• Singapore Slang says

      They were my first thought too but then I realized that having cameos in a bunch of movies 10 years ago does not count as being an actress. I’m definitely going with Brooke Shields on this one. She’s in a Broadway play this year and her husband is a producer.

    • cincytreats says

      Although it seems to fit, I hate to think this is Brooke Shields. She and her family sat next to me at a bar in NYC last spring and they seemed very happy. The place was dead and they were so friendly with all the staff and fellow customers. It made me really like them.

  1. Mardy Bum says

    I want to say Milla J. & Paul Anderson, but their marriage isn’t long. Her next film is set in NY.

      • AriiEcho says

        Haha didn’t read the married part wow…

        But I read a story about her and that guy from Crank that sounded exactly the same in the German Intouch 2 months ago. That he was in LA flirting with young starlets and concentrating more on producing than acting now.

  2. LavaMama says

    Renee Russo? She and her husband have been together since 1992, and that is long-time by any standard.

    • newbatgirl says

      She is a model and they have been together for a while. However, he’s more a writer than a producer at this point. None of his producer credits are all that recent.

      Has anyone read anything about her being in NY rather than LA?

  3. mommalovesapuzzle says

    This seems to fit Brooke Shields, who has been on Broadway in The Addams Family, and her husband Chris Henchy.

    • gumbii2662 says

      I don’t think their marriage qualifies as “long” just yet… though, I suppose in Hollywood standards, anything beyond like 2 years is long-term. :)

  4. Okayeah says

    Well my first thought was Cindy Crawford, but she’s only barely an actress and her husband is a nightclub owner or something, isn’t he? So…just wrote in to say I dunno. LOL

      • Stacy C says

        By getting pregnant every time she thinks he’s going to leave. There’s a blind awhile back that she got pregnant because Benny boy was reminiscing about La Lopez way too much when she split from Skeletor.

      • Mermaid says

        Oh, you have to read Lainey’s take on it! Lainey even put up a blind about it – it’s the blind about how everyone thinks their marriage is on the rocks but the wife worships the husband’s mind and even took a history (or politics?) course, ostensibly for a role, but really because she wanted to learn up so her husband would find her mind interesting. And how she seriously campaigned to be married to him and is SO persistent there is no way she will ever let him go. And he won’t leave either because it would be horrible for his image and, really, why would he leave when she adores him so and lets him get away with cheating now and then. Something to that effect. It was Lainey’s answer blind to the one about a husband wanting to leave his wife for an ex that was now single, but was waiting to do it since his own wife just got preg. Top guess for that was Ben & Jen so Lainey put up a blind on her own to dispel that blind. Whew!!!

        Don’t know if that makes sense to you. Hope so.

  5. leti2a says

    Is it Claudia Schiffer and Matthew Vaughn? Picture reminds me of Christy Turlington, but I don’t believe she’s an actress. But her hubby Edward Burns is super hot anyway. ???

  6. fotobandi says

    I dunno… Rebecca Romijin? (Is a 4+ year marriage “lengthy”? or just by Hollywood standards??)

  7. pixiehollow says

    Long time lurker–first post! Really Enjoy your site!
    Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber–he has been accused of making advances to the ladies before.

  8. ryeowooks says

    First time poster! I would say Molly Sims but she’s only been married since last year. So maybe Brooke Shields!

  9. Oliver Tweets says

    Aww.. I hope this isn’t Brooke Shields and Chris Henchy. I’ve always thought they were a cute, stable couple.

    • LolaVee says

      I don’t know why, but I have a feeling that Brooke Shields is a bit nutso. And I’m definitely NOT saying that because of the post-partum depression.

      She just has a glimmer of crazy in her eyes.

  10. stanton says

    I would say “Kathy Ireland” but she doesn’t act ( not well anyway) Cindy Crawford doesn’t act. Christie Brinkly isn’t married.

  11. Beatrixie says

    My guess is Brooke Shields. She lives in New York and has been married to producer Chris Henchy for 10 years.

  12. Run4Est says

    Brooke Shields and Chris Henchy? I think they both live in LA though…? Also is their marriage “lengthy”? Married in 2001, so 10+ years – could be lengthy for celebs.

    Paulina Porizkova and Ric Ocasek? Lengthy marriage but is she an “actress” really? Also can’t picture him flirting with starlets.

    Not too many models with long term marriages! Hmmm…

  13. sxeminivan says

    Hmmmm, gonna go an a limb here and throw out…maybe….Brooke Shields? Or possibly Jamie King? Don’t know too much about her except that she was/is a model, got married a while back, and was maybe in 1 movie.. Also might say Cindy Crawford? But I guess that could be a long shot.

  14. Sunflower says

    I’m thinking Brooke Shields & Chris Henchy.

    Re the Angie Harmon guesses – she lives in my area now – Charlotte, North Carolina. She wanted to raise her three girls outside of Crazy Town. Her husband Jason Sehorn is a football commentator anyway – not a producer.

  15. newbatgirl says

    I’m going with those who say Brooke Shields and Chris Henchy. Married over 10 years (eons by Hollywood standards) and all of the projects that he’s working on seem LA-based while Brooke is working in NYC.

    For the sake of their daughters, I hope this is not an ugly split.

  16. brat365 says

    doms. dirty old man syndrome. Corey Feldman To Reveal The Names Of The Hollywood Men Who Abused Him As A Child

  17. stolidog says

    not sure if this is mila jovovich, but i’d pick her over Brook Shields. Brook Shields really was an actress before she became a model, which is the opposite of this blind.

  18. marvelle says

    Brooke Sheilds and Chris Henchy a good guess so is Christy Turlington and Ed Burns but I don’t know if she has done any acting but the picture in the blind looks a little like her. The blind dosn’t mention how many children they may or may not have? This would narrow the feild a bit.

  19. loralye211 says

    was sarah jessica parker ever a model (she’s anorexic enough for it)? If so, she and Matthew Broderick are my guess.