Stunned By Her Selfishness


[BlindGossip] This past-her-prime star is so narcissistic that she thinks everything she touches should succeed simply because she is part of it. Her current television project – in which she is a principal player – is sliding badly in the ratings. She should be devoting herself to the project full-time to ensure its success. But she is so desperate for an ego boost that she has instead decided to take a part in a completely unrelated film project in which she thinks she has a better chance of succeeding. Those who have invested heavily in her first project are so stunned by her selfishness that they are vowing to never work with her again.

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So, in 2011, Oprah completely wigged out. OWN (The Oprah Winfrey Network), which both she and The Discovery Channel had poured mega $$$ into, was tanking.

There was a huge managment shakeup. In March 2011, the channel announced that it would undergo a major overhaul. In May 2011, Discovery executive Peter Liguori replaced Christina Norman as chief executive officer. Two months later, Oprah decided that she wanted to be CEO. In  July 2011, Winfrey announced she would take over as Chief Executive Officer and Chief Creative Officer of the channel. What a mess.

So, Oprah was now in charge and the company was still failing. What does a good CEO do when their company is failing? Well, Oprah decided to take another job.

Oprah, who hasn’t acted in a live-action film since the 1998 flop known as Beloved, decided that now- while her company was crumbling around her and the investors were screaming – would be the perfect time for her to take up acting again! Yes, Oprah’s narcissistic need for applause and validation trumped her need to buckle down and do her freaking job. So she signed on to do Lee Daniels’ film The Butler.

As you can guess, the investors were furious.

You may be thinking that her taking a little time off to do a movie shouldn’t hurt the company, right? Wrong. The channel’s losses were estimated to be $330 million as of May 2012.

kevin huvane jennifer aniston meryl streepBut, of course, the failure of OWN wasn’t Oprah’s fault. It’s never Oprah’s fault! Clearly, someone else was to blame. So what did Oprah do next? Oprah fired CAA and (BG’s dream agent) Kevin Huvane!

Yep. That ought to fix things right up. Except that it didn’t.

OWN is still an albatross around Oprah’s neck. Every night, before she goes to bed, Oprah takes off the albatross and her EGOT necklace (Don’t bother Oprah! She’s EGOTing!), and places them on her bedside table, right next to her copy of The Secret.

At least Gayle King was smart enough to go over to CBS.

Lots of you got this one right, but Sea Turtle was first! Congratulations, Sea Turtle!


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