The Grammy No Show


[BlindGossip] She was ready to go. She had been invited. She had hair, makeup and jewelry all booked for the pre-parties and the show. She had the perfect dresses made. She was in shape. She had even pulled a publicity stunt to pique the public’s interest. She was totally ready to strut the red carpet and bask in the attention.

However, this big star was ultimately a no-show at the Grammys. So what happened? Was she ill? Was she in mourning for a fellow singer? Did the limo break down? None of the above. She wanted the buzz and the attention on her, but since her plan was disrupted by the untimely demise of another, she decided to stay home.


It’s Beyonce! Source: BlindGossip. com

God love her, that Beyonce needs to be the center of the group and the center of all attention at all times. Although she was not a nominee in 2012, she was all set to attend the Grammys.

To ensure that everyone would be talking about Beyonce and Beyonces baby and Beyonce’s post-baby body [insert huge eye roll here], she released some photos just a few days before the event.

But then Whitney Houston dropped dead.

The nerve! All anyone could talk about was Whitney Houston. Whitney, Whitney, Whitney! And then the Grammy producers asked Jennifer Hudson to perform the Whitney tribute?! Ohhh, that burned Beyonce! She decided to stay home and pout.

Congrats to Sea Turtle, who was first with the correct answer without making multiple guesses!

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    • amagod121 says

      Ohhhhhh, I think you’re right! Wow, she sure is up her own butt about herself. Also, it was disrespectful to Whitney to not show up and pay some respect to her.

    • cjane says

      Wow. She is kinda the worst.

      Funniest thing is I didn’t even notice she was/wasn’t there yesterday until reading this blind.

    • Rednfreckled says

      Aww poor Beyonce didn’t get to show off her post “pregnancy” body because of Whitney’s untimely death. Beyonce is ridiculously self-centered.

    • modelle18 says

      the more I think about it the more it has to be Beyonce.

      My idea is its not so much because Whitney passed its because the spotlight is on Jennifer Hudson who got asked to perform the tribute. We all now how much Beyonce hates Jennifer Hudson and I can totally she her thorwing a tantrum because she wasnt asked to sing the tribute.

  1. ethel skinner says

    It’s hard to find out who was a no-show from here in the UK when I snored through the actual ceremony… I know that Ms Aguilera didn’t make it but did she pull a publicity stunt? And can she be called “in shape”?
    Was Beyonce there? Is the baby classed as a publicity stunt?!
    Come on, hurry up and wake up, USA, I need answers!!! :)

  2. SOfisticatd says

    Ha I wonder who???

    Beyoncé – publicity stunt releasing the baby pics? I also thought it was strange how quiet she has been on the condolences front? Though of course not everything (such as condolences) should be done publicly.

  3. LooLoo says

    I always find people who HAVE to constantly have attention to be disgusting. I just always have. It isn’t just in show business that you meet people like that, either.

    • VeronicaMarsBars says

      Too true LooLoo… I work with more than a few people like that. Too busy attention mongering to do their work (which they also suck at).

    • betazors says

      Sometimes it’s a tears of a clown thing though. Many times it’s the people who seek the most attention that actually do it because they actually have low self esteem. I don’t find people with low self esteem to be disgusting, they should just probably seek out the help of a therapist, is all.

      • LooLoo says

        I don’t find that at all. I think the people who constantly need attention feel that they deserve it. People will low self-esteem generally try not to call attention to themselves.

    • sawyer319 says

      Couldnt agree more! That and people that are constantly self-congratulatory get the side eye from me. I just wanna shout “you are *not* better than anyone else”!! 0_o

      • sawyer319 says

        Back to the topic, this is w/out a doubt Beyonce. And I thought I couldnt like her less after the fake pregnancy debacle. Grrrr

  4. tallzeez says

    Oh this is Christina Agulliera. I just Googled “Grammy 2012 No Show” and an article popped up saying she didn’t show up for them. The statement was something like “She’s deciding to sit this one out due to being distraught over her idol Whitney Housten’s untimely demise”.

    • Bromance1979 says

      I think Christina was too drunk or drugged up. And she’s definitely not in shape. It’s going to be a while before she has a comeback.

      I think this is Beyonce.

  5. Blondenycblonde says

    Christina Aguilera – she gave the Whitney Houston is dead and I can’t be seen in public excuse. Lame.

  6. KiwiFi says

    I find this kind of attitude abhorrent!
    That said, probably Beyonce – did she attend? I’m unsure, but don’t think she did.

  7. cnegs says

    Christina Aguilera? She was a no-show, but I’m hoping I’m wrong on the stunt – the stuff trickling down her leg at Etta James’ funeral.

  8. Tinkerbell says

    Christina Aguilera. Not sure what the publicity stunt would be. The most notable thing she did recently was have something running down her leg at Etta James’ funeral. The only other things I can think of are signing up for the next season of The Voice and saying she wanted to get back in contact with her Dad, but I’m not sure if those count.

  9. cnegs says

    Ok on 2nd thoughts perhaps this is Beyonce. As for the publicity stunt – IDK – there seem to have been so many…

  10. Siberia says

    Hands down Miley Cyrus. I just made an account tonight, and this is my first comment – but “Miley Cyrus Biz’s” facebook fan page earlier today announced Miley has decided to not go to the Grammy’s. She was a no-show, and was spotted out shopping instead!

  11. RangerOne says

    I want to say Demi Lovato. But she’s not a “big star” by any means and she gave a lame excuse for not going that sounded like an excuse for rehab. “Mind and body retreat”? Besides, she looked like a mess and about to fall apart in South America last week.

  12. VelvetyRichChocolate says

    Mmmmnnnnn…..Queen B????? we just got pics of baby and her out as a teaser…..but a definite no show….are you saying her ego is that strong…

  13. bizzyangel says

    Aw poor Beyonce didnt like Whitney’s death stealing her great comeback. I am kind if surprised she still didnt show up but glad cause it should have been so tacky.

  14. baconlover24 says

    The one and only beyawnce!!!
    Everone attention was on whitney nobody was asking do u think blue ivy looks her mommy, attention * at its finest

  15. Lisa616 says

    Well… of course it’s none other then Mariah Carey herself. She released pictures of Roc and Roe just to get a little buzz about her and the Whitney had to pass away (RIP Whitney).

  16. guessingnotknowing says

    The publicity stunt was saying she wanted to reconcile with her father (on the day before the show).

  17. Tracy511 says

    Oh Beyonce may be a better guess 4 this….I’m sure she’s pissed her Blue Ivy pix r not the talk of the town! Plus X-Tina doesn’t match the in shape part…

    • mimimade says

      publicity stunt being the release of the baby’s pics and the clue of “in shape” after having a baby

  18. bubbajane says

    I have no clue, but that’s about as lame as having someone carry your baby and then you pretend to have given birth!

  19. realfedup says

    Beyonce! She is psst no one talking about Blue Ivy pics no more and everyone’s focus is on Whitney Houston. She was suppose to be there last night and did a no show as always when the attention is not on her! It was also Adele’s night and she was psst she was not nomination for 4lop!

  20. juana110 says

    Btw love this site and yes I’m a newbie lol…Beyonce and the publicity stunt was the baby pics !!!