Warrant By End Of The Week


[BlindGossip] Guess which performer may have a warrant issued for his arrest before the end of the week?  If the karma gods are at work, he’ll wind up back in prison yet. While his women may cry, at least a certain famous producer will be very happy about this. Blonde, violent, and stupid is no way to go through life, Son.


It’s Chris Brown! Source: BlindGossip

As you’ve likely learned by now, Chris Brown was been accused of stealing a cell phone from a woman outside a club in Miami Beach on February 18.

While his arrest for snatching a cell phone has been delayed, it’s still on. There was a bit of internal squabbling between Miami Dade State Attorney’s Office and the Miami Beach Police, but that has since been resolved.

Basically, since the cops didn’t arrest Brown on the spot (which they could have done) and instead consulted with the State’s Attorney, they had to then wait for the State’s Attorney’s office to conduct an investigation. In the meantime, Brown left the jurisdiction. They are now waiting on the lead prosecutor, who is currently at trial with another case. He will turn his attention to the Chris Brown matter when his current trial has wrapped. This should happen next week. Once the State’s Attorney issues a warrant, Brown will be arrested and brought back to Miami for arraignment.

You’re going down, Brown.

Everybody and their mother got this one right. Congratulations to Idontknow, who was first!

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  1. DaphneAntoinette says

    The only person I can come up with is Chris Brown for supposedly stealing a girl’s iPhone…
    Anyways, not surprised

  2. Confusus says

    If a convicted domestic abuser steals a cell phone from a fan who takes the convict’s picture outside a club, is that enough to send the convict to prison on a parole/probation violation?

  3. K111 says

    Chrissage Brownage, I know I am nowhere near first, I just wanted to add to what will be several pages of satisfied chuckling. Oh and since I never got a hello, say hello to me Ace 😉

  4. deeeliteful1 says

    Chris Brown. At it again! Reports are he snatched a woman’s cell phone after she had the nerve to take a photo of him. Go away already!

  5. michaelboston80 says

    It’s Chris Brown, for stealing that girl’s iPhone in Miami last night. Police said the warrant was already being processed.

  6. enelso32 says

    Chris Brown for stealing an iPhone in Florida. Hope he gets the full prison sentence of 4 years. What a piece of garbage!

  7. thebohemianlife says

    Chris Brown was just issued a warrant for stealing a fan’s phone after a photo was taken of him while out partying. GO STRAIGHT TO JAIL AND DO NOT COLLECT 200! lol

  8. mrkitty says

    i am proud to say i dont really follow chris brown that much – so what has he done to get this warrant? if there is ever only one good thing jay z has done – it is try to get rid of this misogynistic bully from our view – props for that.

  9. demandah says

    This isn’t really a blind item because TMZ is naming names and Chris Brown is the name they’re naming.

  10. Sunflower says

    The disgusting Chris Brown.

    It’s interesting how Radaronline & other sites are first on stories like this. TMZ is no longer the leader – do they get paid off to not run stories? Just wondering. They’re running the story now but they were by no means the first.

    And Jay-Z will be happy. Unfortunately, I doubt this will keep RiRi away from D***head. How many bruises & slaps & punches will it take until she realizes all that abuse is no cure for her wounded heart? Sad.

    • 4sixx2 says

      Ah, found it on another site; stupidhead Chris stole some woman’s cell phone outside of a nightclub in Miami Beach and she filed a police report.

  11. invisiblejane12 says

    Lazily, I did not look up Chris Brown’s current hair color, however his women are Rihanna and that Karrucheue girl, and he may have violated his probation when he took a girl’s cell phone outside a night club and drove away with it. I hope it’s him; he is so truly awful. The producer must be Jay Z?

  12. MoeschaB says

    Quite a few hints for Chris Brown. Not sure which producer will be most happy – many would be pleased though.

  13. Guestimate says

    Chris Brown stole some poor girls cell phone after she took a picture of him with it. I’m glad she filed a report against him!

  14. pepperk says

    Am I the only one bothered by the fact that the hands behind bars belong to someone of African American descent??

    • Herkeda says

      At first, the black hands behind bars and the blond reference were throwing me off….until I remembered that Chris Brown’s hair is currently blond. Chris is black, so the hands do apply in this particular situation. If it was somebody who wasn’t black, then I’d be with you.

      • hannavas says

        yes, the picture of the black hands while deliberately pointing out blonde hair is the most obvious clue it’s Chris Brown.

    • sawyer319 says

      BG usually provides clues to their own blinds w/the photo.
      That’s all-simple as that.
      Don’t make something racist that is not.

  15. RexyRum says

    Chris Brown! Just read that he got all p1ssy-pants and snatched some girls iphone because she took a pic of him. Can’t believe society even acknowledges this clown

  16. Joggins says

    Chris Brown!

    Rihanna and CBs girlfriend and those stupid crying women and Jay-z as the famous producer.

    TMZ reported about him knocking a cell phone out of a womens hand and getting in trouble because he is still on probation.

  17. Earth to Kelly says

    clues: Famous producer is Jay-Z; blond, as in the ugly blonde he sported before; violent, well no surprise there; and “his women” would be Karreuche and Rihanna

  18. modelle18 says

    chris brown…. please let it be him he is soooo insane nothing but a glorified back up dancer

  19. Aurora7247 says

    Chris Brown…

    I ususally don’t wish harm on anyway but he’s a jerk and it would serve him right to land in jail…He hasn’t changed and needs to learn a lesson.

  20. Quanah says

    Of course this is Chris Brown. The girlfriends are Karruche and Rihanna and the producer is Jay-Z.

    Chris is so stupid. I do like some of his music, but not him. At all.

  21. Herkeda says

    This is obviously Chris Brown, who stole some fan’s iPhone in Miami earlier this week after she tried taking a picture of him leaving some club.

    Perhaps Jay-Z is the famous producer who will be happy at the performer’s demise? He can’t be too happy about his protegee Rihanna reconciling with her abuser.

  22. CreamyGoodness says

    Must be Chris Brown. Jay Z will be glad, RiRi will be sad.

    I love BG! Been lurking forevah, first time posting. Ace, you are tops!

  23. foofoogirl says

    I was thinking Chris Brown, but the blond threw me off. Then I popped over to D-listed where it is being reported CB stole some girls I phone and they are going to issue a warrant for his arrest and for violating his probation that is (almost) over for the RiRi beatings. Producer who would be happy is JZ, and then I remembered CB DID have blond hair recently in a photo. SO there you go! Karma at work!

    • akajenb says

      Chris had dyed his hair blonde a while back, before even finish reading this I know it was him. Hope RhIANNA LEAVE HISS BUTT ALONE.