He Is Anonymous Online

[BuzzFoto] Since this A/B list actor (huge star in the ’90s) has embraced his sobriety, he is dedicated to helping others like him who struggle. He gives large chunks of his time and money to add*ction recovery programs, and does it all anonymously. While he’s not working in the film industry as much as he used to, he is definitely active online where he helps run a popular support group, under a pseudonym.

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    • amagod121 says

      How bad is this? I totally forgot about him being popular in the 90’s because he’s been weird for quite a while. I hate to say it but I think you may be correct in your guess. Well, if it’s him good for him for doing good things, too.

    • Mermaid says

      Now this is a very interesting guess. I find him absolutely bizarre. Mel’s the one who helped RDJ when he was thrown out as human garbage by everyone in Hollywood (to quote the phrase used by Harvey Levin of TMZ). Mel Gibson helped RDJ when no one wanted to even be seen in the same air space as him. And no one knew about it (I don’t think) until RDJ mentioned it himself.

      So this could definitely be Mel. He’s an oddball, that one.

      And, FWIW, I think all his hatred and intolerance issues (towards Jews, women, blacks, etc) come from his papa who he adores. When you grow up in that kind of environment, it’s very hard to forge your own path of tolerance. JMO

    • emeraldeil says

      Good guess. I guess this goes to show that even antisemitic abusive wackjobs can do some good in this world….

  1. LooLoo says

    I’m thinking Christian Slater, but I don’t know that he’s still B list or that he would ever do things for other people.

  2. Mermaid says

    Wow – fabulous. This is great and the first level of giving which is to give ANONYMOUSLY unlike Brange who give PUBLICLY. Though I wonder if he is anonymous because he fears career repercussions? Nah, I don’t think so because it seems everyone knows he “embraced” his sobriety. Wow. Good for him! Someone with integrity is just SO NICE to hear about.

    • sssigler says

      While I agree this is an amazing thing to do, I have to mention that “Brange” and other like them give publicly to raise awareness. They hope that others will be inspired to look into the things that they are giving to.

      • Mermaid says

        If we’re talking about the Brange fam, I respectfully disagree on the reason they give publicly (and not privately).

      • darkhare says

        I am among the many who feel they gave to repair their image. They used charity. Now they pretty much succeeded with their charity agenda, one hardly hears anything in that regard, anymore.

      • Mermaid says

        Couldn’t have said it better. Let me add that during the Jen-Brad breakup I read about a big time director saying about Brad & Ange “I’m surprised they did that. It’s a career killer. Everyone hates them and their career is over in HWood” (not verbatim – something to that effect). Suddenly … CHARITY, GOODWILL AMBASSADOR, MIA FARROW ADOPTIONS (Angie saw the fab press she got with Maddox before so she rode that train), “WE WON’T MARRY UNTIL EVERYONE IS ALLOWED TO MARRY”, etc, etc.

        The director was wrong – their career is stronger than ever (so is Jen’s. win-win). Now?

        hush on the charity, and they’re saying they may get married because “their kids” (aww heartstrings) want them to.

        What a game.

  3. ShennanigansOHoolihan says

    This may be an unpopular guess because he’s publicly an a*hole, but maybe Mel Gibson? He was in the movie Signs (photo hint?) and was HUGE in the 90s. And hopefully after acting like a complete and utter fool a few years ago he’s walking the straight and narrow now? He also has large chunks of $$ to give.

    • bigtexashair says

      I agreed with what the others say but the signs clue is huge to me.

      Def Mel.

      Loved him in maverick

  4. WindyLAX says

    I have no clue, but I would like this one to be solved, because I have a new respect for whoever this is.

    • lizard49 says

      I too respect whoever this is, but I don’t want this blind to be solved, since the person prefers to keep his anonymity.

  5. jokerjim65 says

    Hollywood needs more people like this and less “people” like the Kartrashians and Blohans

  6. KissMyGrits says

    So there are some good ones left in Tinseltown, huh? Fantastic!

    Emilio Estevez – big career in the 90’s and partied pretty hardy with the rest of the Brat Pack. We don’t see much of him anymore, maybe some behind the camera action. It would seem logical that brother Charlies issues would help him stay on the sober path. If he can’t help his own brother, maybe it gives him satisfaction to help others.

    • WindyLAX says

      I love this guess, but I feel like if it were Emilio, they would have included the 80s in the blind.

  7. ummidk says

    i would hope RDJ, but aren’t there also recent rumors about him falling off the wagon? waaaaahhhhh :'(
    and he’ll always be A+ in my book

  8. krl420 says

    First guess was Matthew Perry, but didn’t he fall off the wagon recently? My other guess would be Robin Williams or Mel Gibson

  9. LavaMama says

    I’ll go in a different direction and say Hugh Grant. He has admitted to having had (has?) a problem with alcohol and I can see him as someone who’d want to help, but not with fanfare.

  10. SilverOnyx says

    I want to guess Corey Feldman but I’m pretty sure he was bigger in the late 80s. I saw him at a vegas pool party and he was so serious he wasn’t accepting any drinks at all because of it. Long story but I thought it was cool of him.

    • Mermaid says

      Corey “I’ll sell out my best friend who died from drug use for $$$” Feldman donating money? To someone else? Hahahahaha

  11. timesink says

    I like the Robin Williams guess. This really sounds like him as I believe he does take his sobriety very seriously. I think he also lives in Northern California where there are a lot of treatment facilities. He also strikes me as extremely kind and generous.

  12. darkhare says

    My first and only guess, is Matthew Perry. He was huge on tv in the ’90’s and part of the last decade.
    He was doing well in the movies, esp. the ones co-starring with Bruce Willis. Then, he seemed to have no new offers.
    Part of the AA program is to help others. It is emphasized by the big book and by AA members.
    Matthew Perry knows that “falling off the wagon” could very well be fatal to him.