She Is Ready For Some Football

[BlindGossip] This award nominated/winning actress always struck us as rather conservative. That’s why we were surprised to learn that she is quite creative in the personal grooming department. She enjoys having her nether regions dyed and trimmed into creative shapes.  We’re not just talking about a simple pink heart for Valentine’s Day here. She’s taken it to a new level. For example, because her SO loves the NFL, she currently sports a deep orange football with white laces. She told friends that “This football is the only thing that gets him away from the TV screen during football season.”

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  1. insider1970 says

    LOL! What women do to get their men’s attention! Anyway, at first I thought of Jennifer Garner because of “Valentine’s day” reference, she was in this movie (if it’s a clue). She won Golden globe, but she is pregnant now, I don’t think it’s her. Neither Anne Hathaway of the same film, she has done naked scenes.

    So, I’ll go with Reese Witherspoon because of the “pink” reference I remembered her all dressed in pink in “Legally blonde”. And she certainly seems to be the “good girl” type.

  2. thisisdanni says

    Anne Hathaway, maybe. A clue perhaps being “Valentines Day”, a movie she was in. Plus she seems very conservative to me.

  3. calamity says

    yey,.long time lurker..first time poster….no idea if she has a boyfriend at the moment, but i remember sandra bullock going on record to say how she enjoyed getting creative with her lady garden?

  4. Katmandu says

    Jennifer Love Hewitt comes to mind. (this kind of thing is nothing new, I read where actresses such as Marlene Dietrich had their furry parts trimmed to look like unicorns and panthers-they must have been very hairy!)

  5. angelpops says

    Seriously? How is that even sexy? That sounds really dumb. Anyway, my guess is Jessica Biel who is in the movie Valentine’s Day.

    • JKLSMM says

      Haha I agree. But good guess! AND she was in Seventh Heaven (conservative)! And she’s dating Justin Timberlake who had the whole Janet Jackson/Super bowl “scandal” (football reference).

  6. HaNeull says

    The first person that pops to mind is Reese Witherspoon. She gave that speech during some awards show in the last year about how she wanted to make it “cool to be a good girl again.”

    I don’t really have any other basis for this guess. She’s just the first person that sticks out to me. Oh, and the SO would be her husband, Jim Toth.

  7. gossipqueen says

    For some reason this seems like Kristen Bell. I don’t know if she’s won any awards…maybe MTV awards

  8. terry123 says

    Can’t believe I am commenting on this :)
    Isn’t actress Angie Harmon considered conservative???

  9. amagod121 says

    Um, I haven’t a clue but you mean to say that someone’s job is to actually DO this? Bleh!

    And dyed orange lady bush? Yuck!

    • kaitlandx says

      You can do it yourself by getting them from places like Betty Beauty.
      I’ve personally always been interested in dying my pubic hair, it sounds like a lot of fun.

  10. Beatrixie says

    I will say it’s Emily Blunt. She seems very reserved in public. She won and has been nominated for numerous awards including Golden Globe. She’s married to John Krasinski, who, I’m thinking, loves football–based on the movie he did with George Clooney called Leatherheads. Who knows :)

  11. heather99 says

    i’m gonna say claire danes, she comes off as conservative and she recently said she would be attending the superbowl-for her husband hugh dancy.

  12. Katmandu says

    OK I’ll change my guess to Reese. (but if I were a football loving guy, I’d laugh in her face. How much attention does this woman NEED during “football season”? Sounds so childish!)

  13. dani948 says

    For all those guessing Anne Hathaway – how “conservative” can one be when they’ve been filmed nekkid doin’ the nasty? If it is indeed Anne, then BG is wrong to paint her as conservative. Means BG doesn’t really know that much about her. Reese on the otherhand is known as being conservative and publically criticized girls for making sex tapes as their claim to fame.

    But an orange football as the design for one’s nether regions? Seriously?? 😀 I don’t even know how that would work. You gotta be sportin’ (no pun intended) some seriously full bush to begin with. Wow.

  14. zicca1 says

    Dame Maggie Smith – y’all know that beneath the dignified facade the Dowager Countess gets her freak on.

  15. modelle18 says

    I like the guesses of Clare Danes and Emily Blunt

    I lean towards Danes only because she’s a blonde and I can’t imagine a dark brunette bleaching her neither regions and then dying it orange

  16. meggiep says

    Reese? Jim Toth works at *Creative* Artists Agency….

    dark orange is the Texas Longhorns’ color, that’s all I could figure out!

  17. kolpin4680 says

    Renee Zellweger? No idea who her significant other is, but she’s award-winning, was in Leatherheads and Jerry Maguire.

  18. letskeepitlight says

    For some reason I keep on thinking it’s Marcia Cross. Her character on DHW is super uptight so I could see why people might assume she is too.

    If the curtains match the drapes, would explain the deep orange football….