Let’s Pretend Our Relationship Is Great


[BlindGossip] People break up and get back together all the time. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t.

Then there’s the case of these two good-looking people. They have both been on TV regularly, but in two very different roles. They were together. Then then broke up. Now they’re together again. Did they work things out? Is it true love after all? Nope. She’s pregnant. And, with all his other troubles, the thought of being a husband and a father is more than he can bear right now. But he’ll play along until he figures a way out of this.

No wonder he’s been such a jerk lately. Then again, scratch that “lately” part. He’s just a jerk. In fact, she has a reputation for being a b*tch, and he has a reputation for being an as*hle. So maybe they are perfect for each other.


It’s Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler! Source: BG

Kristin Callari is from the reality shows Laguna Beach and The Hills. When she returned to The Hills for Season 5, the show’s tag line proclaimed “The Bitch is Back!” (“she has a reputation for being a b*tch”)

Jay Cutler is the quarterback of the Chicago Bears (“more than he can bear right now”). He broke his thumb in late November (the thumbs up photo), which put him out for the rest of the season. And he’s not a very nice person. See this Solved BG item for more insight:

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Spanx101 was first with the correct answer. KitKat73, Amandajo, and AwesomeSF did a good job dissecting the clues. And all Blinders win for being the first to hear of Kristin’s pregnancy – a full six weeks before the official announcement. Congratulations all!

Here’s a confirmation article from Us Weekly Magazine:

Kristin Cavallari Is Pregnant!

Baby on board!

On-again fiances Kristin Cavallari and her NFL player beau Jay Cutler were busy planning their wedding, and now, a source tells Us Weekly, they’re prepping for a new family milestone: a baby!

“She is really happy. She is in the early stages, but she can’t wait to be a mom,” the source tells Us. “They have just bought a house in Tennessee and can’t wait to start their family.”

The pair met in August 2010 through mutual friend E! News host Giuliana Rancic and after just eight months of dating, Cutler, 28, popped the question in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in April 2011.

That July, the couple called off their engagement of just three months and sent back their wedding gifts. But after showing up to support each other at their respective gigs (Cavallari was competing on Dancing with the Stars at the time and Cutler was starting the 2011-2012 NFL season), the Laguna Beach alum and the Chicago Bears quarterback mended their issues and announced that their nuptials were back on in November.

“The past year has been interesting,” Cavallari, 24, told Us at an Alice + Olivia event in December. “There have been a lot of ups and downs, but overall it’s been great.”

“We’re just enjoying being engaged,” she added. “We were definitely planning the first time, but I can’t plan the same wedding. I need to do something entirely different.”




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89 comments to Let’s Pretend Our Relationship Is Great

  • Ginger

    Wow. Jay Cutler and what’s her name. So we was the NFL jerk in the other blind? Gross.

  • Spanx101

    Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler

  • blessedjess226

    Chelsea Handler and that NBC Universal Exec that she was dating for a few years.

    • Camembert

      Chelsea broke up with Andre Balasz just a few weeks ago. I can’t see Ted Harbert taking her back so soon after that. Also, I think this is supposed to be a couple that has publicly reunited.

    • LolaVee

      He’s an executive though. He hasn’t really been “on” television much. Plus, he’s kind of old and doesn’t really have much of a reputation.

    • farawayplaces

      Totally agree!

  • lyrelove

    Chelsea Handler and Ted Harbert. Clue being “lately”.

  • stolidog

    Courtaney Cox and David Arguette

  • KitKat73

    Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler?

    The broke off their engagement and are now back together again saying everything is great.

    They have both been in TV regularly in different roles, Kristin: Laguna, Hills, Jay: Televised Football games (is that a stretch?)

  • amandajo

    Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler he plays for the bears..” is more than he can bear right now” also he’s been suffering injuries all of his troubles

  • AwesomeSF

    Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler! Clues: thumbs up in the picture (he’s out with a broken thumb), “more than he can bear” (he’s a Chicago Bear) and he is known for being a jerk to fans in Chicago. They broke off their engagement and now they are re-engaged.

    First time commenter!

  • bedeilas

    I am a huge Chelsea fan and she has been very open about not wanting to have kids. I don’t think it’s her but can see where the “lately” clue points in that direction. I still have no clue who this can be because I keep thinking Jessica and Justin yet niether of them are on TV right now.

    • LolaVee

      Justin & Jessica don’t exactly fit the clues perfectly, but they are a better guess than Chelsea & Ted. It says “have been on TV”, not that they are currently. And they both have kinda iffy personality reputations.

  • Jasmiola

    Oooooor….how about Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari? Jerk and *. Totally.

  • specialkpack

    How about Kristen Cavallari and Jay Cutler? Clue being “being a husband and a father is more than he can BEAR right now.”

    Both are on TV regularly – him on Sundays and she during DWTS, etc. And his “other troubles” referencing his major injury recently sidelining him from his team.

  • lmerge

    Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler.

    She is on TV regularly with reality shows and has a reputation for being a b*tch on Laguna Beach
    He plays football for the Chicago Bears(clue: “more than he can bear” “play along”) The reference to his “other troubles” possibly being the broken thumb that has him benched from the game for a while. Guy in the photo is also giving a thumbs up.

  • bbgirl

    Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari?

  • texbrook

    Chelsea is not “good looking” though.

    It’s Brooke Muller (sp?) and Charlie Sheen.

  • NurseRozetta

    I don’t think Chelsea Handler is concisdered good looking?!?
    All other clues point to her tho

  • CosmoMan

    Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler.

  • Smokey

    Ashton Kutcher and someone? Being on tv in two different roles made me think of him.

  • Ralphie

    Jay Cutler and Kristen Cavallari!

    More than he can “bear”… He’s a Chicago Bear and hes troubled with injury right now. Neither has a good rep. Both on tv, he as an athlete, she in many things.

  • Guestimate

    Surely not, but I just have to throw this one out there.

    Haven’t Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards been spending a lot of time together “lately”?

    Who else fits the bill “with all his other troubles”?

    • Ralphie

      No way she would be pregnant. She’s back with Richie Sambora and sniffing around him to adopt her adopted baby.

  • LouLouShoe

    Jay Cutler and Kristen Cavallari. The clue being bear since he plays for Chicago.

  • lh8990

    Kristen Cavallari and Jay Cutler? He would be on TV every week during football season. Not sure if either of them is known to be a bitch or an ass, though.

  • lh8990

    ah yes… I think I am right!!! He has a thumb injury which has now sidelined him (current troubles), and the clue is ‘more than he can bear’…he is with the Chicago Bears!!!

  • jenniell

    Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler were the first people who came to mind. Both on TV for very diffent reasons. They split in July right before DWTS started. One night of drunken ex’s and they are pregnant and back together. Bring on the re-engagement.

  • blueeyedgal

    First time poster, LONG time lurker. First people that came to mind were Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler. They are both on TV in two different roles. Hers reality and his sports.

  • shapoopy

    First time poster. Must be Kristen Cavillari and Jay Cutler. Both known for not being nice people.

  • Delilah

    First time…

    I think its Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler. they just announced they were re-engaged. She is reality TV and he plays football!!

  • Stop the Presses

    First time poster here! I am convinced this is Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler. They just got re-engaged, have both been on TV (it never says the guy is an actor), and could both be considered good looking. She’s definitely been labeled a bitch and he comes off as a huge d-bag. “More than he can bear” = Chicago Bears….for the win!

  • jenjake4

    Kristin Cavellari and Jay Cutler? You’d think it would say actor, but that would make it pretty easy — at least he’s on tv for his games.

  • Quanah

    Kristen Cavilarri and Jay Cutler? (I only know he’s a football player…does he have any troubles?). They just got back together and are now engaged.

  • redheadwriter

    I’m going for Wilmer and Demi, just for an odd twist.

  • lmerge

    Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler

    She was on TV quite a bit with DTWS, Laguna Beach, etc. She also had a reputation as a witch on Laguna.

    He plays for the Chicago Bears (“more than he can bear”, “play along”), is on TV somewhat frequently (whenever the Bears play), is known as kind of an arrogant a-hole and his current troubles could be referencing the broken thumb that has sidelined his season (the models in the photo are giving a thumbs up).

  • lu164ever

    Probably way off, but what about Kristin Cavallari and her fiance? It doesn’t list either people as being “actors,” just that they are both on TV regularly. Actually, is she on TV anymore? Maybe not.

  • escape2

    Is this the kristin Cavallari/jay cutler re-engagement story?


    Kourtney K and Scott D.

  • Smokey

    Jesse James and Kat Von D? They don’t really fit either.

  • GingerNaps

    What about Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler? They’ve been on TV for very different reasons, and neither has a reputation for being particularly nice.

  • Outlineboy

    No one has guessed a Kardashian yet. Everything is about a Kardashian.

  • whatsmyname

    Kristin Cavalleri & Jay Cutler

  • enelso32

    first time poster… definitely think this is jay cutler and kristin cavallari (sp?) especially because of the both on tv but for very different roles part.

  • fromatoznyc

    Ted just got remarried in the last year. Doubt it’s him.

  • pricey524

    Love you, BG! 😉

  • Guestimate

    So, Jay Cutler doesn’t want to marry Kristin Cavalleri?

    I guess we’ll have to wait and see if he really does find a way out of it.

  • lh8990

    oh and the photo shows the people holding up their thumbs. The thumb is what Cutler just injured :)

  • LolaVee

    I just thought of something… if this is Jay & Kristin, and it says “no wonder he’s been such a jerk lately”, then does that mean the Granny in the Steakhouse blind was also about him?? Both are BG blinds!

  • lh8990

    all the remarks about Cavallari and Cutler were held up in m0der@t10n while the others weren’t so I have to believe that guess is correct!!

  • amagod121

    Going along with the Kristin and Jay guesses. Gee, it’s sad to have an unplanned and unwanted child. I hope they get it together in time for when this child is born.

  • Mermaid

    Agree with the Cutler/Cavalleri guess.

  • Argyle

    Juicy! Wondering how this will play out!

  • waybig

    But Culter is not at all “good looking.” He’s hefty, homely, weak-chinned…

  • PolarBear99

    Definitely Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari! Both “bear” and “play along” point to Jay. And when Kristin joined the Hills, the commercials said “The B**ch is back!”


    waybig[But Culter is not at all “good looking.” He’s hefty, homely, weak-chinned…}.. ur description of him made me laugh.

  • therock

    I’m impressed! The first person seems to have gotten it right, I had no clue. Maybe because the only thing I watch is football.

  • uberkaten

    Could this be Scott Disick (sp?) and his Kardashian?

  • shpigolita

    I believe this is solved, friends! Jay and Kristin made their joyous announcement to People this weekend.

  • SnowyHeights

    Yes! Saw the story over the weekend and immediately thought of this blind item. I wonder how long their relationship is going to last…I say two years max.

  • kristiner

    OMFG! I was just on Celebitchy and saw the article and said out loud “Wasn’t there a Blind Item about this” and came here and bam!

    I’m believing this site for real from now on. I always wonder what kind of PA’s leak all this gossip and think it’s just made up or just murmurings now I’m sure some college age PA’s have some loose lips and are getting paid for those lips.

    • kristiner

      I just wish this site dated it’s entries. That would be nice to see how long it’s been since the BI came out to it being solved.

  • pumpkin

    That poor kid.

  • amagod121

    I feel badly for the kid – I mean, they’re actually out there publicly saying the kid was an accident.

  • Joggins

    Nice scoop BG! You must be BFFs with the pregnancy test stick!

  • Weazle

    Jay Cutler is NOT good looking. YUCK!