She Got Fat To Get Paid To Get Thin

[NationalEnquirer] Which famous yo-yo dieter plumped up to become the spokesperson for a popular weight-loss program? The singer/actress was in dire need of a quick career boost – and the high-profile campaign was the best way to get back in the limelight to create some buzz for her planned career comeback!

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  1. iknowiknow says

    Janet Jackson. She has new commercials for Nutrisystem and has long yo-yo’d with her weight. She’s both actress and singer.

    • Shaliza says

      I didn’t think it through. I apologize if this offended anyone. I got to “singer/actress” “yo-yo dieter” and “dire need for a quick career boost”. Jumped to a conclusion.

      • meowingloudly says

        Jessica Simpson is definitely the most obvious guess, but the only problem is she’s been getting chubby for years where as Janet just plumper up all the sudden specifically for endorsements ..

    • luvprue1 says

      It’s not Jessica Simpson. She pregnant,and I don’t think it’s Christina since she yet to be connect with any weight loss program.

  2. goldieb says

    Kirstie isn’t a singer; Marie isn’t an actress; JHud isn’t a yo-yo dieter; does Carrie Fisher sing?

    • MissTearsForFears says

      Carrie doesn’t sing as far as I know. I don’t think she would desperate for a career boost, she’s got her books and one woman show.

      I also heard that her medication was the cause of her weight gain.

  3. Pastelles says

    Hmmm.. Jennifer Hudson?
    Janet Jackson?
    ..Not gonna say Mariah Carey because she’s been carrying those pounds since before her pregnancy.

  4. islandlife04 says

    this sounds like Janet but she was on a world tour all year and she never gained any weight.

    this could be Mariah or Jennifer Hudson

  5. itsher says

    Jessica Simpson. She is a singer and sometimes-actress. I know she is pregnant but she signed a deal for Weight Watchers.

  6. Jessica says

    Miss Janet Jackson although in her commercials she doesn’t really say she is on NutriSystem