Family Secrets For Sale

[BuzzFoto] This celebrity family has a rule- if their name is printed in the press, they better be the ones making money off of it. If a story is printed about them from an outside source, they sue, no questions asked. But they are more than happy selling their own family secrets as long as they are paid well for them. 706

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    • Bromance1979 says

      Yep! I wonder if Kris is mad that her daughter leaked a photo of Khloe and her biological father on Twitter, since she wanted the big reunion to be a “shocking” episode of the Kartrashians? That woman sells her children for cash every single day. Appalling.

      • Mermaid says

        And, yet, her children are willing participants. They are so willing, in fact, that they SELL THEMSELVES. It’s jut that they’re not as good at it as Kris is so they make mistakes (like Kylie did) and then recant until the “right” time.

        Does anyone really think those kids (all past the age of 16) are unwilling participants? With their perfectly coiffed hair, designer clothes, cars (didn’t one of them score a big-a$$ SUV recently – disgusting environment abusers) “modeling” gigs, entry into all the best parties, etc. They make use of that huh?

        They are ALL in on it, including “poor Khloe”. Willing participants. But, hey, maybe they’ll have “a very special episode” of the Kshow talking about how the kids feel “abused”. LOL.

      • 4sixx2 says

        A cockroach begets a cockroach. The kids have been raised like this and know no different. Though the adult children should be able to see their pathetic lives for what they’ve become, I don’t hold the minor girls responsible. Yet.

      • tonisl says

        @4sixx2 You are so right! Thank you for spelling it out. Yes, likely it’s the K-trash family. But Kris’ children were groomed to sell themselves by their mother – who was not so successful in selling HERSELF – and her next option was to capitalize/live vicariously off her kids.

      • Bromance1979 says

        I definitely agree they’re willing participants and are probably thrilled to be making a ridiculous amount of money.

    • Cuddlebutt says

      I agree with this. I don’t hear about lawsuits with the K’s but I have heard of several involving the Lohans. If anyone mentions L Lohan her mom threatens litigation. Really lame lawsuits that are such a stretch.

  1. commonsense says

    All things Kardashian. Pimp Kris is the only woman I know to make money off her lack of bladder control. :shudders:

  2. My2Brows says

    Lohans.. or Kardashians, although they don’t seem to scream lawsuit at the drop of a hat like the Lohans do

  3. charlottek says

    I love your site! First time responder! It has to be none another then the annoying Kardashians

  4. ShennanigansOHoolihan says

    The Lolhans – picture reference $50 for Dina in her 50s & $20 for Milkaholic Lindsay in her 20s. They are known suers.

    I don’t think it’s the Kartrashians. Although the photo clue could be little Mason’s dapper look.

    • Mermaid says

      Lolhans are a great guess as well but the pic is not a clue if it’s not a BG blind. Or so I think.

      • ShennanigansOHoolihan says

        I believe it is if it’s Buzzfoto. That’s the only one site other than BG that the photo is a clue :) I could be totally wrong though so I’ll defer to Ace.

        Ace, can you please verify this. I looked @ BF’s website and can’t find an answer! Thanks.

  5. stolidog says

    Hmm, this is a tough one, but I’ll go with the Lohans because of the suing. Of course, it could also be the kardashians, the hiltons, the carters or the jacksons.

  6. Tinkerbell says

    Could this be anyone else but the Kartrashians? And is linked in any way to the tweeted pic of Khloe with her real dad that showed up in a solved blind just recently?

  7. Brittany920 says

    could this be beyonce and jay? they just released pics of blue ivy tonight (friday) trademarked her name yesterday. I feel like kardashians are too easy.

  8. darkhare says

    The sad part for me is to see fave tv hosts/hostesses gush over them like they were unworthy in their adoration for these no-talents!

  9. fifthavenuejournal says

    I really don’t think it is the K Crew. We would be hearing about lawsuits all the time. Lohan=better guess