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[BlindGossip] This hot television celebrity certainly has her fingers in a lot of pies… and her legs wrapped around a lot of men. The staff and guests of a certain New York hotel are buzzing over the steady stream of celebrities to her room, one per evening. The festivities start like clockwork around 10:00 pm every night and go on for three or four hours of headboard-pounding, filthy-talking, moaning, screaming fun!

In other news, it seems that her taste has shifted from vanilla to café au lait to dark chocolate. While she first became famous for her trysts with a certain pale singer, her visitors this time include a mononymed Canadian singer and a very famous male model. Yummy! We’ll bet her husband is so proud of his wife’s sophisticated palate!

Hot Celeb:

Pale Singer:

Canadian Singer:

Male Model:

giada delaurentiis john mayerSOLVED!

Hot Celeb: Giada De Laurentiis

Pale Singer: Vanilla John Mayer

Canadian Singer: Cafe au lait Drake

Male Model: Dark chocolate Tyson Beckford

We won’t name the hotel and the dates in order to protect the hotel staff. But we do want to make it clear that more than one person reported these events to us!

Giada: At this point, we’re really hoping that you are in an open marriage. How else would you explain all of these late-night male visitors? Are they just stopping in for 3 or 4 hours of karaoke? Frankly, we don’t know where you find the energy! However, all that noisy activity probably explains why you’re so thin.

John: When are you doing your denial tour?

Drake: Just wanted to let you know that your bodyguards were very respectful of the other hotel guests while they waited out in the hall for you.

Someone in the comments section expressed shock that Ted C from EOnline claims that Giada has no vicey behavior. This is easily explained. E! is owned by NBCUniversal… which also owns The Today Show… which is the show on which Giada regularly appears. Ted is a smart guy. He knows not to bad-mouthed his own “family” member. This is generally true across the entertainment industry.

Elisemh got ALL of these right! Very impressive, Elisemh!

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