Not Another One

[BlindGossip] A pregnancy in a family is normally happy news. Not so much for this over-30 actress. She is pregnant again, but unsure whether or not she wants to carry this baby to term. You see, she was planning on asking her husband for a divorce this year, and another baby with him was just not part of the plan. She told her friends that her reaction when she saw the positive pregnancy test was “Oh, no! Not another one!” She is only about 4 weeks along, so there is still plenty of time to decide. And since they have lots of money and are already good parents to their existing child/ren, keeping the baby wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. But she really needs to tell her husband first. That’s right: you know about the pregnancy before he does.

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  1. malkatz says

    I’ve got nothing. I think “plan” may be a clue, though?
    PS: The marriage tag is misspelled on this post.

    • Juniper says

      I think you might be right about “plan” being important to figure this out, it seems strange that it comes up twice in one sentence (planning on asking for divorce, and another baby not part of the plan)…hmmmmm just what’s the hint?

      Also, is it just me or does the phrase itself seem strange: She was planning on ASKING her husband for a divorce. Like, she first needs to get permission from him! That seems pretty strange, especially in Hollywood, where it seems they just surprise each other with their divorce filings, no?

      So, that could hint towards a Katie Holmes.

      • cincytreats says

        I thought of Amy Poehler because she is a supporter of Planned Parenthood (according to Wikipedia). However, she is 40 so not sure if that fits. I really hope not because she is one of my favorites! I want her to be in love and happy :)

      • saucykitty says

        So, because she supports an organization that provides low-cost contraceptives and mammograms, as well as STD testing, she would be all for an abortion?

        Quite a deductive leap there.

      • Juniper says

        @saucykitty, I think what cincytreats meant by saying that Amy Poehler supports Planned Parenthood is point out it could fit to the words “plan” and “planning” in the blind.

      • cincytreats says

        @saucykitty I only pointed out the Planned Parenthood item because it has the word Plan in it and that could possibly be a clue. I promise no hidden political agenda in my comments…just a love for gossip :)

    • Juniper says

      I am also still stuck with that Plan…. and Amy Poehler suggestions (though I agree I don’ think its her, and certainly hope its not her, as I want her happy as well), since she is in PARKS and recreations and the picture is a mom in a park… well here is what I concocted up, but it has holes, but maybe we can use some of the pieces as stepping stones to get to the answer:

      I google The Plan (for a movie or so) found its part of the Battle Start Galactica…looked up all the actresses… found Grace Park…she is 37, and she is also in Hawaii-Five-0…maybe the “Not another one” could refer to that? (I know its a long shot). Only problem is, I could not find out if she has any kids, or a kid at all, which probably means no…

    • Juniper says

      I am also still stuck with that Plan…. and Amy Poehler suggestions got me thinking (though I agree I don’ think its her, and certainly hope its not her, as I want her happy as well), since she is in PARKS and recreations and the picture is a mom in a park… well here is what I concocted up:

      I googled movies with Plan and found Tori Spelling starred in one called Family Plan in 2005. Her and Dean already have 3 kids and I think are good parents to their kids. She is 38, so over 30.
      The Not Another One as title could refer to all her books, no? and also what Ralphie has pointed out and I thought was a great guess, point to movies like “Not Another Teen Movie”… and the likes, Tori was in Scream 2, Scary Movie 2.

      As far as the picture with the mom in park… aren’t there always many pap photos of her and kids in the park?

  2. Lizicia says

    Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin? Rumours of them having problems have been circulating for long, so she really wouldn’t want to be pregnant. They should have lots of money and the wording makes me think this couple has at least two children.
    Alternative guesses: Melissa Joan Hart or Vera Farmiga.

      • Juniper says

        Well, aren’t there rumors that the contract says she can get out after a certain time period? Maybe that’s why the blind text says “she was planning on asking her husband for a divorce”.

        That sentence sounds strange… and seems to imply the actress has to first ask the husband for permission, which seems unusual for Hollywood, don’t you think?
        And that could point to someone like Katie Holmes.

    • ToadKisser says

      People actually think Tom and Katie sleep together? I always figured Suri came from a test tube. Unless the surprise pregnancy refers to a hidden clause in her contract (or it isn’t Tom’s), I don’t think it’s them.

  3. Ralphie says

    Poor kid. I see lots of money didn’t buy birth control or common sense.

    Most of the actresses that came to mind are over 40, and Ace has really subtle clues here cause I got nothing beyond a random guess of Gwyneth “I’m better than you” Paltrow.

  4. Ralphie says

    AND no sooner than I post my first guess do I seize on the “not another” clue. Let’s go with Chyler Leigh of Greys Anatomy. They already have three kids and she was in Not Another Teen Movie.

    • Juniper says

      I like your thinking…looking for hints and clues in the text…otherwise it could be really sooooo many of the couples, and I am sure Ace has the hints in there somewhere for us to find.

      I like your guess, because of the Not Another Teen Movie link, but Chyler Leigh is 29, the text says over-30, unfortunately. I thought it was a great guess.

  5. blessedjess226 says

    I’m think Jennifer garner. But I thought she was still pregnant with her third child.

  6. Flavor of the week says

    I’m going with Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck. The woman in the picture looks like Garner.

    • Lizicia says

      But she’s already pregnant and due quite soon. So, it’s extremely improbable she would discover herself being four months pregnant now…

      • rayodeplata says

        There’s no need to be so blunt/rude… I had forgotten that she was pregnant and certainly never knew that she’s so far along.

      • saucykitty says

        I didn’t really think BitterBlondin was being rude so much as pointing out the obvious. As for blunt, it’s the internet. Do you expect it to be all roses and rainbows?

  7. BitterBlondin says

    Jennie Garth maybe? I heard there was some trouble in her marriage. She’s 39 and has three daughters.

  8. elle1111 says

    Chyler Leigh? She was apparently in Not Another Teen Movie, and has 3 kids with her husband.

  9. Marina says

    And stop saying Angelina/Brad because they are not married; and Heidi/Seal because she’s not an actress. And NOT Rebecca Gayheart because she gave birth on December 28, 2011, duh. Moving on …

  10. GingieSnap says

    Ladies and Gents, please READ the blind before posting. It says “MARRIED” and “4 WEEKS PREGNANT”. This site is awesome and the only complaint I have is that people don’t read the blinds thoroughly before posting their guesses.

  11. NYCFee says

    How about Jessica Alba? Isn’t she over 30? She also has two kids with Cash.

    My first post. Whoo hoo!!

  12. mmmbop says

    hmm i think that the ‘not another one’ is a clue. Could it be Kate Beckinsale? She keeps making those gd underworld movies, and one just came out. she’s also married, over 30, and has a few kiddos.

    • mmmbop says

      she’s also in a remake of ‘Total Recall’ coming out, so not another one could be a ref to that, too.

    • BitterBlondin says

      She only has one daughter. The “not another one” part implies to me that the actress already has more than one child.

      • FzFzFz says

        It also seems like she has at least one kid with her husband and Kate’s kid is with her ex Michael Sheen

      • WindyLAX says

        Exactly. “Another baby with him” and “their existing child/ren” implies her child/ren are with the husband. Not so with Kate Beckinsale.

  13. WeRTheSquirrels says

    This is a BG item so the photo is a clue. What I get from it is she is caucasian and has one son.

  14. princesslisa says

    Not sure if this has been mentioned, but the ‘chil/ren’ seems to be a clue to me. Is there anyone who says’ chilren’ instead of ‘children’? that said, I’ve got nothing.

    • princesslisa says

      Or is chil/ren the normal thing to do when referencing 1/multiple kids? It seems strange to leave out the ‘d.’

    • pinupgirl says

      You know what? I was stumped on this until I read your comment. Nice catch. Tori Spelling. That’s my final answer.

    • kaygan says

      I agree puzzle. Tori Spelling is my guess also. Further she has a show called sTORIbook Weddings…she PLANS weddings!

    • Brittany920 says

      also, tori is the type that would think “oh god not another one” about a child.

      I know that some people don’t want kids, but I think it is awful to think that if you have the money and means to have children. just me though.

  15. amagod121 says

    The Smith family?

    (PS: The guy who voiced the Robot for Lost in Space just died. The word “Smith” made me think of this.)

    • ZigZagZoey says

      OMG, I LOVE Lost In Space! I’m 46, and can remember loving that show so much. I hadn’t seen it any where forever, but just recently I found a station that has it on on Saturday nights! ME TV Memorable Entertainment tv. It made me so happy to watch it again. Bummer that the robot guy died.

      • mcwmomma says

        We have that channel as well! Not sure if its on cable/satellite, we just have regular old tv… if they would just start showing “Moonlighting”…..also, they show “Columbo”, “That Girl”, etc.

    • msp96302 says

      nah…methinks a cancer survivor and a manic depressive should just stick together. Plus, why would she divorce such an old husband, if you know what I mean? I hate to sound cynical, but CZJ is smart and greedy enough to tough it out till this marriage expires…..the natural way.

  16. justguessing2 says

    I must speak up in hopes the person this is about is reading this. My parents actually went through a divorce and my mom ended up pregnant (by my dad). It obviously wasn’t a planned pregnancy. She was 36 at the time. Anyway, they got back together & remarried. Some people doubted it would last thinking they were only getting back together for the baby but guess what? That was 25 years ago & they are still going strong. God makes things happen for a reason.

    • saucykitty says

      I doubt most celebs look at this site, and frankly, they’re not going to decide against a very personal decision just because some random person’s folks made it work.

      • Sugar Cookie says

        I disagree. I think some of these vain and vapid celebs do read here, and I bet there are some that would make a very personal decision because some random person said their folks made it work. LOL

        Have you been reading these blinds? Some of these celebs do some real mind boggling things. :)

    • justguessing2 says

      I really don’t care what anyone thinks. I was just trying to be positive. Last time I checked that wasn’t a crime. Oh & I guarantee celebs check these daily. Obviously this person needs a new set of friends if they are telling others this private information.

      • jeannie says

        I’m pretty sure Ace has either outright stated or implied many times that celebrities read online gossip and that they read this site specifically. For example – the recently solved item about Demi Lovato was written directly to her because Ace knew she reads the site. So it’s not absurd to think the subject of this particular blind could be reading here. And if they’re reading about gossip about themselves online, they very well might take advice from the same sites!

      • mcwmomma says

        Agreed! My folks married, had 2 sons, divorced. Remarried, had me, still together & HAPPY almost 40 yrs later. IT CAN HAPPEN! Also, the smartie pants comments, come on people…..

  17. ItsSoColdinTheD says

    I have a hard time with the Tori Spelling guess because 1) I would consider a C actress/reality star and 2) she very openly says she already wants more babies.

    I think the “asking” for a divorce is a clue but I’m stumped.

    Ps- all the bickering and “rudes” made me giggle- you guys r funny, let’s all b frens

    • texbrook says

      I agree, also because I think of Tori as someone who is so desp to keep her hubby…sort of like a Leann Rhimes (sp but I’m lazy).

  18. newbatgirl says

    I like the Jennie Garth guess. I also would like to see what you guys think of Angie Harmon as a guess? Both have three kids and are aged 39.

  19. CoCoJoe says

    The Pill: 99% effective.
    Vasectomy: .25% failure rate
    IUD: 98-99% effective

    So let’s not jump on people who suggest protection. It’s not THAT hard not to get pregnant!

    • saucykitty says

      Yes, those are all figures for LAB SETTINGS. The efficacy of a condom, for example, drops by about 10% when subjected to human error.

      Also, vasectomies self-reverse in about 5% of cases. I’d love to know where you got these numbers from, since I work in reproductive health. If you are going to post stats, please back them up.

      • CoCoJoe says

        You are quite right. I apologize. My source for the pill was common knowledge; the others, I can’t remember. Now I am looking for really reliable data online. So far, I’ve found no stats contradicting the numbers I gave, but I want to find the most convincing reference I can for you. I am going out, but will get back to this tonight.

        You did notice, that I didn’t even suggest the condom as an option (I’d be surprised if its failure rate due to human error is only 10% below the stats for perfect application). I think if you really don’t want to get pregnant, that is not the way to go. I do know that after a vasectomy, a couple is encouraged to use an alternative form of birth control until the zero sperm count has been verified. What I don’t know is how long after the operation the vasectomy is prone to reverse.

        By the way, I noticed you did not include sources for your stats…

      • saucykitty says

        I realized that after I hit enter, hahaha.

        Lemme go digging… I’m sure it’s in a publication around here somewhere. We throw around stats all the time here, so I’m used to just keeping the numbers in my head.

      • CoCoJoe says

        Sorry, I fell asleep last night – imagine with all that gossip to read! It seems very hard to find real research on the net! I was looking for something from the Canadian government or the Centre for Disease Control – something I, a layman, would trust, but I got tired of searching (needle in a haystack situation).

        So I’m back to a chart that at least lists its sources:
        “Adapted from:
        1. Trussell J, Hatcher RA, Cates W, Stewart FH, Kost K. A Guide to Interpreting Contraceptive Efficacy Studies. Obstetrics and Gynecology 1990; 76:558-67.

        2. Mishell DR, Jr. Contraception. New England Journal of Medicine 1989; 320: 777-787.”

        The site is vasectomy and vasectomy?? I also found it on the related They do not seem to be commercial sites, although they do provide a list of physicians. I will be moderated for this, but:

        I did find the same 1st source listed on a Stanford site (it looked like case study assignments for medical courses). And the second source IS The New England Journal of Medicine.

        So while I can’t verify that the data was transferred and combined accurately from their 2 sources into the chart provided (my source), those two sources look reliable to me.

      • saucykitty says

        No worries – I was afraid putting links up here would get modded, but I guess Ace is making an exception?

        To Lola Vee: Why wouldn’t people be “fumbling around” with condoms? Did they somehow become a non-acceptable form of birth control?

        The best table I could find with good references was here:

        And some of your numbers are right! (As are some – but not all – of mine.) But it’s also worth checking out Planned Parenthood and Alan Guttmacher Institute for such numbers. I couldn’t find where I read about vasectomy failing…

        Of course, all these are numbers from scientific studies, too, and we all know how easy it is to manipulate statistics, depending on what result you want to produce.

        Thanks for following up!

    • LolaVee says

      Here’s another fact… you are a lot more likely to get pregnant without protection than you are with it.

      Lets be real… they probably weren’t fumbling around with condoms.

  20. redstilettos says

    This makes me sad that a child may bite the dust just because this couple is on the verge of divorce.

  21. eldridek says

    Maybe if you want a divorce so bad you should stop having sex with the guy? Just a suggestion.

    • pricey524 says

      El, my thoughts as well…. I am sure we are about to get bombarded with people saying “it only takes one time” blah blah blah

  22. liteNOTSObrite says

    First time user here! Hello! But I am going with Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. They have plenty of children, she is over 30, is in a situation/marriage that seems arranged and controlled by many factions, hence the need for “permission to divorce” AND FINALLY the odd use of “child/ren” screams of reference to Suri being the only small child while the other two adopted ones are close to being adults and obviously aren’t biological. It is a well documented fact that Katie has taken on a guardian type of role with Kidman’s use to be children 😮

    • Guestimate says

      My gut feeling is that you’re right on this one.

      Remember the rumors about Tom & Katie having a 5 year contract? (Plan) Well, they were married in 2006, weren’t they? Time is up and maybe, the “Oh no, not another one” is just a reference to the fact that it was another “unplanned” pregnancy. Being Scientologists, I bet their whole life is usually “planned” (by the Church that is).

  23. Hugginkiss says

    Does anyone else find the last line of the blind a bit weird?

    “But she really needs to tell her husband first. That’s right: you know about the pregnancy before he does.”

    Who is the he that would tell the husband? Is it possible she’s been cheating and the baby isn’t the husband’s? Maybe I’m reading into that last line a bit too much.

    But I don’t have a guess. I would be on board with the tori Spelling guess, but wouldn’t it mention actor husband? So what other actresses are married with children to non actor husbands?

    • liteNOTSObrite says

      Who said there was a “he” to tell her husband? It is just saying that her husband has no idea she is pregnant so SHE needs to tell him.

    • Zackster says

      The last line means WE (the readers of this blind) know about the pregnancy before her husband does.

  24. maineiac says

    Reese Witherspoon? The pic looks like Jen Garner… aren’t they close friends? I also like the Tori Spelling guess!

  25. wykkyd says

    Okay, I’m gonna take a wild stab at this and say Summer Phoenix and Casey Affleck.

    The word “family” jumps out at me. Both of these people hail from acting families, which already has “a pregnancy in the family” (Jennifer).

    Summer is approx. 34 y/o, has 2 kids with Casey, and Casey is suspect husband material. He’s been embroiled in sexual harassment suits with coworkers in the past that were settled out of court (insert side-eye glance here).

    • wykkyd says

      Oh, and if the blinds are to be believed, “unplanned” pregnancies appear to run in the Affleck family. Ben, it seems, hasn’t been happy about his last two pregnancies.

    • BitterBlondin says

      Interesting. I would never have thought of them. I read a blind back in April I think that said that Summer had been having an affair with Ben Affleck for years.

  26. JGordon says

    I think “Over 30″ is a Type-O, and was meant to read “Over 300″, which Paula Deen’s cholesterol is……

  27. dorothea says

    I am with the Catherine Zeta Jones. The Blind says over 30 actress….but doesnt say in the 30’s….over 30 means just that Over 30. Plus she really doesnt need another child with her issues. IMO.

  28. liteNOTSObrite says

    Peter facinelli and Jennie Garth. She has to ask him because she is no longer contributing financially to their household.

    Existing child= the child she is pregnant with

    Child/ren= the 3 they already have.

    They have plenty of money thanks to the Twilight franchise.

  29. liteNOTSObrite says

    I change mine to Will and Jada. They have 2 together and he has another by his ex. They have plenty of money, are rumored to be on the rocks, and wod have to “ask” for a divorce because the church of scientology are their puppetmasters.