Better Than A Bowl Of Ice Cream

[BlindGossip] It’s coming down to the wire, folks! Just a few weeks to go. There’s one problem, though. She was looking too thin to be convincing. Thankfully, she found a solution that doesn’t include eating a single bowl of ice cream. It’s called Prednisone. Taking excessive amounts of corticosteroids over time can result in some serious effects, including hypertension and cataracts. Another side effect is gaining weight, especially in the face and neck and abdomen. She knew this because it happened to her before. Last time it was accidental and was upsetting for her. Now, though, it’s purposeful, and is a solution to her problem.

She started taking Prednisone a couple of months ago, so she should be plumping up pretty soon. Fat face and neck coming right up! She not worried, though, because she’s been told that the weight will drop quickly once she tapers down below 10 mg a day. Followed, of course, by claims of how hard she worked to take off the weight.

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202 comments to Better Than A Bowl Of Ice Cream

  • Munchkin

    Renée Zellweger bloating for Bridget Jones 3

    • Lil Debbull

      Yes!! That explains the bloated pictures of her that surfaced yesterday from store cameras. I started to believe the pregnancy because I didn’t think she’d be willing to gain so much weight. Solved!

    • mrsjaymack

      Totally Beyonce and her fake pregnancy.

    • akajenb

      Beyonce is an *, to put your body through all of that just to hide a lie is just dumb.Narcissistic personality.

    • shockmesane

      She’s set to star in a Clint Eastwood’s “A Star Is Born” remake in early 2012. Can’t wait for the, “SURPRISE! I LOST THE BABY WEIGHT IN 2 DAYS!” announcement.

    • FornitSomeFornus

      Except, I hate to tell her, prednisone weight is not that easy to take off. I know, I’ve tried and am STILL trying!

      • cocobeannns

        How do people still not know this?! Recent pictures of her and Jay in NYC show she has NO belly. And people still believe she’s 8/9 months pregnant?! Come on.

  • kristiner

    Beyonce, FTW. Who else?

  • gumbii2662

    Obviously this is about Beyonce “folding belly” Knowles and her questionable pregnancy. This is getting out of control, and I can’t believe a person would go this far for such a scam. Can it possibly be true?!

  • leti2a

    Bey-Bey Beyonce!

  • BitterBlondin

    Seriously? Popping cortisone tablets instead of carrying a baby? I’m starting to not buy this whole conspiracy about B’s pregnancy, it’s getting to be a little too much.

    • gumbii2662

      That’s where my thoughts are, too. That folding belly is super-weird, but if it really was being done to “save her body,” I don’t think she’d be pumping prednisone into it to cause bloating. It’s so weird. I don’t know what to think.

      • Miss Chernobyl 2011

        Not saying that Beyonce is my answer to this, just answering your question about the whole gaining weight thing. Gaining 20 lbs just from overeating is a lot different from gaining weight from a pregnancy. With a pregnancy comes stretch marks from your body having to gain weight and stretching to accomodate a growing baby in a rapid amount of time, not to mention stretch marks on the breasts from fluctuation in size due to production/extraction of breast milk. Add possible caesarian scar or fear of muscle tone loss in the vagina from natural birth.

      • gumbii2662

        You’re right about the c-section scar, worries about vaginal muscle tone, etc. Stretch marks can and do happen from simple weight gain too, and actually from my own personal experiences I’ve found that losing baby weight is sooo much easier than losing overeating weight. Just my experience though. It’s just shocking that someone would rather risk organ injury/failure over risking getting stretch marks.

      • LostinAusten

        And having just had a baby about 6 months ago, I can also add… your joints take a bit of time to recover, too. Relaxin during pregnancy makes you all loose and limber so your hips can spread, but it also makes everything else all wiggidy-whack. (Technical term.)

        This makes sense to me because Bey-Bey is known as a dancer, and I think she would take the risk of the drugs more than the risk of the long recovery postpartum. Also, most women have a much harder time losing baby weight than just general overweight, especially if they do not breastfeed.

      • amagod121

        Not to mention that it messes with some women’s bladder control. Imagine that as a dancer?
        And the prednisone is short term, while the pregnancy is longer term. Stupid thinking, for sure.

      • Miss Chernobyl 2011

        LMAO…Wiggidy-whack is EXACTLY how I’d describe it too! After I had my baby, I was kinda pissed that no one warned me about what pregnancy can do to a body. Really though, it depends on the woman and her genetics. One of my friends has awesome genetics…carried 4 babies (2 of them back to back pregnancies) without a stretch mark in sight. She was able to wear her size 4 jeans home from the hospital. The women in my family, not so lucky.

      • LeedsLass

        This makes sense to me. Could this drug explain her bloated stomach from the “white ruffle bikini” photo that just seemed rather weird when her pregnancy was first announced.

        Personally I believe a big indication that the pregnancy is fake is the amount of press that her bump has had (obviously a large portion of it staged by Beyonce’s camp). With this amount of press, I would have expected her to do a pregnancy shoot by now. I know that not all celebrities do this, but Beyonce is milking the pregnancy in interviews anyway for PR. If indeed there was a real bump to photograph it… I’m sure she would have taken the money and shown us all by now.

      • anglonoir

        As someone who took Prednisone, it was a lot easier to lose the Prednisone weight than any other weight that I’ve gained before. Maybe that was just me, but that was my experience.

        I do not buy her pregnancy. The fluctuations from the announcement have been too great. Every picture is staged. She’s very much in control of her life and how her life is portrayed.

      • anglonoir

        And that should have said, ‘as taken Prednisone.’ Darn you, grammar!

      • anglonoir

        I’m sorry! I saw Prednisone but read Progesterone. Carry on! :)

  • Pickle

    Beyonce, of course.

  • EastSideGirl

    Oh Beyonce, have you no shame?

  • Quanah

    This is Beyonce.

    I have asthma, and I’ve had to take Prednisone many times, and it makes you ravenous. It also makes me get angry and sad at the same time. It makes you gain weight, but it’s not so easy to take it off because you can’t just stop taking the medicine. She’s playing with her health just to keep up this facade. Oh B! Is it really worth it?

    • sweets

      and where do they find these unethical doctors willing to put someone on a dangerous medication to fake a pregnancy. gross.

  • kangaroov


  • ethel skinner

    Beyonce again? She’s an idiot then.

  • Chocadoodledoo

    Is that not dangerous? If that’s true, Bey has lost the plot!!

  • nooneuno

    Beyonce, sounds like something a lying * like her would do.

  • betazors

    One of the two princesses: beyonce or dutches kate.

  • whatahoot

    Piece of cake… Beyonce ftw.

  • Catharsis

    Obviously Beyonce. I believe it was on mediatakeout that I read that she now has a “fat neck and face”. This disgusts me for the obvious reasons, but it also disgusts me because I have inflammatory bowel disease and HAVE to take Prednisone occasionally (in fact, I am on a course right now.) The side effects are extremely serious, and can include developing certain types of cancer and bone mass loss. Yet here is Beyonce, taking it to plump herself up! I suppose she is not content to be just vain, she has to be a vain idiot as well.

  • La Llorona

    Beyonce? i c wut u did thar

  • liberache

    Beyonce of course…

  • Ollyando

    Beyonce for her pregnancy… she looks too thin to be as pregnant as she claims to be! and needs to be fatter in the face and neck! but her legs could still pass as pregnancy legs! lol nice try “fake”yonce

  • imsoawesomeithurts

    hi there =]
    long time lurker, first post

    this screams Bey to me !

  • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

    Well Bey Bey, that’s one way to do it. But now you’ve tacked on another rumor to the mill. For shame. I hope it’ll be in all the gossip pages because you’re being a very deceitful little (soon-to-be big) woman and your credit deserves to be shot.

  • AnnieC

    Oh Beyonce, give it a rest!

  • Marina

    Who could it bey?

  • linlou

    This is obviously Beyonce

  • cnegs

    This is Beyonce.
    Pictures surfaced today of her looking all blown up in the face. Here’s the link:

    This is too much craziness to handle. Taking drugs to gain weight to convince people that you are pregnant, whilst hiding your surrogate and having her deliver in secret. I think it would have been simpler to just have the baby and actually work out to lose the weight!

    • Deeva E

      cnegs, I totally agree. It’s not like she can’t afford a trainer and dietitican to lose the baby weight

    • Zackster

      Or just come right out and say I’m having a baby via surrogate. Nothing to be ashamed of.

      • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings


      • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

        Then again, it’s not about shame, it’s about money. I think she’s coming out with a maternity line of clothes. If she adopted or was found to have a surrogate then I think she believes that her brand would suffer. People wouldn’t feel as if she could relate. “Why would I buy pregnancy clothes from a star who didn’t have her own baby? Why is creating this line when she has no idea what it’s like to be pregnant?”

      • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

        I forgot the weight loss company deal, too. That’s probably worth a few hundred dollars and a lot of attention.

  • luckyMe

    so so obviously BEYONCÉ.

  • JR2731

    Is there another Bridget Jones being made – if so this has got to be Renee Zellweger? she’s always extremely thin and complained when she had to put on the weight for Bridget Jones…?

    • wee niknak

      see im with this guess coz it doesnt mention pregnacy atall in the blind, plus rene always said she ate loads of pizza n ice cream to bulk up

      • apple martini

        Is Bridget Jones 3 finishing up shooting in “just a few weeks”? Because that’s a pretty important component.

  • pinkmouse

    Obviously Beyonce. Gross.

  • geewhiz

    Ok, I still don’t understand why no one in the press has called Beyonce out on this fake pregnancy. She is such a to*l. No respect there…will never be a fan of her or her hubby. Using a surrogate is a story that could have inspired people, but instead she went some crazy vanity/subterfuge route to make herself more money? Poor kid, feel as bad for her kid as the one being hidden away in the previous blind. Celebrities are nuts.

  • ocius1

    Bouncy of course

  • question

    could this be anyone else but Beyonce?

  • thalas1

    Another easy one: Beyonce. BG is the leader in the field of Bey’s-not-really-pregnant-herself stories!

  • lh8990

    Must be Beyonce. But I don’t ever remember her ‘plumping up’ before.

  • LolaVee

    Somebody needs to tell Beyonce that her body really isn’t spectacular enough for this nonsense. Halle Berry looks better post-baby than Beyonce did pre-fake-baby.

    • cocobeannns

      Right! Look at J-Lo who has had twins, and is rocking a great post-baby bod! Take notes Bey! Oh, wait. Guess you don’t need to!

    • newbatgirl

      Word to this. If you nurse, you burn an amazing amount of calories and she certainly has the money for hire a trainer to help with the muscle tone issues.

      Frankly I think it’s kind of sad that she’s cheating herself out of an experience that many women would kill to have. I guess everyone has their own priorities.

  • lynn1234

    Beyonce of course!

  • AlliCat

    Ohhh durrr! I was having such a hard time with this, but then I realized it’s Beyonce. She’s apparently due in Feb. (a couple months can be counted in weeks, right?) and be convincing that she’s really pregnant. There was a pic of her on d-listed, looking as Michael D described, “very swole.” What tricks she has up that bag!

  • Megley

    Oh Beyonce, go away. Remember, honey, it’s not the crime that will do you in, it’s the cover-up.

  • ShennanigansOHoolihan

    Beyonce. Again. And god she looked ridiculous in those department store pix.

  • DinkinFlicka


    Fame sure does screw up common sense, eh?

  • violetbeauregard

    Of course it’s Beyonce!

  • paiged

    Beyonce Knowles

  • GeeGee

    Renee Zellweger in Bridget Jones’s Baby. Starts filming next month.

  • morerevealsplease


  • brittypie

    Beyonce, she’s trying to gain weight so she looks more pregnant.

  • islandsugarspice

    BeYAWNce of course

  • PinkFlamingo

    None other than Beyonce herself. I saw an article somewhere yesterday gushing about her “newly plump” face. Somebody’s PR person is doing their job, it would seem. If these rumors are true (and I would bet that they are), this whole business is just NAUSEATING…she should change her surname to “Kardashian.”

  • ImWearingVersace


  • theend124

    Beyonce and the pregnancy again?

  • islandqueen

    queen bey!

  • iammeme

    This is sick. Bey, gotta be honest, I don’t really care about your pregnancy/baby/quick weight loss so please don’t go through this charade for me (and I can’t be alone in this thought).

  • Blitzed

    Could this be Beyonce faking pregnancy bloat?

  • kim444

    well this would explain the fat pictures of Beyonce which came out yesterday. Could this actually be for real? I find it so bizarre that someone would do this.

  • TruthOrDare

    Beyonce. Wow it’s freaky.

  • meowingloudly

    So this is someone thin, who wants to appear fat? So she can gain somehow from then becoming thin again?

    Or someone fat to become fatter, to lose then make it appear she lost weight? Jessica Simpson?

    No, it’s got to be beyonce, the pregnancy thing for sure.
    And people are saying “no her pregnancy must be real, her face is bloated, etc”

    That sneaky slimy snake!

    • amagod121

      And think about it – she isn’t going to get any weight loss company to handle her if she doesn’t look like she’s gained any weight, outside of the folding baby bump. So I guess she figures, “the plumper the better.”

  • EvaDiva

    Is Beyonce THIS sad??

  • sleepingonbuses

    Easy: Beyonce.

  • marsha

    My Guess – Taylor Armstrong, She wants her sunken face to look plump for the new years eve thing she is doing.

  • marialfc

    Beyonce? I guess she’s due like in a couple of months and she doesn’t look “pregnant enough”. This is a sad blind regardless.

  • Cuddlebutt

    Definitely Beyonce. By the looks of the security footage at the store it looks to be working!

  • tasha j

    This is beyonce” my gosh is there no end to her lies”,i take that medication for arthritis and it’s no picnic . weight gain is a given. a healthy young women taking meds she doe’nt need to is sick, i can’t stand this fake b*t*h.

  • whedongroupie

    Definitely Beyonce. That leaked picture was just a bit too convenient!

  • DesertGhost

    The fake baby momma, Beyonce.

  • HotTeacher88

    Beyonce. So she will end up gaining the dreaded weight anyway?

  • msp96302

    omg beyonce….you cannot be serious??? this is getting crazier by the minute. But she did look huge in that pic from yesterday in DM.

  • ILoveDlisted

    Bey bey, I dislike her tremendously

  • hannavas

    Beyonce…reminds me of that old phrase “oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive”.

  • birdyellen

    Bey and her baby weight!

  • ButterflyLove

    BEYONCE, new pictures came out two days and Bey looks much different than last month. She gain tons of weight over night.

    See the link

  • smd1004p

    i am sure it is beyonce but jessica simpson did sign up for weight watchers to lose post preg weight

  • marsha

    oh wait, it’s Beyonce with her fake pregnancy!

  • 34CHEV

    Lindsey Lohan has been looking pretty plump in the face lately.Bloated.

  • gingersnappped


  • LikeIceCream

    Daaang… and here I was thinking Beyonce is at LEAST benefitting by being able to eat lots of junk food.

    But not so! All the weight and none of the fun.

  • TheYellowDart

    Renee Zellweger – the new Bridget Jones movie is set to start filming soon…

  • Aceticle

    I don’t understand why people bother lying about this sort of thing. Is there any stigma anymore about surrogacy or other non-traditional ways of having children?

    Silly Bey-Bey.

  • bubbajane

    Oh Beyonce……

  • alwayswright

    That would have to be Beyonce. How pathetic – doesn’t mind using massive amounts of steroids that will have a negative impact on her body but doesn’t want to get pregnant because she doesn’t want to “ruin” her body. Go figure.

  • SIMomtoone


  • ZuzuBee

    I think this might be Beyonce. It’s written to seem like an actress getting prepped for awards season, but photos of B shopping last week (security camera photos) show her with a very full face. It was strange to see such a drastic change since last time she was pictured, looking very slim. With all the doubt surrounding her pregnancy, it totally fits that she’d be doing anything to silence the rumors.

  • awynhaus

    Beyonce…looking fluffy in Canada.

  • GingieSnap

    B e y o n c e

  • Stardust

    Beyonce and her fake baby weight?

  • dedhamguy

    Can’t wait to see how Beyonce & company spin this whole charade!

  • Stacy C

    Beyonce has no shame.

  • Deeva E

    Beyonce! She didn’t want to “ruin” her body, but it seems like actually carrying the baby is less risky than taking drugs to perpetuate this farce.

  • anyaberry

    Beyonce makes me sick.

  • fotobandi

    If this was any less blind it’d have 20/20 vision. And you’d see it’s Beyonce, of course.

  • shhhh

    Renee Z. Bridget Jones 3 starts filming in January.