Engagement Ring Erases Delicious Dalliance Discovery

[Gawker] Remember that famous fitness buff we told you about who has been engaging in some dirty locker room talk? Well, it turns out his girlfriend found out about his delicious dalliance and even his secret cell phone he uses to call ladies. How did he respond? By telling her it was innocent, that nothing happened, and proposing to her. Now the girlfriend believes every word he says, though she probably shouldn’t. That ring sure is a powerful thing!

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  1. WaitLemmeGuess says

    Is it someone from the Biggest Loser, perhaps? I don’t watch it but maybe someone here knows more. 😀

  2. cocochanel says

    Mario Lopez talking about Giada!!! WOW, what a sleeze. Obviously, he didn’t learn from his first marriage!

  3. PrincessLegolas says

    LeBron James?
    The ring in the pic looks really like the one Mario Lopez gave his fiance though….

  4. shelaur22 says

    Mario Lopez is a fitness freak who recently proposed. He also cheated on his ex-wife at his bachelor party.

  5. smellyoulater says

    What an astounding and astonishing application of alliteration! Did Courtney Stodden write this headline? 😉

    Is this supposed to be Timberlake, too, I wonder?

  6. luckysiu says

    hmmm….Mario Lopez? He’s known to work on his fitness and has had workout videos. That ring looks suspiciously like the one he gave to Ms. Mazza…..

  7. eldridek says

    Drew Barrymore and Jessica Biel both just got engaged…
    I’d go with Biel and Timberlake

  8. Up the Coast says

    Doesn’t this ring look like Britney’s? And Travis has toned up quite a bit in the last year….hmm.

      • SnowyHeights says

        I wonder if they’re referring to her fiancee Jason Trawick and just got the name wrong? Either way, I don’t think those two are involved in this BI. She’s far too famous to just be called ‘the girlfriend’.

  9. Glennora says

    Mario Lopez:Some were guessing that “Delicious Locker Room Talk” was a about him, and he looks really buff (“known fitness buff”) and was recently engaged to his gf/mother of his child.

  10. newbatgirl says

    So Mario and Giada for the related blind? I can totally see that.

    I also hope they use common sense and a whole lot of protection given how “active” they are both rumored to be.

  11. NeedNoStinkinBadges says

    delicious because of the chef involved…and “delicious dalliance” because the gf’s name is courtney like courtney stodden who laughingly loves luscious alliteration.

  12. apple martini says

    If it helps, the female half of the original blind — the woman this guy was cheating with — was widely assumed to be Giada. Shocker.
    Mario Lopez certainly does seem to fit.

  13. Whatzmyname says

    Mario Lopez was engaged before (to Daisy Fuentes) and he cheated on her too just before they got married. He will never change. Once a dog,always a dog.