Warrant By End Of The Week


[BlindGossip] Guess which performer may have a warrant issued for his arrest before the end of the week?  If the karma gods are at work, he’ll wind up back in prison yet. While his women may cry, at least a certain famous producer will be very happy about this. Blonde, violent, and stupid is no way to go through life, Son.


It’s Chris Brown! Source: BlindGossip

As you’ve likely learned by now, Chris Brown was been accused of stealing a cell phone from a woman outside a club in Miami Beach on February 18.

While his arrest for snatching a cell phone has been delayed, it’s still on. There was a bit of internal squabbling between Miami Dade State Attorney’s Office and the Miami Beach Police, but that has since been resolved.

Basically, since the cops didn’t arrest Brown on the spot (which they could have done) and instead consulted with the State’s Attorney, they had to then wait for the State’s Attorney’s office to conduct an investigation. In the meantime, Brown left the jurisdiction. They are now waiting on the lead prosecutor, who is currently at trial with another case. He will turn his attention to the Chris Brown matter when his current trial has wrapped. This should happen next week. Once the State’s Attorney issues a warrant, Brown will be arrested and brought back to Miami for arraignment.

You’re going down, Brown.

Everybody and their mother got this one right. Congratulations to Idontknow, who was first!

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