long time and i don’t get why celebrities flock to one crap to the other to appear “normal” or worthy of going to the movies to see….y’know? doesn’t make sense at all!

      • CatGrant says

        Probably because relationships put you on magazines. And that’s good free publicity for the film. I don’t think it’s necessarily to assure people he’s straight before the movie comes out. But the second someone is in a “hot new romance” they get a ton of ink.

  16. darkhare says

    All of those mentioned have had rumors about their sexuality. Whoever it is, has a lot of company!

  17. Furfle says

    Topher Grace. Pic looks like Ashton. They were on 70s show together. Saw him papped recently with famous beard. Can’t recall who just yet.

  18. beautifulgarbage says

    pic looks like toby maguire but yes I know he is married with children. However isn’t Leonardo one of his friends? If so then my vote is for leonardo.