He Is Rebelling Against His Fake Life

[BlindGossip] This young celebrity is gay. His parents didn’t feel that his sexual orientation would enable him to be successful, so they pushed him into marriage early to maintain that wholesome family image and to quash gay rumors. They picked out a star struck young lady for him, and quickly announced their engagement. Imagine the young girl’s surprise when she found out that her sexy new husband didn’t want to have sexy time with her. They do smile and kiss while posing for PR photos, but then he goes cruising for guys on the internet. He also likes to hit up the gay bars when he’s in LA. You might think that he has the best of both worlds, but he is actually miserable in the fake marriage. For right now, though, he just isn’t strong enough to get out… or come out.

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  1. Bromance1979 says

    Kevin Jonas? He got married young and they have a wholesome family image. Whoever it is, that’s sad :( I hope he can come out and be happy one day.

  2. Lizicia says

    Wholesome family image, married young, star struck wife – it all but screams Kevin Jonas to me.

  3. ComicalEquation says

    This made of think of Kevin Jonas. But i REALLY hope i’m wrong. I love him and Dani, they are an amazing couple.

  4. thisisdanni says

    DEFINITELY Kevin Jonas. There’s no doubt in my mind…he is so gay! Everything fits – “wholesome family” (The Jonas’ are known to be devout Christians), arranged marriage to quash gay rumours (engaged in 2009 after “meeting on a family vacation”, apparently, in 2007).
    Also, “best of both worlds” may be a clue referencing the Jonas Brothers supporting Miley Cyrus on her “Best of Both Worlds” tour.

    • thisisdanni says

      Just to add to that, I also remember reading some weird quote from Kevin about how sex with his wife wasn’t worth the wait.

      • saucykitty says

        That doesn’t mean anything. Do you know anyone whose first time was amazing and awesome? I sure don’t. Most of my friends and I – when we’ve discussed it – agreed that it was awkward and uncomfortable. Which also makes me wonder why anyone would wait until their wedding night. I’d want to get some practice in first, haha.

    • DreamyVelvet says

      Channing was stripping at clubs in 1999 at the tender age of 19. Hot for sure, but wholesome he never was. His stripper name was Chan Crawford. I don’t care if the man can’t act. I am SO going to go see “The Vow”.

      This sounds like Kevin Jonas:
      “In Touch Weekly reports that the semi-recently married Kevin Jonas and his wife, Danielle Delesa, don’t share a bed. They say it’s because of his snoring but the real reason is probably because “girls are icky.”

    • saucykitty says

      There was just an interview where one of them – not Kevin, Joe, I think – essentially said that they are not all three of them gay. Which lead to some speculation. Does that mean that one of them IS gay?

      Either way, sads. I also second (third, fourth, one-hundredth) the Kevin Jonas guess.

  5. JKLSMM says

    Kevin Jonas? The Jonas Brothers opened for Miley Cyrus on her Best of both worlds-tour (Clue?). Although I can’t picture him in a club haha, gay or not! I feel that strong enough is a clue, but I can’t come up with anything….

    • Mipippin says

      I also want to ad that I thought I remember reading that they sleep in seperate beds because he or she (not sure) snores really bad! Riiigghtt

      • buttercup says

        Thanks, I thought I remembered the separate bed thing.

        Poor girl. I just don’t think money is worth sacrificing personal happiness and well-being.

  6. Iman14992 says

    Kevin Jonas. Married quite young and I’m sure his sexuality wouldn’t have helped the Jonas’ “christian” image.

  7. AlliCat says

    This is too easy (thanks, Ace!) Things I learned about Kevin Jonas from Wikipedia: was on the Sexiest Man Alive list (“sexy husband” “sexy time”); met his young wife in the Bahamas (on a family trip, where family picked her out); they live in Jersey, but he’s of course in LA often for the biz; him and wifey did not have sex before the wedding and according to some US Weekly article sleep in separate beds because “he snores;” and, oh yeah, Jo Bros have a song called “Strong Enough.” Dang!

    • WindyLAX says

      Added to the “Best of Both Worlds” clue to the tour with Miley Cyrus, I think you have nailed this one! There’s really no one else it could be with those clues.

  8. ATLMama says

    The oldest Jonas brother? I don’t really know anything about them, but I know he has a super young wife.

  9. gosplvr says

    Kevin Jonas and Danielle Deleasa- pictured above is a dark haired man, same as Kevin. They got engaged after 6 months. First posting on BG! :)

  10. haunted13 says

    Hellooo “long time lurker, first time poster”. Now that that’s out of the way, maybe Kevin Jonas?

  11. tasha j says

    One of the jonas brothers kevin i think his name his this is sad ,anyway be who you want to be it is 2012!!!!

  12. gmaven says

    Kevin Jonas? He married early. “Best of both worlds” could be a reference to the Hannah Montana song; Jo Bros. toured with Hannah and were on the show.

    • SillyGirl says

      First time posting! Love this site!

      I totally agree – he met his wife through their Reps – and the “best of both worlds” clue = Miley Cyrus, who dates his brother Liam.

    • kinibug says

      I thought of him because I think “the best of both worlds,” was a clue with that being a miley song who is dating Chris’ brother . However , Chris’ wife is pregnant and I think that would’ve been mentioned had it been him .

  13. tawse57 says

    Is it me?

    Oh, hang on – I am not a young celebrity, I am not married and I don’t live in or visit LA. Don’t think I have ever gone cruising for gay men on the internet either or ‘hit up’ – is that the terms the young uns are using nowadays – in gay bars.

    After reading this though I am thinking of putting a profile on a gay site – where does one find them – just to see if any Hollywood celebrities want to ‘hit up’ me.

    What can be worse than being a hetrosexual guy on a gay site waiting… waiting… waiting… for a gay celebrity to come along.


    • sneezy says

      It’s Kevin Jonas.

      And it all depends on what site you’re on – personal experience dictates that..hah!

  14. SouthJerseyGirl says

    Kevin Jonas who got married in 2009 at the age of 22. He married a former hairdresser from NJ.

  15. jesd1029 says

    Has to be the oldest jonas brother. Best of both worlds is a theparty theme song for hannah Montana and of course Mikey dated one of the other jonas bros. And of course the whole virginity til married insured that they were married before she realized any of this and they def hyped up the engagement.

  16. burntnostalgia says

    K. Jonas? Clues being “Best of Both Worlds” (They were opening act for Miley) Also, it’s rumored he sleeps in a different bed because of “snoring”.

  17. cposter123 says

    First thing to mind – Kevin Jonas.

    Married a non-famous person after “meeting her while on vacation in the Bahamas” (reference: star struck young lady).

    The clue being “best of both worlds”. The Jonas brothers had the “Best of Both Worlds” tour.

    There are probably more clues in there, too, but I am not a fan of theirs so I don’t know.

  18. duckie says

    sounds like kevin jonas, but i thought the middle one was the gay one. well they are seem kind of gay.

  19. fromatoznyc says

    I’m too old to even know who they are, but I’m going to say the oldest Jonas brother.

  20. Juniper says

    The oldest of the ‘wholesome’ Jonas brothers: Kevin Jonas.

    Love the picture of the guy in the turtle neck…as a nod to Kevin’s birthplace of Teaneck, NJ.

  21. Okayeah says

    Kevin Jonas? Although Joe’s supposed to be gay…apparently someone who doesn’t live in L.A., though.