Her Sophisticated Palate


[BlindGossip] This hot television celebrity certainly has her fingers in a lot of pies… and her legs wrapped around a lot of men. The staff and guests of a certain New York hotel are buzzing over the steady stream of celebrities to her room, one per evening. The festivities start like clockwork around 10:00 pm every night and go on for three or four hours of headboard-pounding, filthy-talking, moaning, screaming fun!

In other news, it seems that her taste has shifted from vanilla to café au lait to dark chocolate. While she first became famous for her trysts with a certain pale singer, her visitors this time include a mononymed Canadian singer and a very famous male model. Yummy! We’ll bet her husband is so proud of his wife’s sophisticated palate!

Hot Celeb:

Pale Singer:

Canadian Singer:

Male Model:

giada delaurentiis john mayerSOLVED!

Hot Celeb: Giada De Laurentiis

Pale Singer: Vanilla John Mayer

Canadian Singer: Cafe au lait Drake

Male Model: Dark chocolate Tyson Beckford

We won’t name the hotel and the dates in order to protect the hotel staff. But we do want to make it clear that more than one person reported these events to us!

Giada: At this point, we’re really hoping that you are in an open marriage. How else would you explain all of these late-night male visitors? Are they just stopping in for 3 or 4 hours of karaoke? Frankly, we don’t know where you find the energy! However, all that noisy activity probably explains why you’re so thin.

John: When are you doing your denial tour?

Drake: Just wanted to let you know that your bodyguards were very respectful of the other hotel guests while they waited out in the hall for you.

Someone in the comments section expressed shock that Ted C from EOnline claims that Giada has no vicey behavior. This is easily explained. E! is owned by NBCUniversal… which also owns The Today Show… which is the show on which Giada regularly appears. Ted is a smart guy. He knows not to bad-mouthed his own “family” member. This is generally true across the entertainment industry.

Elisemh got ALL of these right! Very impressive, Elisemh!

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236 comments to Her Sophisticated Palate

  • ladylockhart

    argh that picture. SO GOOD. Can’t even concentrate on blind.

    • elisemh

      Right? Now I’m gonna have to get some froyo tomorrow, dang it!

    • Slammi

      I KNOW! I’m going to get some raspberry cheesecake frozen custard. It’s not the same as that picture, but it’ll definitely do.

    • amagod121

      I know! Better than s@x!

    • akajenb

      So Giada is open like a 7 Eleven.lol

    • thefantasticspazzomatic

      AGREE 100%. I just wanna add that I just went to Ted C on the awful truth, and was SHOCKED that he said Giada has no vicey behavior, and that he doesn’t understand where all the rumors came from. WHAT? I’ve heard these rumors on 10 different websites, this one included, and I refuse to believe otherwise because of how widespread they are. ALSO, John Mayer himself said MULTIPLE times how he nailed her, etc. Ted Casablanca either is protecting her, or getting paid by Food Network and he thinks we have a two second attention span with no memory of anything we’ve read before. So glad BG isn’t biased like this. Also, been hearing bad things about Lainey lately, like shes in someone’s pocket, too. smh

  • elisemh

    Well, obvs Giada. Pale singer (love this description!)= John Meyer. Canadian dude…Drake? Tyson Beckford for the model?

    I KNOW I got at least 50% of those right!!

    • tkw1955

      Instead of Drake, I thought of Buble for the Canadian dude. Otherwise, I’m with you your guess!

    • LolaVee

      I think you got 100% of them right! And Drake is “mononymed”, which breaks the tie between he and Buble!

      There is something super weird going on on Giada’s home. Her husband is a super gay seeming fashion designer, and she’s some kind of sex addict. They must have an agreement.

      • SnowyHeights

        On your second statement, I’m starting to think that too. The rumors are too widespread for him to not know or ignore. Very interesting either way…

    • CollegeGirl

      I agree with you 100%

    • michaelboston80

      Yes, and Giada was in NY this week taping for the Today show.

    • Brittany920

      god, this girl is a tramp! and that is saying alot because there is hardly anything in hollywood these days that fazes me but she must really have the goods or something

  • EastSideGirl

    Oh Giada…

    john mayer

    michael buble

    not sure about the dark chocolate male model!

  • Beatrixie

    Hot Celeb: Giada DeLaurentiis

    Pale Singer: John Mayer [vanilla]

    Canadian Singer: Drake (He’s Canadian; his father is black and his mother is white. I guess that makes him cafe au lait :D)

    Male Model: Tyson Beckford [dark chocolate]

  • ed-ster

    In order
    giada de laurentis
    John Meyer
    Tyson beckford

    Damn there is a lot of blind about her. Why is she married???!

  • snarkysnark

    this makes me sad, but it must be Giada right?? all the food references, the thing with John Mayer (pale singer). Idk who the others are.

  • ryeowooks

    Is this that same Food Network lady that apparently ever male celebrity wants to get with? I can’t remember her name though, but I’m guessing the Canadian singer is Drake. He’s the only mononymed artist I can think of who’s from Canada, and he is black.

  • outlineboy

    Well, good chance the single-named Canadian singer is Drake but I couldn’t name a famous male model if you offered me a thousand bucks to do it. Does Fabio count?

    For pale singer all I come up with is Marilyn Manson. LOL!

  • echobelle18

    canadian singer MUST be Michael Buble. Heard he’s a man *

  • WhatLolaWants

    I want ice cream now. Thanks.

    Hot celeb: giada de laurentiis
    Pale Singer: John Mayer

    I don’t know about the rest. This guess is probably way of…

  • Adelante

    I agree. That’s a delicious photo.
    Hot television celebrity = ??
    Pale singer = Eminem? Marilyn Manson?
    Mononymed Canadian singer = Drake
    very famous male model = Hmm, very famous. Black male model. Looked on wikipedia but, at quick glance, only found female models.

  • Sea Turtle

    DAYUMMMM girl has got some HAWT taste!!
    Hot Celeb:Giada DeLaurentiis
    Pale Singer:John Mayer
    Canadian Singer:Drake
    Male Model:Tyson Beckford

  • SnowyHeights

    Oh dear. Is this Giada? All of those food clues…of course it’s her.

    Pale singer’s John Mayer, Canadian singer is Drake (he does actually have a decent singing voice IMO), and I’m coming up with a blank for the famous male model. I assume he’s black going by the flavors clue just before that sentence. There’s Tyson Beckford, but I don’t know if he qualifies as very famous…

    • SnowyHeights

      So I guess from the majority of guesses, he IS that famous. Giada sure is something else! Makes me think she and her husband really do have some kind of understanding/agreement.

  • MacMumma

    Pale Singer….John Mayer
    Canadian Singer…Michael Buble
    That’s all I got. Oh, and what a skank.

  • shelaur22

    All the food references… Giada de Laurentiis? The pale singer is Mayer. No idea about the other two.

  • Aquaboogy

    Hot Celeb: Giada de Laurentiis
    Pale Singer: John Mayer
    Canadian Singer: Drake
    Male Model: Tyson Beckford

  • bloopbloopbleep

    Hot celeb: Giada De Laurentiis

    Pale singer: John Mayer

    Canadian: Michael Buble

    Male model: Meh, don’t know, don’t care.

  • teacakes76

    My first thought was Evan Rachel Wood because of the “pale singer”…Marilyn Manson. But she’s not married, no?

    got me as far as Drake and thought he’d qualify for the Canadian.

    And if we’re following the transition from vanilla onward, maybe Tyson Beckford for the male model?

  • carriebradshaw

    Hot Celeb: Giada (because of this all food hints)

    Pale Singer: John Mayer

    Canadian Singer:Drake (?)

    Male Model:Tyson Beckford (?)

    Long time reader, first time poster. I love this site

  • mmmhmmm

    No idea who the tv celeb is, but the singer is Drake

  • MissTearsForFears

    Canadian singer = Michael Buble

  • thefantasticspazzomatic

    Hi everyone! This is my first time posting a guess, I’ve read this site for so long – love it, lol!!
    My guess OF COURSE, is Giada DeLaurentis! The second part I understood to be about Anjuli, a Canadian singer-songwriter who goes by one name(mono-myed? even a word?).
    As the blind says she “darkened” her horizon, lol, so to speak, I would guess lastly that the male model is either Tyson Beckford or Tyrese Gibson. Anyway, her dumb husband must stick around for the food and the sex, but he should look out for the possible stds…

  • AnnieB

    Celeb: Giada De Laurentiis
    Pale Singer: John Mayer
    Canadian Singer: Buble
    Male Model: ?

  • emsies

    The only person I can think of is Tyson as the male model

  • wpolochick

    g i a d a. dayuuuum gurl.

  • Bromance1979

    Has to be Giada De Laurentiis. Pale singer is John Mayer and Canadian singer is Buble, possiby?

  • opleiadeso

    I am thinking this is Giada De Laurentiis, the pale singer is John Mayer, and the Canadian singer is Drake (who I will always know as Jimmy Brooks from Degrassi).

    As for the male model…Tyrese? I have no idea.

  • La Llorona


    Of Course.

  • sawshuh

    Hot Celeb: Giada De Laurentiis
    Pale Singer: John Mayer (vanilla)
    Canadian Singer: Drake? (cafe au lait) Singer is a stretch though
    Male Model: Tyson Beckford? (dark chocolate)

    Plenty of food references in there, plus her exploits are legendary among BGs.

  • Mermaid

    eh no clue. Maybe Giada, though I don’t really know who she is. She’s the sloot du jour, right?

  • callmedave

    Hot Celeb: The Blowjob (and apparently everything else) Queen herself, Giada de Laurentiis of course!

    Pale Singer: John Mayer

    Canadian Singer: Drake

    Male Model: Tyson Beckford?

  • ATLMama

    Giada, John Mayer, Buble for the Canadian(?), and Tyson Beckford for the model

  • twosecondsago

    Drake for the Canadian singer? Would fit the ‘dark chocolate’ criteria.

  • Applejack

    This is the same as the one last week, right?

    Hot Celeb: Giada

    Pale Singer: John Mayer

    Canadian Singer: Drake

    Male Model: Tyson Beckford

  • devoncarruthers

    Hot Celeb: Giada de Laurentiis

    Pale Singer: John Mayer

    Canadian Singer: Drake

    Male Model: Tyson Beckford

    • devoncarruthers

      Should have mentioned…

      John Mayer – vanilla
      Drake – cafe au lait
      Tyson Beckford – dark chocolate

  • secretsquirrel

    Who else but Giada De Laurentii

  • secretsquirrel


  • usadevolved

    Sounds like Giada,who’s been in many blinds lately. John Mayer sounds like the pale singer and Michael Buble for the Canadian singer.

  • cynicat

    Hot Celeb: Giada De Laurentiis

    Pale Singer: John Mayer

    Canadian Singer: Drake

    Male Model: Tyson Beckford?

  • WorksEveryTime

    I’m going with Drake for the cafe au lait singer and Tyson Beckford for the uber-famous dark-skinned male model. Don’t know about the rest!

    • WorksEveryTime

      And because it makes me laugh, I’m going to say Tina Fey for the actress. She’s a married New Yorker with a lot of projects and food-obsessed characters. And I think it’s funny to imagine Liz Lemon with Tyson Beckford :-)

  • phoenix

    The pic makes me crave Mr Softee, something I’m sure Giada definitely does not go for.

  • up2trouble

    Celeb: Giada
    Pale Singer: John Mayer
    Canadian Singer: Bublé
    Male Model: Tyson Beckford

    I’m not up-to-date on male singers, but I think that Michael Bublé does go by one name. Giada is California based so she would need a hotel room in NYC. Tyson Beckford because he is the only black male model I would probably touch. Before anyone calls me out on the “only”, I’m black but I prefer to vanilla.

    • up2trouble

      P.S. Wonder if this explains “She Personally Handles Her Celebrity Fans” [http://blindgossip.com/?p=39341]? Her husband must be proud or this is a new low to an open marriage.

  • SnootFrack

    All the food references make me think Giada de Laurentiis – the pale singer being John Mayer. Maybe the Canadian singer is Drake? No idea about the model though.

  • VeronicaMarsBars

    This blind sounds reminiscent of the blind last week about the star who handles her own “correspondence” with male fans. So, it makes me want to say Giada, especially with the food theme, but I really have no clue.

    If the

    Hot Celeb = Giada


    Pale Singer = John Mayer

    Mononymed Canadian singer = Drake

    Male model = ? Maybe Tyrese? – No real idea here at the moment/

  • yougoglencoco

    Hi Ace, first time poster!

    Drake for the café au lait Canadian singer and Tyson Beckford for the male model?

    I have no idea who the celebrity or pale singer are!

  • Blitzed

    Is this another giada blind?

  • Marina

    Giada, John Mayer, Buble, …

  • MzTee

    Hot Celeb: Giada DeLaurentiis
    Pale Celeb: John Mayer
    Canadian Singer: Drake
    Male Model: Tyson Beckford

  • kitteekat

    Hot Celeb:
    Pale Singer:
    Canadian Singer: Drake
    Male Model: Tyson Beckford

  • ohnohedidnt

    is this even a blind? Giada

  • iheartthis

    All I have is Giada….

  • Letmeguess

    Just for kicks:

    Giada deLaurentiis

    Canadian – Drake (the “cafe au lait”) and ew!

    Male model – ???? Tyson Beckford? No reasoning behind it – he’s just the only black male model that’s coming to mind that isn’t an actor as well (note: I said the one that’s coming to mind as I type – I know there are MANY more out there!!!!)

  • WorksEveryTime

    And because it makes me laugh, I’m going to say Tina Fey for the actress. She’s a married New Yorker with a lot of projects and food-obsessed characters. And I think it’s funny to imagine Liz Lemon with Tyson Beckford :-)

  • miller205

    Giada was in NYC for fashion week (was seen at some shows) and has appeared on the Today show this week I think.

    So Hot Celeb: Giada
    Pale Singer: John Mayer?
    Canadian Singer: Drake (mononym means ‘one name’)
    Famous Male Model: Tyson Beckford?

  • ashley

    SO Giada… lots of food references! Giada/John Mayer/Buble

  • Aurora7247

    Hot Celeb:Giada De Laurentiis

    Pale Singer: John Mayer

    Canadian Singer:Drake

    Male Model: Tyrese Gibson (who was in NY to promote his latest music video & who is a very famous male model

    –>I wonder what her husband “thinks” she’s doing? I feel so bad for him :(

  • Tracy511

    Giada….not sure about the guys

  • pizzemama

    Giada de Laurentiis
    John Mayer
    Tyson Beckford

  • arcaidian

    Giada, take a break! This woman can’t be as busy as all these blinds suggest.

  • AlliCat

    1. Giada
    2. Mayer

  • teach819

    I’m going with Drake as the Canadian singer but can’t figure out the hot celeb.

  • Spanx101

    giada de laurentiis
    John Mayer
    Michael Buble

  • QueenCeleste

    Celeb: Giada?
    Pale Singer: John Mayer
    Canadian: Drake
    Male Model: Tyson Beckford?

  • pyTiffany

    OK. I at first thought this was Rihanna but shes not married.

    I have no idea who the pale singer is but im guessing JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE.

    The mononymed Canadian singer is DRAKE.

    The very famous male model is TYSON BECKFORD.

    Just my guess.

  • lh8990

    Giada DeLaurentiis/John Mayer/Tyson Beckford for the model. Darn, if only Seal was from Canada and not England.

  • Miss Chief

    Giada the chef
    John Mayer

  • bananas

    Could the Canadian be Drake?

  • ThatOneGuy

    celeb: Giada
    pale singer: Mayer
    mononymed Canadian: Drake
    model: Beckford

  • Sweetie Pie

    Giada, John Mayer (pale singer), Drake (Canadian singer), and Tyson Beckford (model – not sure on this one)

  • Bingo

    This has to be Giada!!!!

  • justguessing

    Giada for the Celeb
    Pale singer… John Mayer?
    Canadian mononymed singer… Drake?
    Model???? IDK

  • star216

    Canadian Singer/café au lait: Drake
    I guess he is more of a rapper, but I couldn’t think of any other mononymed Canadian singers. And he is described as as singer sometimes.

  • francophile44

    Giada. Who started with John Mayer…

  • amykl

    Hot Celeb: Giada

    Pale Singer: John Mayer

    Canadian Singer: Michael Buble

    Male Model: Seal? or Tyson Beckford

  • Megley

    Giada, Buble, and Mayer.

  • fattymcghee

    giada, john and michael…

  • kikikitty

    Giada? Although I would expect a “no gag reflex” hint, I think maybe the “sophisticated palate” is it! Lol!

  • CatInTheHat

    Gaida delaurentis
    John Mayer
    Tyson Beckford

    no reason.

  • pixyamiga

    john mayer
    tyson beckford

  • skinnygirlinthecitybythesea

    Giada, John Mayer…

  • 15milliondollarbunny

    Ugh. Who else but Giada?

  • Monger

    Celeb: Giada De Laurentis
    Pale Singer: John Mayer
    Canuck: Drake
    Male model: Tyson Beckford (he’s the most famous black male model I can think of, other than Djimon Hounsou, but it didnt say anything about acting)

    Long time lurker, first time poster. Love this site!

  • juju1

    Celeb– Giada- since they speak of “pies” and food items so much..and her palate..
    Singer- John Mayer
    No clue on the other…

  • ummidk

    hot celeb: giada
    pale singer: adam levine
    canadian singer: i would LOVE if this were JBiebs. that’s a mononym rite?
    male model: travis fimmel. second guess would be tyson beckford but his gf is way hotter than giada

  • EvaDiva

    Hot Celeb: I can’t watch Giada anymore – her grin is too wide and now I know what it’s up to.

    Pale Singer: John Meyer? He always looks kind of olive to me.

    Canadian Singer: I bet the mononymed “singer” is DRAKE!!

    Male Model: Tyson Beckford?

    • Nosy51

      Same here. I never did like her much and now I know my instincts were right on.

      Why doesn’t she get some therapy or something? Or is she just a natural born wh*re?

  • rj

    Hi Ace,
    Long time reader, first time poster!

    Hot Celeb: sounds like some pastry chef. Wordplay on ice creams and pastry

    Pale Singer:? Marilyn Manson

    Canadian Singer:Drake (mononym)

    Male Model:I’m asuming african american model. Idris Elba?

  • Camembert

    Obviously Giada.

  • nastynate

    Hot celeb: Giada DeLaurentis
    Pale singer: John Mayer
    Canadian singer: Drake
    Male model: Tyrese????

  • gossipmakesmyday

    Celeb: Giada De Laurentis

    Pale singer: John Mayer

    Canadian Singer:

    Male Model:Tyson Beckford

    Embarrassingly long time lurker First time Poster. I love this site and this pic makes me want to run out and get some frozen yogurt

  • bobbarker

    Canadian singer: Drake! Mononym and definitely cafe au lait

    • bobbarker

      I long for the days when I was on the price is right… no sex scandals – TV celebs lived a clean life 😉

  • MzDBDB

    Giada, of course

  • Tinkerbell

    The only mononym Canadian singers I can think of are all female: Alanis, Celine and Shania are all famous enough to be known by one name only. Can’t think of the male equivalents.

    • Tinkerbell

      Oh, d’uh, the mononym Canadian must be Drake. Why couldn’t I have thought of that BEFORE posting as above? D’uh! It also ties in with the cafe au lait reference.

  • fozzie

    The one-named Canadian singer is probably Drake?

  • jezebelsaint

    why is giada’s husband tolerating her bad behaviour?????!!

    • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

      Why does any wife tolerate a philandering husband? Many possible reasons. We’re just not used to seeing the behavior stem from a woman.

  • brunettegal804

    Sounds like Giada de Laurentiis. The first guy being John Mayer but not sure who the other two guys are. Didn’t we have another blind regarding this the other day?

  • njchicaa

    I’m going with Giada for the celebrity, John Mayer for the pale singer, and Michael Buble for the Canadian. No clue on the model, though.


    Giada de Laurentis or whatever

    pale singer: Mayer
    canadian singer: Buble
    male model: Tyson beckford

  • newbatgirl

    This says “Hot TV celeb” so it theoretically could be a celeb chef. Giada, is this you again? :) If so, the singer is John Mayer, no clue who the others are.

  • jacksonian

    Is this that sceezie celebrity chef whose name starts w/ a G?