A Good Excuse For Grammy No Show

[BlindGossip] This award-winning singer was another Grammy no-show. She was actually scheduled to present one of the awards, but has a good excuse for not showing up: she went to reh*b.

We’re very glad that this broken girl is getting help. She will be in reh*b for the next three weeks, which, in our opinion, is simply not enough time to work on her multiple issues.

Although her Twitter account is still active, she is not the one who is writing her tweets. Her team is twittering for her to try to fool her fans into thinking that she is fine. Anything to fool the public and sell those albums!

We still don’t quite understand why she chronically lies about her situation and why she lets others lie for her. Maybe that’s part of being an addict or of being an enabler? We hope it’s something she will explore and straighten out in rehab. The concept of being honest with yourself and others is an essential cornerstone of a long-lasting recovery, and we sincerely hope she “gets it” this time.

For now, though, her team is claiming that she is “on vacation” for a week. Whatever. Let’s just hope that they let her stay “on vacation” this time, and that they don’t pull her out for some BS photo op or performance. Good luck, Kid!

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