She Personally Handles Her Celebrity Fans


[BlindGossip] She is the star of a television show. She is married with child/ren. But this star loves her “extra-curricular” activities. She is very good at her work… and very good at her pleasure. Actors, musicians, TV personalities, and athletes all call and email and text her management team hoping for an introduction… and a possible hookup. The star asks the management team to handle all the fan mail and the business messages but insists on handling all the messages from male celebrities herself. She certainly has built up a very interesting collection of celebrity male “fans” over the years. She is especially flattered that a certain hot Canadian celebrity has recently called her more than twenty times seeking a hookup. Why does her husband put up with the constant humiliation?


It’s Giada DeLaurentiis! Source: BlindGossip

BTW, the hot Canadian celebrity was Drake.

Many of you got this one right. Curious Kiwi was first. Congratulations!

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