How To Silence The Haters

[BlindGossip] This couple is seriously out of touch. They think that everyone should love and admire them, even when they lie and behave arrogantly.  So they are genuinely surprised when their own missteps cause bad publicity.

How to quiet the haters? Their publicist has the answer! In an emergency meeting with the couple, the publicist told them to play the victim. So, to turn this situation around, they will be very quickly and consciously releasing news of past hardships to elicit sympathy. How could anyone pick on such wonderful people who have worked so hard and suffered so much to get where they are today? Shame on all you haters out there! You’re all just jelly!

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    • dee123 says

      Yep. How quickly the tide has really turned against them. Couldn’t care less though. It’s all their making.

      • Liberiangirl28 says

        I couldn’t agree more!! I never knew about this site until recently so i decided to register and I cannot believe the blind items surrounding Beyonce’s pregnancy. I am a true fan of hers and I believed she was pregnant at first when she revealed it at the VMA’s. Then the videos of her roseland DVD was released on YouTube and I was like wait a minute…you possibly could not have had that size stomach that you showed off on the red carpet and tell me that “stomach” was under that black outfit while performing 10 days prior. That’s when I was convinced it was fake. This site is all over Beyonce pregnancy, from the surrogate blind to the prednisone blind. Now I need you lovely folks at BG to expose this fraudulent couple!!!!

    • Rednfreckled says

      Actually Jay-Z did have a miscarriage with someone years ago but it wasn’t Beyonce. It was Carmen Bryan, Nas’ baby mother. Now as far as this whole “Glory” song goes, it’s pure exploitation. Why put your baby on a song so soon? They’re pathetic. After all of this I bet she’s wishing she would have just carried Blue Ivy herself. And now people can’t see their newborn babies in the hospital because of them. I’d sue lol

      • WindyLAX says

        I’m inclined to believe you. There is nothing in the lyrics that leads to the conclusion that it was Beyonce who had the miscarriage.

      • vangieeee says

        He was referring to her. He says something about the baby being the child from Destiny’s child or whatever. It’s in the lyrics, verse 2.

    • Mermaid says

      Matthew Knowles had a child due to an extramarital affair and wanted to pass it off as Beyonce’s & Jay Z’s. He wanted to BUY the child from it’s mother (his mistress) and pass it off as B & Camel’s.

      There are news articles about it.

      There really is nothing Beyonce and her extended family won’t do to gain more money, fame and success. That’s just how they are. They are pre-moral.

      • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings says

        Premoral? Maybe I’m being nitpicky but don’t you think that they do know the difference between what’s right and what’s wrong? Or that they knew it at one point yet consciously chose to disregard their better sense of things?

      • Mermaid says

        Honestly, no I don’t think they know the difference when it comes to them. And I’ll tell you why (I think this, as this is JMO). Because they think they are better than others and what is “wrong” for others isn’t wrong for them because of a, b, c, d. They are the “exception” to every rule. To me, that’s what arrogance is and that’s what they are.

      • RedPeggy says

        Hey Beyonce – if you want a list of reasons why I don’t like you, I’d be happy to oblige!

        I first had my doubts when I saw you wearing real fur. At the time I thought maybe you were ill informed or perhaps a little stupid – then I read that you’d been told all about the fur industry in an attempt to get you to realise what you’re condoning, but you still carried on wearing it anyway. Girls look up to you and follow your example, and in my opinion you are a disgusting person. Pets being stolen for fur. Animals being skinned alive. Endangered species being hunted. To know how the industry is and to still not give a f? If there is a Hell you will go there.

        To pretend you’re carrying a baby for monetary rewards – misrepresenting yourself and making thousands of woman feel inferior when in fact they are comparing themselves to something utterly false is another no-no, in my book.

        I see nothing redeeming about your character at all.

        If you and your Camel want us to ‘love’ you – give us a bloody reason to.

      • justaguess2012 says

        DITTO RedPeggy. I cannot believe she supports fur; it has disgusted me for years and I will never be a fan of hers.

  1. Quanah says

    Jay-Z and Beyonce. He just put out a quick song about their new baby, with a verse in it about how they had a miscarriage before.

  2. chloevcamp says

    Jay Z & Beyonce as usual. Jay just released a song called ‘Glory (B.I.C. – Blue Ivy Carter)’ which mentions Beyonce having a previous miscarriage. As I’m 100% convinced the whole pregnancy was fake, I think that’s pretty much the most offensive thing they’ve done so far, especially to people who genuinely have miscarried or been unable to conceive… horrible people.

    • mocha2009 says

      I actually don’t think he’s lying about the miscarriage. I wonder if they was the motivation to use a surrogate (If in fact they did use one – which I totally suspect they did.)

      • rosiedoes says

        Yeah, I’m inclined to agree. I guess it’s possible that Beyonce would have had trouble carrying a child to term, but didn’t want that publicly known.

        Puts it in perspective a bit, I suppose.

      • Okayeah says

        And just like that…the sympathy reach is working! It’s been reported that Bey didn’t want to ruin her body with a pregnancy. I don’t care what happens to that selfish b*tch now.

      • Singapore Slang says

        Yeah seriously! lol Am I supposed to believe that they’d carry out this farce just because they had a miscarriage? I know several women, my mother included, who had a miscarriage or two and kept on trying until they succeeded. Whether or not a woman is actually capable of carrying a pregnancy to full-term, most women WANT to feel their babies growing inside of them and most will try and try again until they either succeed or realize that they have to pursue other avenues. Many celebrities have been very public about their fertility struggles and it has endeared them to the public. If this were really the case with Jay and Bey, I don’t see why they wouldn’t have mentioned it from the get-go.

      • rosiedoes says

        Wow, so much hate…

        None of us know the woman’s medical history, do we? Maybe it is because she wanted to protect her figure – SJP had a surrogate, too, did she not? And quite openly, if I recall. It’s somewhat silly that she did lie about it, but like I said, what if there were more to it than just her concerns for her figure (which, don’t forget, is ultimately her career – it’s not her voice alone)?

        Wouldn’t we all feel like a bag of * then?

      • Queen of the Harpies says

        I have very difficult pregnancies…so hard in fact that if I am to have another child it would have to be by surrogate :( It pains me to hear that she used a surrogate for pure vanity, but alas it is her right. If they were just honest about using a surrogate they wouldnt be receiving this backlash right now. There is NOTHING that they can do to convince people that she had a vaginal birth (which she is saying now) besides releasing a vid of the baby coming out (ewww). I mean really…

      • Singapore Slang says

        @rosiedoes… You are missing the point. SJP was never secretive about using a surrogate and the public didn’t care that she was. It is Bey’s right to use a surrogate. The part that everyone is having a problem with is the fact that she lied about it in order to maintain a certain public image. Would fans have had a problem with her using a surrogate if she admitted it from the get-go? No! But she wanted to perpetrate a fraud for some sick reason she thought the public would adore her more if she pretended to carry the baby herself, go through a fake natural childbirth, and now she’s going to brag about how she got her pre-pregnancy body back.

        Regardless of her medical history, I will never feel like a bag of * over this!

      • rosiedoes says

        I’m really not missing any point, I assure you. I agree that lying about the baby is silly, and I’m not saying any of what has happened is ‘right’ but we don’t necessarily know the full story.

        For some women, not being able to carry a child is something they are ashamed of or simply don’t wish the world to know about, even if they would be offered nothing but sympathy.

        This whole situation has been utterly bizarre, with a heck of a lot of conjecture as to her actions and her motives (after all, this is a blind gossip website and a I’m sure we all take things we read in the press with a pinch of salt).

        Below, one user commented on whether a previous miscarriage “justified” a surrogate. I don’t think it’s for us to demand justification of the choice, even if the whole thing has become some sort of bizarre role play. You yourself are putting words in her mouth, stating that “for some sick reason she thought the public would adore her more if she pretended to carry the baby herself.” Of course, none of us really know her true motives beyond any shadow of doubt, and we probably never will, but personally I’m not going to go out of my way to judge her. (And I don’t say that as a fan, either; I can name only one of her songs.)

        In the greater scheme of things, where we have people in the public eye who have gotten away with raping children – and those who openly support them and dismiss the crime – we’re seeing some real nastiness levied against a woman who has ultimately tried to disguise the fact that she was allegedly having her child through a surrogate. And now, we’re hearing that she may have miscarried in the past.

        In perspective, is what she’s doing really and truly worth such vitriol?

      • Singapore Slang says

        @rosiedoes… Honestly, between reading BG and getting the scoop from friends in the industry, nothing surprises me anymore and I’m not as outraged as others are. I still like some of her music but I’ll never idolize her or spend a dime on her merchandise. I think those who are most shocked and angry are the ones who believe that celebs really are what they portray themselves to be in the public eye.

        As for what she did being worth any vitriol, I guess it depends on the point of view. Some feel she made a mockery out of something sacred and special; childbirth and pregnancy. On top of that, she’s going to make money and fool the public with post-pregnancy diet books, magazine articles in which she gets to talk about how hard she worked and what she did to get that her body to it’s pre-pregnancy shape, and countless photos showing a flawless, stretch-mark free body.

      • cookiepie1 says

        I feel the same. Maybe there was a miscarriage or they found out there was a fertility issue? I’ve had two and it’s a terrible thing to go through so I really hope they wouldn’t lie about something so traumatic. Of course if you can fake a pregnancy then what’s one more lie?

        I was looking at some of her pictures from October and found a performance where she was wearing a corset. She would have been 6 months along or so. I couldn’t stand waistbands at 6 months? how can anybody look at that and still think she was pregnant? I quote the wise man, Gob Bluth, COME ON!!!!

      • KingKatie says

        Do you have a link to this performance? As far as I know, she hasn’t performed once since the VMAs.

      • Mermaid says

        Have Bey & Jay-Z hired you? It seems like all you do is go around spinning their lies for them. I’m honestly curious. Is this website really that threatening to Bey & Jay-Z?

      • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings says

        Okay, so over the weekend I was bored and my mind was wandering so I went to google and typed in my moniker “famous…” and “blind gossip” and my entire history of responses popped up. A little creepy yes, but still. So I considered what you said about being genuinely curious about KingKatie being paid PR and a moment ago went to google and typed in “kingkatie/bg..” Not that it proves much but in her defense, she’s posted on a handful of topics at least since this October.
        And as a side note, scientologists are NOTORIOUS for paying big money for people to defend themselves on chat boards. Every time there’s a blind about TC, JT, Kirstie, Will, etc., I’m going to look at the persons comment history. Oh but I love breaking down the web of lies this cult spins! Ahem, sorry Ace..that’s completely off topic so’ enough of that.
        Just thought both you, Keeley and others might be interested in my find. :)

      • Mermaid says

        What a cool idea, Famous. Well I didn’t mean to call anyone out for their opinion, it just really seemed that it was PR, that’s all.

        If you search “reputation management” on the web you’ll find that there are seriously firms that specialize in tracking your reputation online and removing unattractive things about your reputation and “managing” it by posting positive comments in your favour. For example, it happens a lot on the “RateMDs” site. Especially with a certain plastic surgeon that will go unnamed! So I thought maybe it happens here.

      • Queen of the Harpies says

        I have had two premature births, both times going into labor at 23 weeks with neither baby surviving…but that didnt stop me from trying. IMHO, one miscarriage shouldn’t stop a woman from trying to conceive naturally if that’s what she wants to do. Now I can understand using a surrogate, because I am at that point due to the nature of my pregnancies, but for sheer vanity and nothing else, it doesnt seem very motherly. I truly hope they arent as crazy as they would have to be to fake this…

      • Okayeah says

        To be clear – I have no issue with anyone using a surrogate (although to use one just to keep your body does in fact mean that you are a selfish cow and not really fit to be a mother). But the extent of this lie just so that people would fawn all over her and pay her more attention…it’s gag-worthy.

      • Stacy C says

        As someone who’s had four miscarriages, I would totally respect this as a reason for using a surrogate. It makes sense. But, now because of the whole faking the pregnancy and other the other shenanigans, all respect I once had for Beyonce is gone.

      • msp96302 says

        agree – their reputations are pretty much shredded. As far as this kid being a big money maker, I can see them spending just as much money trying to head off all of the negative publicity and damage control from this. Plus, the whole dishonesty thing and that they will always have to wonder who will sell them out when. It just a matter of time now.

      • bethnee641 says

        This is exactly the reason why I haven’t judged her for (possibly) using a surrogate. If she’s had one or more miscarriages she may not be able to carry to term. As easy as it is to do, one should never judge the way a person chooses to have or otherwise procure their child. :\

      • HappilyEverAfter says

        I would never judge a woman for using a surrogate after miscarriages. The issue is with her FAKING being pregnant, if that’s what she has done. If this was true she could have used the whole experience to tell other women not to be ashamed and to open up about infertility or miscarriage.

      • rosiedoes says

        She could have and I’m sure many of us would have, but at the same time, it’s not her responsibility to.

      • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings says

        Of course it’s not her responsibility to. People in the limelight pick and choose what to share and with most matters, their privacy is respected. But B & J openly betrayed the public. They flaunted their lies and were vain enough to believe that we’d buy into it wholesale when Beyonce didn’t act the part of a pregnant woman.

        Why would a couple do such a thing? As reported, she planned on a maternity and baby line of clothing and a weight loss deal. If she’d been open about the surrogate, the maternity line and the weight loss deal wouldn’t have been possible. So the only conclusion one can draw is that it was for money. If she’d been open about the surrogate, she wouldn’t have been able to flaunt her baby bump so the only logical conclusion was that it was for fame. If they got this far (they apparently had no doubt they would) their empire would have grown. So they also did it to increase their brand power.

        If B & J had a reputation akin to a Lindsay Lohan, we’d all roll our eyes. It would be just another abhorrently stupid thing that would further erode whatever regard we once had for her. But when people have a reputation that speaks to honestly earning their achievement and success (especially if they started out with very little) and back it up with positive characteristics like likability and integrity, we believe in them, root for them and genuinely celebrate alongside them.

        But they forgot themselves. They didn’t grant us with the respect we freely gave them. And heh..might I add this is not an issue that’s easily overlooked. Motherhood is one of the most personal, most dear and most touching parts of peoples lives. And when people like this lie about it, many feel like it’s akin to sacrilege.

        So with their money hungry, fame w*ing power grab B & J created a recipe for disaster and now they’re paying for what essentially boils down to being IRRESPONSIBLE.

      • WorksEveryTime says

        I find it hard to believe that one miscarriage would justify using a surrogate. Yes, miscarriage is very painful (particularly when it’s your first pregnancy), but having one or two miscarriages is completely normal. I’ve had two myself, and two very healthy pregnancies…neither of which required dominating an entire floor of a hospital…

  3. danixo says

    beyonce and jayz!! he just released a song claiming beyonce had a miscarriage before giving her eggs to hold inside their surrogate for blue corn or whatever the babys name is!!

  4. g33wizz says

    Beyonce and Jay-Z!! Jay-Z has a rap song call “Glory” and it implies Beyonce previously had a miscarriage. BTW, first time posting.

  5. Spanx101 says

    Beyonce and Jay Z with Jay Z’s lil song they’ve released with past miscarriages in the lyrics

  6. Gingigurl1 says

    Beyonce and Jay-Z. In the last 24 hours it was released that she had a miscarriage and the hospital just released a statement that the the stories about their diva behavior are false.

  7. mocha2009 says

    Oh My Goodness, can Bey, Jay and Blue just quietly go away for a while. The negative publicity surrounding the inconvenience the other families experienced at Lennox hospital this weekend is apparently getting to them. Jay Z just released a song about baby Blue in which he reveals that Bey had a prior miscarriage to cull some sympathy for the trio.

    I thought this was unusual for the people that didn’t even confirm they were married for about two years. Super annoying!

  8. Pooperscooper says

    Got to be Beyowolf and Jay Z – his lyrics about a miscarriage.

    Keeping parents away from their babies in the NICU is a new low even for these two – the hospital should be sanctioned in some way for allowing this to occur.

    • KingKatie says

      Actually, it’s true that they didn’t keep people away from the NICU. Women who are at the hospital have commented that they were allowed to wonder around freely and see their babies.

      • HotTeacher88 says

        Women who are at the hospital are already in rooms on the floor. That wouldn’t include people like dads barred from entering the floor. So annoying when paid PR people go to blogs to plant positive seeds. I’ve been seeing this on other sites as well.

      • Mermaid says

        Have Bey & Jay-Z hired you? It seems like all you do is go around spinning their lies for them. I’m honestly curious. Is this website really that threatening to Bey & Jay-Z?

        You do totally sound like a paid PR person.

      • Serena van der Woodsen says

        Mermaid y [redacted] you try so hard to make everyone believe what you think is a fact. However, this is all speculation and someone could’ve made up this whole thing about B/surrogate/vanity/blahblahblah COMPLETELY.
        THERE ARE NO FACTS, so gossiping is ok [redacted]

      • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings says

        Serena, I don’t remember you being so rude to others in the past. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and more than one individual has speculated that those who’ve come to Beyonce’s defense, have done so because they’re part of her PR team.
        And as far as all this talk being speculative, the information that’s been released in every blind item has been followed up irl by this couple. Even people who are naturally skeptical of gossip and LOVE Beyonce and/or Jay-Z find it difficult to argue with the squishy pillow belly, the pregnancy timeline, the six inch heels, the performances she gave so close to the birth, etc.
        That you would target someone that seems goodnatured and increases the level of intelligent discussion on this site – and that you would do so with comments that needed to be redacted (seriously?) is just plain unattractive.

      • Mermaid says

        Sure. It’s all speculation. I actually pointed that out a while ago when someone was all up in my face for thinking Daniel Craig is gay. I’m allowed to believe that.

        And, of course, I’m allowed to speculate too. :) I post my opinion and if you don’t like it, don’t believe it. I don’t really care what you think one way or another. But, yes, I definitely think Bey & Jay-Z are lying. And the fact that the once “super private” secretly married B & J are now sharing details about a miscarriage only reinforces my opinion even more. :) Peace!

      • Serena van der Woodsen says

        Famous You consider THIS rude? I didn’t even use swear words in the parts BG censored! But I guess they censored it because I …oh no wait that’ll be censored again.

        The thing is: NO ONE HERE KNOWS ANYTHING. NOTHING IS PROVEN and someone saying they have a source inside the hospital or at camp B/J….yeah I can say that 2 but that don’t make it any more true. So I get a little aggressive when people actually believe that gossip is the truth just because it fits their opinion of a person or because gossip has been true once.

  9. WaitLemmeGuess says

    Honestly, I’m so sick of Jayonce, I don’t even want to read blinds about them anymore! They deserve all the backlash, but haven’t we heard enough about these idiots–good, bad, or indifferent?

  10. fparker says

    Jay Z and Beyonce. They r releasing statements now and jigga implies bey had a miscarriage. They r acting out of character now.

  11. wubbzy says

    I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly, Beyonce and Jay-Z. These people irk me to NO END!!!

  12. KyrasMaMa says

    OMG – Let me guess – Beyonce and Jayz – he just released a rap about her miscarrying before the golden child. Oh these people are horrid!!!

  13. mc0107 says

    ugh, beyonce and jay-z. he wrote a song about b having a miscarriage and released it today. gimme a break already.

  14. escape2 says

    The heavenly-sent goddess parents..B and JZ..
    crazy people, away with the pixies. If they
    didn’t have lots of money, they would be in the nuthouse. LOL.

    Thanks for the ongoing amusement, ACE!!

  15. Honycoatd says

    This is so Beyonce and Jay-z.

    He (Jayz) released today a song named Glory. And in it he talks about “miscarriages” they suffered before Blue was born.

    Another note- It was stated that Beyonce had a c-section but now she released a statement explaining that it was a natural birth. I guess those rumors are true about her wanting to pop her butt at the Grammys and she just learned about people questioning a c-section and Grammys in 5 weeks and decided to jump ship but BI- hhehe (blind gossip) we already knew that she would be having a “natural birth”, ROFL!

    BTW- Been a lurker for a long time and decided to finally post. Happy me. I adore some of the great detectives of this site *wink*

  16. persephone says

    Beyonce and Jay-Z for the win. What with the miscarriage news and the song release. Can anyone say DIVERSION!

  17. hautepj says

    Jay and B! They have the bad PR around the hospital wing thing. The song he put out talks about their struggle to get preggers. “You’re just jelly”=I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly…sigh, this whole charade has gotten out of hand!

  18. ShennanigansOHoolihan says

    Bey & Jay right? “Jelly” being a reference to Bey’s “I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly” song. “Emergency” being a reference to the hospital FLOOR they took up with their ridiculousness.

    • ShennanigansOHoolihan says

      Oh, and flowers in the pix referencing the plant life their spawn is named after?

  19. misscococherie says

    First post on this website, i’m guessing Beyoncé and Jay Z. For the word jelly, and the song Jay-Z released for the baby says Bey had a miscarriage, no one knew of that so it makes you have sympathy for them…

  20. sea2nyc says

    Beyonce and Jay-Z?

    I know there was a guy who complained about the security not letting him visit his newborn twins.The security said “that never happened,and we never spoke with a guy with twins”

  21. sred23 says

    Totally Beyonce and Jay Z.

    Haters reference to Jay Z’s song Hate.
    Jelly reference to Beyonce’s lyric.

  22. SOfisticatd says

    uhoh is this because of JayZ’s rap talking about them having a miscarriage?? Please tell me they nobody would stoop that low

  23. mslibrarian says

    Beyonce and JayZ. “I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly, cause my body’s too bootilicious for you baby!”

  24. 2BEAUCOUP says

    JZ and Bey
    the alleged miscarriage.
    He wrote a “song”.
    now there wasn’t a c-section.
    keloids are hell.
    This is totally disgusting on all levels.
    “obladi oblda”
    Nero sure plays a mean fiddle

  25. ClueMeIn says

    Beyonce and Jay-Z. I knew the timing of their “hardships” was suspicious. I cannot with them. For the love of goodness, let this be solved one day. The renting an entire floor backfired.

  26. YesMaam says

    That “new song” is garbage, even for him, and he did a song with Chris Martin…

    They must have hired their publicist from Marcy Projects as well…

    Maybe Bey should go on Y*uT*be and steal-Darn it! I keep doing that!-find “inspiration” for how to deal with a PR fiasco…

    They should trade their current PR for Charlie Sheen, S.O.S. He’s the Machiavelli of PR disasters…

    These two are the tackiest of tacky. And so they shall remain. “Money can’t buy you class.” Discard, discard, amongst the entire House of Deron line and unopened “4” cds…

    Take a cue from Johnny Depp: buy an island and stay there for a while (i.e. MANY, MANY Years)…

  27. Rocket McZoom says

    I’m sure I’m not the first, but this is Jay + Bey obvs.

    Jay just revealed B’s “miscarriage” (when he should be talking about his newborn child).

    They sicken me.

  28. pattynyc says

    Has to be the proud new momma and poppa, Bey and Jay. Local news is roasting them for taking over hospital while other families were quarantined so as not to disturb the “delivery.”

  29. LolaVee says

    Obvs it’s Jay-z & Beyonce. “Jelly” being the line from Bootylicious, and Jay-z just announced a past miscarriage today. What sickos!!!

  30. New2Me says

    I hate to suggest this, as I dealt with a 32 week stillbirth but the mysteriously mentioned miscarriage from Beyonce and JZ? The timing seemed odd to say the least.

    • trewhitt says

      I’m so sorry you had to go through that. My miscarriage was earlier in my pregnancy and I thought I would never get past it. I can’t even imagine a stillbirth so close to delivery.

    • bizzyangel says

      Sorry to hear, I had one at 32 weeks. One of the worst things I have ever experienced. This whole circus act makes me sicker and sicker each day that this newborn baby has 2 idiot parents who are more concerned about their public image then caring for her. Who has time to have emergency about your image when you just became parents. Disgusting.

    • New2Me says

      A loss is a loss no matter what stage it happens in. I would hope that this isn’t a fabricated story.

      I have to add, in addition, the story of people not being able to see their babies in the NICU sickens me. Having a fragile baby in the NICU is a very scary thing. My second born daughter was 2 pounds at birth and thankfully has been very healthy. Anyone who has experience with babies in a NICU knows how scary it can be for parents.

      • HotTeacher88 says

        Been there, and it’s a complete nightmare. I needed the support of my family to visit and help keep me sane as I stayed in the hospital with my daughter as she lay hooked to tubes. Of course I could move around freely since I had a room right there on the floor. I wish someone had told me my husband and family couldn’t come up to the NICU.

  31. laxangel says

    Sounds to me like Blue Ivy’s ma and pa. Just read about a new song from daddy that talks about a previous miscarraige.
    Also find it interresting that they have released a statement about a natural birth but not claiming that Mom gave birth naturally.

  32. hannavas says

    Could this be Beyonce and Jay-Z because of people being upset they rented the entire floor of the hospital?

  33. Brittany920 says

    I knew jay releasing that song was something like this. being secretive for so long, and then rappin about a miscarriage? pleeeeease.

  34. luckysiu says

    OMG! Beyonce and Jay-Z. The whole Glory song talking about a past miscarriage. I’m really starting to care for them less and less.

  35. Girliegirl0101 says

    This is Jay Z and Beyonce. There is a story out about how Jay Z wrote a song about the new baby with a reference to a miscarriage that Beyonce had…seems to be a way to get some sympathy and deflect attention from the arrogant behavior.

  36. TheArtistFormerlyKnownasJim says

    Jay-Z and Beyonce–and the misstep is how their security behaved at the hospital

  37. CrossingTheLine says

    Wow. The miscarriage line in the new song isn’t true?
    If they’re making up suffering a miscarriage, there is a special place in h-e-double hockey sticks for them. That’s an emotional toll that should not be exploited, especially if they haven’t been thru it.

    • Mia444 says

      Amen, CrossingtheLine. As a woman who has suffered two miscarriages, if they’re lying about that on top of everything else, f**k them to hell.

  38. Kerzep says

    I’m sure that “jelly” should be a sign of some kind, but I don’t get it.

    I’m going JayZ and Beyonce. Today we are hearing about the horrible miscarriage – right after we find out that their security team denied access to other parents who had children in the ICU ward over the weekend.

  39. Stackhouse says

    Now, that’s narcissism for ya. Oh, Beyoncé and Jay, how funny you are. So their first story of hardship was the ‘miscarriage’, no?

  40. Blair Waldorf says

    I think ‘jelly’ is a clue…
    Bey and Jay?

    This situation being the surrogate drama?

  41. Xanderbaby says

    Hmmm… Sounds like Beyonce and Jay-Z and all the backlash from them shutting down a hospital floor just to have a baby!?!?! … So now cue Jay-Z’s just released song “Glory” in which he mentions Beyonce suffered a miscarriage in the past – I’m sure there was more but I have no patience for this. More importantly it didn’t work because I feel…. Nothing :-(

  42. lisach says

    Beyonce and Jay-Z obviously! I thought the same thing when I first read about the miscarriage, and I actually felt bad for thinking it! Then I read this, lol. First time poster, looong time lurker! Love ya BG!

  43. MissFaye says

    LOL, literally as soon as I read this I go to TMZ and see an article called “Jay-Z: Beyonce Had Miscarriage Before Blue Ivy”!

  44. VirgoMomX2 says

    This has to be JayZ and Beyonce and the hospital debacle so they came up with the miscarriage story.

  45. aimee831 says

    I just laughed out loud. this is CLEARLY beyonce and Jay Z in regards to the public outcry of what happened when they rented out the entire floor at Lennox Hill. jelly = bootylicious “i don’t think you’re ready for this jelly”

  46. Courtpaige says

    Beyonce and Jay Z. They look like a holes for keeping people from their kids in the NICU.

    • Courtpaige says

      And I just saw on ET that Jay Z released a song on his website about the loss of a pregnancy before this one.

  47. Sunflower says

    Easy one! Mr & Mrs Carter. Far from being so “private”, Jay-Z released some awful rap/song about his baby daughter Blu 4 where he disclosed that his wife had had a miscarriage previously.

    No tact – no class. And I have to wonder if that’s even true.

  48. gumbii2662 says

    Bey and Jay! Jelly? “I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly!” The “hardships” is the discovery that they had a miscarriage before this successful surrogate pregnancy. But they don’t actually say that BEYONCE miscarried- just that they suffered a miscarriage, which I interpret as the surrogate miscarrying their first try.
    Still doesn’t make me feel any less disgusted by the way things have unfolded with them and their so-much-more-important-than-anyone-else’s baby. Oh, the tangled webs we weave when first we practice to deceive!

  49. LASSY says

    Beyonce and Jay-Z of course. They are getting a lot of heat over taking over the entire hospital floor for $1.3 million, and their security preventing families from seeing their newborns. Disgusting.

    As for the “hardship,” it was just released that B suffered a miscarriage.

    First post, so excited! Obsessed with this site. Love you BG 😀

  50. Northstar says

    Beyonce and Jay-Z. They shut down a NYC hospital with their security and prevented other parents from seeing their newborns. This has caused a huge backlash in the city. Meanwhile, Jay-Z just released a song to celebrate the birth of his daughter, but in it also mentions an earlier miscarriage suffered by Beyonce. It seemed out of sync to reference such a sad event but perhaps we now know why.

  51. smile83 says

    robsten, they are above normal people and kristen stewart feels “raped” when paparazzi take pictures of her.
    oh poor famous people

  52. Letmeguess says

    Bey and Jay-Z (with the release of his new song Glory) – talks about the previous loss.

  53. raksha says

    Beyonce & Jay-Z. They messed up at the hospital and soon after the news came out, we got Jay-Z singing about a alleged miscarriage B had.

    I’m really sick of these two and will never purchase another product of theirs ever again.

  54. GEMMA says

    Jay-Z and Be YAWN ce. Today he released a single about Beyawnce’s “previous miscarriage.”

  55. mawie86 says

    i have a feeling this is beyonce and jay-z. We all know how they’ve been hated the past couple of months with this fake pregnancy…

    The last part “you,re all just jelly” reminds me of Destiny’s Child song Bootylicious, where they sing “I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly…”

  56. flowerpowergirl says

    Jay z and beyonce. Mentioning miscarriage in his new song to detract from the fake pregnancy. Nice try. It’s not the old Hollywood days anymore, people! We are smarter and wiser!

    • Arcadia says

      @flowerpowergirl – “Nice try. It’s not the old Hollywood days anymore, people! We are smarter and wiser!” >Right On!

  57. Mia444 says

    Bey and JayZ yet again? They’re getting heat for the takeover of a whole floor of Lenox Hospital, plus of course there are still whispers from those who think she faked the whole pregnancy (like most of us BG readers). The news of the past miscarriage hit today, which, if true, is of course sad, but still doesn’t mitigate the ridiculous fraud they’ve perpetrated on the masses.

    • itssunnyoutside says

      Its a reference to Beyonce’s song Bootylicous where she says “I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly”

  58. mankothegreat says

    What a coincidence! I just read on tmz about the single Jay Z is dropping referring to Beyonce once having a miscarriage!

  59. magikladee says

    Bey & Jay-z

    bad publicity: crazy security kept man from newborn twins
    sympathy: Jay-z just released lyrics to a song that indicate that Bey had a miscarriage.

  60. crazycatlady says

    Is this Beyonce and JayZ telling everyone they needed an entire hospital floor because B had a miscarriage and they were worried about her health and the baby’s?
    I have no problem with them renting out the floor, but if the hospital couldn’t move the “peon” parents to another floor, then B&J need to be more understanding of those other parents who are also going through problems with the birth of a child.

  61. itssunnyoutside says

    From being extra private to suddenly airing all their laundry. OH PLEASE! So transparent. I HOPE THEY GET EXPOSED! SOMEONE PLEASE GET ON THIS CASE AND HUMILIATE THESE IDIOTS. I hate them now.

  62. sweetcheeks says

    You know, they should have just spun it that it was discovered Bey couldn’t have kids due to some female reproductive issue, having this issue myself, it is impossible to prove to the outside world that something is actually wrong or not. Then they could have done the surrogate thing in public and won way more fans over this birth rather than this whole bad 007 movie thing they’ve got going on. Not to mention wasting our time and taking up more interesting news and gossip space. I don’t care how you’re having the baby, just have it and be honest about it. Get it over with and stop rubbing it in our faces how “lucky and blessed” you are, when really it’s all about the dolla, HOLLA!!!