He’s Not Alone In Bed

[BlindGossip] This actor, who is probably best known for a particular television role, is unusually close to his mother. When he visited her during the holidays, he slept in the same bed with her. He doesnโ€™t see anything odd about a grown man sleeping with his Mommy. In fact, he claims that everyone in his family is very close, and that he often wakes up in a bed with one or more family members.

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    • FzFzFz says

      Michael C Hall’s family is just him and his mom. He’s an only child and his dad died when he was a kid. He’s said before that he loved being at his friends’ houses growing up because they all had bigger families and livelier homes.

    • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings says

      I think if it turned out to be NPH it would just further endear me to him. He’s like… awesome. :)

      • Mermaid says

        Did you see him in the recent video of the Peoples’ choice awards show with Kaley Cuoco hosting? Hilarious. You must watch. He’s so talented.

  1. dee123 says

    Kelsey Grammer? He’s had a hell of a lot of family tragedies…..

    Also much more importantly, is the picture a cake?

  2. sandybull says

    idk Skarsgard? He’s really close to his whole family. But I don’t think it’s particularly odd for family members to sleep in the same bed. It’s more of a cultural thing.

      • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings says

        Most of those in my family tend to be women and I wouldn’t think twice if my mom, teenage niece or my 30-something year old cousin wanted to share my bed. But a family member of the opposite sex – I’d think that might feel pretty awkward.
        Sounds (mainly) like a combination of culture and the way ones individual family regards closeness.
        But a man in bed with his mother? It Does seem strange!

  3. ItsSoColdinTheD says

    Although not terrible, I dread the day my 4 year old son wont snuggle me anymore :(

    • WorksEveryTime says

      Ah, me, too. I always let my almost-four year old son sleep with me when I take the kids to visit my parents. They think I’m crazy, but it’s so rare to get good snuggles from him. Don’t like him to sleep with me and my husband at home, though (not enough room for the three of us in the bed). And his little brother will yank on my hair and nose all night if I let him sleep with me. But there’s nothing like those sleepy boy cuddles!

      • amagod121 says

        Is there a mallet that comes out of the ceiling after a certain number of guesses? Or a bucket of water that gets dumped on someone’s head? ๐Ÿ˜€

        If it’s a viable guess, I say go for it. The fun for me is in seeing what other people have to say, even the more unusual guesses. Sometime those are the best!

  4. CindyBman says

    I know that since this is Ace’s item that the picture can be a clue – but I’m drawing a total blank! Can anyone spell out the clues for me because I am just not seeing them today! (my brain is still in bed)

  5. riddlemethis says

    There is something about the blonde twins in the picture that remind me of Mary Kate and Ashley on Full House so one of the guys from there?

  6. stolidog says

    The Piven. There’s a lot of blinds floating around about how dependant he his on his mommy.

    • Mermaid says

      Another pervy guy who is a momma’s boy. Leo D. is one too. Wonder if there’s something to that.

    • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings says

      Yes but Piven is such a skeevy guy, finding out he’s the answer to the blind would make my skin crawl. I could just see him making sure the women he just finished up with were out of his bed and absent the premises by the time his mom arrived. And then he’d welcome his mom into the house and act like he’d been reading a book-of-the-month all afternoon.

  7. Scorpio13 says

    Scratch that, just realized the TV role part. It does sound like something he would do though.

  8. Mermaid says

    I think the clue here is the word “family”. It’s used specifically and it’s used twice. So, either a family oriented TV show or a show about friends (since friends & family usually go together.)

    I also think the person in question may not celebrate Christmas since it says “holidays” and not Christmas per se. So maybe someone of an alternate faith.

    Someone from Friends is a good guess. But Matt Perry was on another notable show besides Friends. I’m guessing David Schwimmer for this.

    1) David Schwimmer comes from a large family (sibs are Benji Schwimmer, Lacy Schwimmer, all described as close.)

    2) Strong & successful mom. He’s quoted as saying his momma really wanted him to get married and he was happy to marry and please her. He talks about his momma a lot.

    3) He’s only really known for friends. Apart from that he’s done very little acting. Though he does direct (or produce?) so the one caveat is that he wasn’t mentioned as an actor/director (or producer?)

    4) He would most likely go home for the “holidays”

    Anyway, he’s my guess.

    • HotTeacher88 says

      Speaking of Oedipal, how about that finale scene from Boardwalk Empire with Jimmy doing it with his mom? That blew me away.

  9. sarahbear says

    Tony Shalhoub from Monk.
    His family is Lebanese, no Christmas.
    Large, close family.
    4 brothers 6 sisters!

      • sarahbear says

        Ok, that may be true. This blond never specifically says they don’t celebrate Christmas anyway, we were going off the term holidays being used.
        Also, the blind says this articulate actor, which made me think of the Monk character, who was OCD.
        Still my guess.

    • Mermaid says

      I like this guess! His role is from Family Ties which has “family” in the title which I think is one of the clues. Changing my guess to this.

    • Mermaid says

      Actually, no, I’m with my original guess of David Schwimmer since Kirk is a born again Christian so would probably celebrate Christmas.

  10. sweeeeet says

    Kirk Cameron was on Growing Pains, not Family Ties.
    I dunno…..Ray Romano? large families and lots of love sounds Italian

  11. marsha says

    Rob kardashian – is he considered an actor? All the Kardashians are always seen on beds with each other so i could see him sleeping with his mom *not in that way!!

  12. alwaysguessing says

    I know he is more known for his band these days, but jered leto… known from his role in ‘my so called life”…he definately goes to the beat of his own drum.