A One Man Distribution Center

[BlindGossip] This singer’s sexuality has been questioned over and over again, but he does have a steady girlfriend with whom he attends awards shows. While he was out on tour, he had a fling with a fan. She soon discovered that he had given her h*rpes. She decided to sue him, and in the course of preparing her suit, wound up contacting his girlfriend. The girlfriend, who was surprisingly nonchalant about the whole thing, simply remarked, “Well, you’re certainly not the first one. We’ve been dealing with this situation for a long time.” It turns out that this singer is a one-man h*rpes distribution center.

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  1. thisisdanni says

    Not sure if he is still with Ashanti, but this blind made me think of Nelly (rapper/singer). I’ve heard a couple of gay rumors over the years, or a tleast speculation, and “Over and over” could be a reference to his song of that title.

    • Okayeah says

      I think you’re right. Although why anyone would sleep with any of these celebs and not use a (double!) condom is beyond me!

      • akajenb says

        Amen to that. Most women wouldn’t mind getting knocked by a celebrity, while others wouldn’t mind getting the bragging rights.

    • modelle18 says

      I dont think its Nelly – he hasn’t been on tour – he hasn’t put music out in years so how could he be touring?

      • modelle18 says

        yah but putting out one song isn’t enough to go out on tour. I havent heard of him having a tour.

        Also him and Ashanti don’t do red carpets together.

      • royal eduardo says

        He doesn’t need to put out more than one song on an album to tour. He has a collection of hits that would be enough to get any fan to shell out the money to see him

  2. Ebonyangel20 says

    The first part reminds me of Justin Beiber, but i’m not sure if Selena would say something like that and I think the blind could also be about somebody older.

  3. yinyang says

    Gross! The gift that keeps on giving! Somebody needs to stop him before we all get infected! No guess on who as I’m sure it’s many but this guy needs to STOP infecting!

    • callmedave says

      Agreed! I always thought he was the most likely subject for this story, especially with the “dick in a box” picture: http://blindgossip.com/?p=28570 If Jessica Biel is a lesbian, as has been hinted before, then I guess she wouldn’t be too fussed about him playing around and sharing the gift…

  4. WorksEveryTime says

    Maybe Kanye instead. Justin is more of a singer/actor these days. And I don’t buy the gay rumors about him.

  5. farawayplaces says

    I would say justin timberlake, but I think they got engaged this month and the blind says girlfriend. Hmmmm.

  6. ClueMeIn says

    I don’t want to guess, but whoever this is needs to be held responsible for his disgusting behaviour. I so hope this gets out.

  7. tawse57 says

    Is this anything to do with that Vegas lawsuit last year where someone who spent a night with some famous celeb later sued him for allegedly giving her something nasty?

    • Bromance1979 says

      I remember that being an A-list actor worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and the blind hinted that it was a man giving herpes to another man (I think). So it’s unlikely to be the same person.

      • jeannie says

        Actually I think later it was made clear that a woman filed the lawsuit. Originally her gender was kept out of reports/blind items so many assumed it was a man, but I’m almost positive it later leaked out it was definitely a woman who filed.

  8. Tinkerbell says

    Can’t seem to turn up any singer reputed to have herpes, but Beiber popped into my head when I read this.

    • Tinkerbell says

      Oh wait, Timberlake? Reputed to have got it from Britney or possibly from Jessica Biel who got it from Derek Jeter.

  9. tonks23 says

    This has got to be Nelly. Clues: Over and over again – his song with Tim McGraw
    Steady girlfriend: Ashanti?
    Preparing her Suit – Suit was one of his albums

  10. leesa30 says

    I’m going to guess Neyo. There have been rumors about his sexuality for a while and he does have a steady girlfriend. I think she even had a baby last year.

  11. HotTeacher88 says

    I’ve actually heard this about Nelly before, related to the many strip clubs he frequents. Strippers have complained of this. Some of these girls have asked for this, though. Stories go that at some wild parties, women line up for a go with Nelly. He is apparently well-endowed and knows what to do for a lady. If you are are doin’ h*es assembly-line style like that, you’re lucky if herpes is all you get.

  12. itsher says

    This has to be John Legend. At most awards shows, he always have the same girl (his fiance/girlfriend) next to him. His sexuality has been questioned a lot and at the time Wendy Williams had her own show, she straight out asked if he was gay.

    “Over and over again” could be in connection to one of the lyrics on his song, “Can’t Be My Lover”.

    • Herkeda says

      I had guessed Justin Bieber (because I’m not buying this goody-to-shoes act of his), but John Legend is also another good guess!

  13. Flump1979 says

    First time guesser – how about Enrique Inglesias – his song ‘Could I have this Kiss Forever’ starts with the line “Over and over I look in your eyes”

  14. Flump1979 says

    I should have added that he has just been on tour and has been in a long-term relationship with Anna K forever

  15. MissFaye says

    Mmmm, I get the Nelly guess because of the “over and over”, but he’s not a singer he’s a rapper. I would hope they would make a distinction between the two since there are a lot more singers than rappers… Need more clues.

  16. ninjarose says

    i’m sorry but this sounds like justin bieber. as much as i hate thinking of him like this i can see it. especially because he gets it in with hookers. ugh :/
    his poor mother. this is exactly why she didn’t want him in the industry in the first place.

    he’s doing a good job of keeping up his image though.
    but how much longer can you lie to your fans?
    i hate hollyweird

  17. craig2 says

    Besides all the Nelly clues described above, he used to wear a bandaid on his face which could refer to the medical/surgical picture.

  18. lulzfactory says

    I would say Nelly, years back (has to be 2003-2005) I heard a lengthy emailed in story that is extremely similar about a rapper giving a female herpes then paying her off to keep quiet on the Wendy Williams radio show. At the time I was thinking Snoop or someone, but Nelly sounds like the perfect candidate. He was at his career peak during this time…

    Coupled with that other vegas story, where over and over is also mentioned, I think it’s pointing his way