Please Pass The Rogaine

[BlindGossip] This one took us a little by surprise. Usually you can tell when a man is starting to lose his hair, and how he’s trying to cover his loss. We’ve seen well-known celebs go from thinning or receding hairlines to lush heads of hair courtesy of wigs, toupees, and various hair restoration procedures. However, we’ve never seen anyone as young as this heartthrob actor take it so seriously. He’s only in his twenties, and has already gone through multiple transplant sessions and has been using Rogaine for years. Supposedly, balding runs in his family, and the procedures are prophylactic in nature.

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81 comments to Please Pass The Rogaine

  • ImWearingVersace

    Robert Pattinson.

    • enelso32

      if you google images of his dad you can see he has hair, as does lautner and effron’s dads. Shia Lebouf’s dad is bald though…

      • KWDragon

        Male pattern baldness travels down the female line. If you want an idea if a guy will be bald or not, look at his mother’s father and uncles.

      • ClaudeFunston

        KW, the thought that baldness comes down from the mother’s genetic line has been ruled false. It can come from either side.

    • heather99

      Like this guess!!!

    • stanton

      Its one of the “TWILIGHT” boys! Be it Robert or Taylor eithier one should spend some of that on acting lessons

  • msp96302

    zac effron

  • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

    Zac Efron or Robert Pattinson

  • dee123

    Well after trotting off to find out what ‘prophylactic’ meant, my guess is Zac Efron.

    • LiveForToday

      I was SSOOOO happy to read your comment. I read the story and read it again trying to figure out how “prophylactic” fit into this. …I only think of cond*ms when someone says that word…so I, too, had to look it up. On that note I have absolutely no guess on this blind.(side note…i noticed that another recent blind(awesome Ace) has completed her “out of rehab photo op”. Sad that people are not looking out for her the right way. :-)

  • apple martini

    I don’t know why but RPattz comes to mind. Maybe because he’s so known now for that Twilight ‘do that it just seems odd that he’d be worried about his hair.

  • ethel skinner

    That awful Twilight boy, Pattinson? He looks like his oh-so-tousled hair might go thin…

  • azura1

    Robert Pattinson?

  • becky12

    Shia Labeouf? I don’t know but the “cover your losses” reminded me of the Wall Street sequel

  • ComicalEquation

    Heartthrob in his twenties… I’ll go with Rob Pattinson or Taylor L. How old is James Franco?

    • kaitlandx

      It isn’t Taylor Lautner because he doesn’t even turn 20 until February 11th. James is 33 but I can’t see him worrying too much about hair loss.

  • Brittany920

    rob patinson? didn’t he shave his head recently? usually, from what I know personally, guys shave their heads when they are going bald.

    I would also go with Leo, because he used to have beautiful hair and I could see him freaking about going bald

  • kitteekat

    Zac Efron

  • shesnotagirl

    zac efron!

  • MamaCat

    Robert Pattinson

  • bananas

    Don’t know why but this makes me think of Rob Pattinson.

  • wee niknak

    robert pattinson or channing tatum mabey

  • lexybaby76

    Robert Pattinson

  • terry123

    Robert Pattinson?

  • salamanca

    Don’t know, who could that be, but it’s pretty sad.

  • kim444

    Robert Pattinson.

  • ComicalEquation

    I have another guess: Chris Hemsworth.

  • Brittttt

    Tom Felton?

    • ChiChiLaRue

      He’s my guess, too.
      Personally I wouldn’t call him a heart throb, but I have seen articles where he is referred to as that.. I guess being the bad boy of Harry Potter helps a bit. But anyways, his hairline is unfortunate, and I can see him taking great lengths to rectify that situation before it get’s too out of hand.
      Here is a picture of his hair (than you Google!)

      • ZuzuBee

        Poor guy.

      • SnowyHeights

        I thought of him too, but I think part of the issue with him (besides him not really being much of a heartthrob because ICK) is the fact that he’s been bleaching his hair for Harry Potter since he was ten or eleven years old. The poor guy could’ve worn a wig for the role as suggested but he wanted to go all the way. I think the years of bleaching are a huge factor in his unfortunate hair situation.

      • Katmandu

        I must respectfully disagree, if bleaching one’s hair caused baldness, 50% of the population would be walking around in (blond) wigs. I say Zac Efron…whoever it is: Who Can BLAME Him? If I were a guy, I would go to great lengths to keep my hair, too.

      • KingKatie

        And not only that but he would have had to have bleached his hair more often than suggested because at the first sign of his roots showing he would have had to have bleached it again. That’s definitely what has caused his hair loss/receding hairline.

      • CoCoJoe

        You bleach your [already dead] hair, not your head. Sure some bleach make get on your head, but a guy in the movies will have someone good enough to not accidentally slather bleach over his scalp.

      • Mermaid

        Yet Pamela Anderson, Blake Lively, Giselle Bundchen, Britney Spears (okay maybe she’s a question mark), and about 80% of the women in Yorkville, Toronto, Ontario, Canada are bleached blondes WITH hair. Nope, it’s not the bleaching. It’s something else that’s causing his hair loss.

      • JKLSMM

        It’s probably true, but I don’t think the blind is about him.

      • jami242

        Like this guess. Don’t think its R. Patz or T. Lautner.

    • jjonesy

      If the photo is providing any hints, then I might rule out Tom Felton, as he is blond, I believe – even without the bleaching. I’m going wtih Zac or maybe Rob Pattinson.

  • BitterBlondin


  • xphile101

    For some reason the first name to spring to mind was Zac Efron.

  • ummidk

    taylor lautner! so guys who bald early have a lot of testosterone, which means that something else must be big lolol

  • LikeIceCream

    Taylor Lautner

  • jjonesy

    Zac Efron?

  • KWDragon

    Zac Efron? I remember a story some years ago about how he got upset when someone in Vanessa Hudgens family saw him with his hair mussed. I’ll go with him.

  • pumpkin

    I’m going with Zac Ephron. His hair has always looked a little off. Adorable, but off.

  • ImWearingVersace

    Or Daniel Radcliffe.

  • ummidk

    tbh, chris evans also looks like he’s thinning on top.

  • Mermaid

    Ha ha. 20s is not too young to start balding. In fact, most men I know start at that age. So hard to muster up empathy for the bad hair days (lives?) of Hollywood men considering women in Hollywood are marginalized every day for simply living past the age of 30.

  • whatahoot

    channing tatum

  • Brittttt

    I don’t think its Pattinson. I’ve seen pictures of his dad and he still has hair.

    • Shaliza

      Baldness is inherited from the mother’s side of the family.

      • redstilettos

        But you would seen bald spots after he shaved his head. Don’t think it’s him either.

      • pinupgirl

        Yes, but it says that 1) he’s getting treatments, and 2) it’s preventative, which means – he isn’t necessarily balding yet, he’s just trying to make sure he doesn’t. That said, IDK who it is!

  • luvprue1

    Ian Somerhalder. He is losing his hair so fast that they no longer know how to style it.

  • olivereast

    Darren Criss! That hair looks most strange!!!

  • ILoveDlisted

    I think prophylactic is a clue, I just dont know where it would fit in.

  • Mayflower

    Darren Criss

  • LiamForeman

    That’s not true. I know people say to look at your mother’s father to see what your hair will be. Nope. It does consider your father’s DNA too. Believe me, I’m 40 with a full head of hair like my father, and my mother’s father was totally bald by 35. It’s an old wive’s tale. I’m still trying to understand why someone would do hair transplants prophylactically. When the rest falls out and you have a 15 y/o hairline, it’s going to be obvious and bizarre.

    I have no clue. Matt McG obviously had transplants as well as Piven. I don’t get it, some actors look BETTER without hair or who have accepted the aging process. Not everyone is meant to be a twink until they are 70. John Revolta’s attempts are just embarassing. Own it. Women and men do find that attractive. Accept it. Transplants in their 20s, god I have no clue and don’t want to know.

    • kitnkabood

      I’m with you Liam – You gotta own it, otherwise you look desperate.
      Example: Bruce Willis, Jason Stratham and I’m guessing Vin Diesel as well. (And maybe The Rock) All lookin’ just fine…


    HeartthROB –Robert pattinson

  • Up the Coast

    Whoever he is…he has high levels of testosterone! 😉

  • pinupgirl

    The title has to be a clue. However, all I hear in my head when I read it is: “Please pass the maple syrup…” Somehow, I don’t think this is about Will Ferrell. ;-p

  • transations

    Robert Pattinson, just because that nervous tic of moving his hand through his hair irks me. Just my guess.

    As a female with hair loss, I can sympathize with anyone going through it. Starting losing at 14, spent thousands of dollars at the dermatologist’s office just for them to say “tough luck!” :(

  • Jasmine

    Rob’s hair is so famous, what a shame if he’s losing it. Without his hair he’s just like everyone else. It could be Rob, people have made comments about the small bald spot at the crown of his head. But he’s still got loads of hair around his temples. Isn’t that where men start losing it first? I sure hope it’s not Rob.

  • Jasmine

    Hmmm….all the drugs and drinking too can contribute to hair loss. And Rob appears to dabble in that, and drink ALOT.

  • jess89

    Pattinson just shaved his head. And not for a role, just for the hell of it. Not really the actions of a guy who’s worried about hair loss. I also can’t see him as the type who would be willing to put this kind of effort in. He barely bothers to shower.

    I also don’t think it’s Efron. I think people just reach for those two all the time since they’re the most famous. I think this is WAY more likely to be some pretty boy on the CW. They’re all looks obsessed and insecure. Ed Westwick, Penn Badgely, or Ian S. are my guesses. (I realize Ian’s in his 30’s, but I don’t think most people know that so it’s an easy mistake, and his hair DOES looke messed up.)

  • ImThinking

    Chace Crawford, taking after his dad.

  • Chocadoodledoo

    I’m guessing Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the word prophylactic was used in the film 10 things I Hate About You…I think!!
    His hairline is definitely alot further back than it used to be!

  • TooMuchTime

    Agree with Chace Crawford. His dad is a dermatologist, so he’d be aware of and have access to all the possible baldness treatments. By the way, I go to the same practice his father is in (different doctor, though)and they prescribed me rogaine!!

    • transations

      That’s dermatologists for you. They send you around, make you take tests up the ying yang, and then say “sorry, out of luck!”

  • taxdiva

    darren Criss — TV actor but definitely thinning

  • 99lucia

    Taylor Lautner isn’t even in his 20’s, his 20th birthday is in a few days…